What is White hat SEO?-Interesting key points

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In today’s world, with Google’s control over information and user behavior and the continuous changes in its search algorithms like Panda, Hummingbird, etc., using a white hat is the only solution safe that takes advantage of this powerful search engine and your website.
In this article, the question “What is white hat SEO” or “white hat meaning” has been answered. So stay with us
The most reliable method of SEO and site search engine optimization is to use a white hat approach.
White hat SEO tactics are defined by Google itself and include the following;
  • Content quality
  • Phone-friendly and good page speed
  • Use the right keywords on every page
  • Use of images and video
  • Easy access to the site for users
According to many marketers, SEO is the best marketing strategy that can be implemented. With this in mind, it will be very important to have effective SEO strategies in your marketing plans.

White Hat SEO is a site SEO strategy developed not only based on Google’s rules but also based on the expectations of Internet users. In other words, this method consists in improving the ranking of a site on Google without circumventing the algorithms of this search engine.


White hat SEO or black hat!
White hat SEO or black hat


White Hat SEO is a productive way to stay in results forever

White hat techniques focus on providing high-quality, relevant content to users rather than focusing on temporary ranking in Google using spam techniques, such as copying content from other sites.

White Hat SEO is a set of actions taken to optimize your website for search engines, and none of these actions violate the principles and rules of search engines.

6 critical steps to implement White Hat Seo methods

If we want to divide the white color of SEO into practical techniques, we will reach several things:

  • SEO strategy: What is your goal in the search results and how and in what ways do you want to achieve your goal?


  • Research, analysis, and selection of target keywords: The use of keywords is still used in SEO, but the problem is where to start this seemingly simple process and where to reach.


  • Creating content for the user: Finally, Google wants good and valuable content from us. But what exactly is good and valuable content and what are its characteristics? If we want to turn the words “good” and “valuable” into a series of practical and practical guides, what will we achieve?


  • Internal SEO: What happens when a user enters your site? Does he get confused and leave the site because of unoriginal internal linking and incorrect structure, or does he like the internal structure of your site so much that he finds it difficult to close the site?


  • Seo Technical: Have you ever seen a car move without an engine and its internal components? Your site also has a series of vital members that need your attention. How much do you pay attention to the nutrition and health of these vital organs of your site?
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  • External link building: When several sites link to you, Google can trust your site more easily, but can any method of trust-building lead to Google’s trust?


What are the reasons for the importance of White Hat SEO?

“Why should we use white hat SEO among various SEO methods?” is one of the questions that many ask and some even scoff at this question. We will discuss the requirements for using this method below.

With no laws to control the Internet, Website owners used shady SEO techniques to rank in Google results. In this case, Users have to wade through tons of irrelevant Google search results to find what they want. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

What is White hat SEO
White hat SEO


The most important reasons for the importance of white SEO can be distinguished in the following three parts:

  • User satisfaction: With white hat SEO, Google ensures that its algorithms only display high-quality content that matches the user’s intent for the search term. As a result, users will use this search engine more often, and Google benefits from this.


  • Increased Traffic: As the world’s leading search engine, Google is searched and searched by billions of users every day; If your site is one of those sites that are user-friendly with quality of content and the factors mentioned above, it will lead to high traffic.


By following the white hat SEO method, you can generate continuous traffic for your business.
  • Cost Reduction: If you have made White Hat SEO your profession, you will ensure that you will not have to spend any more money in the future. But black hat methods force people to allocate link-building costs from time to time to increase visits and clicks. Even some websites, due to wrong initial decisions, are forced to continuously pay their advertising fees and disregard the website budget to prevent a sharp drop in website traffic.


The difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

White hat SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO. Factors implemented in Black Hat SEO include:
  • Using timing techniques
  • Buy Backlinks
Using any black hat SEO method is very risky and works against the algorithms defined by Google. To better understand the difference between these two strategies, we will discuss some of their differences below:


  • With the white hat approach, high-quality content is created that matches the user’s search intent; Black hat SEO involves using low-quality or copied content.


  • In a white hat search strategy, an alt description of a photo is written to describe the content of that photo, while a black hat method uses keyword stuffing in the alt description.


  • One of the techniques of the white hat method is the natural use of keywords in the content; But in a black hat strategy, keywords are used excessively and unnaturally in titles, titles, and meta descriptions.


  • Black hat SEO uses link-building techniques that violate Google’s rules, such as advertising or advertising with PBNs.


There is another method in SEO called gray hat SEO, which we have explained in full in an article.

White Hat SEO or Black Hat?!

Google search engine has its own rules!

It’s not like you can do whatever you want to improve your Google (or any other search engine) ranking! Search engines have their own rules, they have red lines! If you disobey some of these, you will be penalized with a demotion, and for some violations, you will be completely removed from the search results! (called penalty).

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White hat SEO techniques

First of all, we have to say that you should always be vigilant when looking for white-hat SEO. Google’s rules are constantly changing and you need to adapt your SEO approach to those rules. However, the main issues to consider when performing website optimization activities are;


  • Natural Link Building: Google says that link building should be natural. For example, “buying backlinks” is prohibited. Your content should be strong enough to make others want to link to you on their site.


  • Correct use of keywords: It is wrong to try to fill the content of a website with the keywords you want (you must have seen websites that use the same keyword 3 times in every sentence!) On the other hand, use more keywords on each page, titles, and alt descriptions. Try it! Don’t overdo it, or your content will be considered spam.
Take meta descriptions seriously. ( Quoted from MOZ ) Allocate between 150 and 160 characters for a general introduction to your page.
What is White hat SEO
What is White hat SEO


How to make an SEO strategy?

  • User Comfort: Users should feel comfortable on your website. He should be able to get what he wants quickly. Ask UI and UX people to do their best in this area. On the other hand, don’t bother the user with too many banners and popups. This is against Google’s policy.


  • Bounce rate: A factor directly related to how long users stay on your website. If users do not find the answers they want on your website, they will leave your website faster and as a result, your bounce rate will increase and this is the most dangerous thing for your SEO.


  • Don’t Spam: Meaningless and irrelevant text that is used only to fill your website pages will seriously damage your SEO. On the other hand, blocking too many keywords, arbitrary links and generally, any action that turns your website into a spam code (!) can get you into trouble with points to be penalized.


  • Copyright: Copying other people’s content is bad for your website’s SEO. The more unique your content (text, photos, etc.) is, the more it will work for you. If you want to use other people’s content, do so by citing them or crediting them at the end of your post. You can do this by giving them a NoFollow link. Google takes copyright seriously.


  • Creating great content: The expression “content is king” is one of the most popular expressions used in white SEO. Content that is useful and tailored to the needs of users is also unique and cannot be copied from other websites.


This quality performance for content production makes people remember your site brand and also share the page link with friends or on social networks.

important facts about White Hat SEO:

  1. Beware of on-site SEO: Don’t build links or do anything else until you’ve done SEO for your site! First of all, you need to optimize your website in the best way according to the rules of your search engine.
  2. Not all rules can be followed: For many competitive keywords, some Google rules cannot be followed! Especially for keywords where competitors have started building heavy links Although this link-building process is not endorsed by Google, it is effective in improving site rankings.
Do you think we can rank for a competitive keyword combination like “digital marketing” based solely on the method of content creation? Not! If we act in the black hat method, we can get fined! So what do we do? The answer is gray hat SEO!

The benefits of white hat SEO

Implementing SEO white factors for business owners has many benefits that cannot be ignored.
  • Cost reduction: Using civilian SEO is much cheaper and more efficient than black hat methods. In this way, it is not necessary to use methods that violate Google’s rules which leads to penalizing the site.


  • Ethical: Entrepreneurs and brands typically use white hat SEO to justify their position in SERP or Google results to their visitors purely for ethical reasons.


  • Security: Websites that use white hat methods are always safe because they always act by Google’s policies.


  • Consistency: This is one of the important aspects of white hat SEO that sites positioned with white hat methods always have stable long-term positions compared to black hat methods.


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White hat SEO problems

Though white hat SEO has more advantages and security compared to black hat SEO this method also has the problems mentioned below.
  • Limitations: The list of white hat SEO activities is very limited. For example, white hat professionals may not use spam networks or buy links from other websites; All their work ends with SEO content.
  • Competition: In today’s competitive world, if you rely only on white hat SEO, you may fall behind your competitors; Because they can do anything, even black hat SEO, to rank on Google. But if a website uses black hat methods, they will eventually be penalized one day when they don’t expect them or at the peak of their growth.
  • Time-consuming: Another problem with this method is that it takes time; If you want to use only white hats, if you don’t follow their instructions properly, it will double the time to achieve their goals.



In this article, we have explained what is white hat SEO  and white hat meaning. In general, White Hat SEO helps you see a gradual but permanent growth of your website without the fear of being penalized by Google’s algorithms.

In the White Hat SEO method, your growth is gradual and will not be very fast and it depends on you which method you choose from White Hat SEO methods for your website. Of course, never forget that the best way to be search engine friendly and long-term is to use SEO techniques.


Frequently asked questions:
Where to start to learn white hat SEO?
To learn SEO, you should start with authentic articles and video tutorials or seminars. TV Manager articles contain many techniques for learning about the world of SEO and Google algorithms.
How to find the Google algorithm?
Reading articles and staying up-to-date in the world of SEO will help you learn about the old and new Google algorithms and understand how to follow them properly.
What are white hat SEO techniques?
A set of SEO techniques that do not conflict with Google’s rules and algorithms and that are not penalized by Google.
The difference between white hat and gray hat SEO
In the black hat method, unlike white hat SEO, we don’t follow Google’s rules and use spammy methods to increase results quickly.

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