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Step 1 for download videos from Smule

In the first step, enter the Smule website and search for the video or sound you want and select it. Smule(Sing millions of songs and make friends through music) is a website for sharing your videos and sounds. smule video downloader online

Step 2 for download videos from Smule

In the second step, after selecting the desired Video or Audio from the Smule website or application, you must select the sharing option and click on the "Copy Link" option. In this step, the link of the video or sound you want will be copied and you can use it. smule video downloader online

Step 3 for download videos from Smule

And in the last step, just enter smule downloader website and enter your desired link in the search bar and click on download. After a few seconds, your desired file is ready and you can download it in mp4 and mp3 formats. smule video downloader online(youtube shorts downloader.)