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In today’s digital world and internet world, it is undeniable that Google search has become our first choice to answer our questions. We may not remember the answer to the question we asked at Google. We may even change our search language to find the answer we want.

Now if we want to answer the question of what Search engine optimization methods (SEO) are and why it has such an impact on online business, we have to say:

Any website that was better able to attract Google will benefit more from the benefits of more users’ interest and referrals to themselves.

We can say that a site that appeared in the top Google results may have resulted in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). Of course, there are steps to be taken to improve rankings and rankings specifically for that search term and not necessarily any content the site covers.


The main question is “What are Google’s worrying factors?” We are “How can we improve our site?” Join us to answer your questions in the simplest way possible.


What are Search engine optimization methods (SEO)?


Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the amount and quality of traffic you receive through search engines.

Indeed SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)); Derived from the term Search Engine Optimization meaning site optimization for search engines.

For any business that seeks to attract potential customers to the web; Doing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) for your site is very important.

If we want to give a simpler definition of Search engine optimization (SEO) and answer “what is search engine optimization (SEO)” we have to say:

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). It is a site optimization method implemented by Google to better understand it.

In fact, with the Search engine optimization (SEO) site, we pass on to Google the concept that we have been able to meet the needs of Google users, who get the right answer they need as quickly as possible, in the best and most appropriate way possible.

But Google understands this through the algorithms and rules that are constantly updated by Google itself, and with the latest methods to better respond to users, as well as ways to identify and prevent misleading interactions, to constantly review the sites in use

Our ultimate goal in website optimization is to generate more revenue from sales or customer service. So we can use your Search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge to be at the top of Google results and make Google the best referrer for our site without paying high advertising costs.

But how do you optimize a site for search engines? To answer this question, it is best to first ask the basic question, “What are search engines?” Let’s make the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) discussion a little better for us.

seo search engine optimization
SEO search engine optimization

What is a search engine?

Search Engine; In fact, it is a platform that searches and scans the content on the web platform and provides its users with the most suitable option as a search response.

The way search engines work on the Internet has three main parts:

Crawling: involves searching online for content and reviewing the text and non-text content in the URLs it finds.

The index contains the storage and sorting of the content obtained in the crawl phase.

Rank: Contains the ranking of the content as a search response in descending order of the most relevant responses.

seo engine

What do we know about the Google search engine?

Google is the main search engine on the Internet and has managed to perform more than 92% of searches on the web!

We can say for sure that in the past few years we have seen that when we look for issues, Google provides us with more accurate information than in the past few years!

Such an improvement in Google’s performance would not have been possible without the collection of user research data and data, as well as the widespread use of artificial intelligence. In general, we can think of Google as an observer who, by studying user behavior, can make decisions about the performance and performance of sites and use them to rank in search results.

The Google search engine intends to become the best and the only answer to any question of any type of user.

Google also can determine each user’s intent through search. For example, it can detect that users searching for the word winter wear often click on images and search for images. So for the results of other people who have searched for the same word, at the top of the results for their pages, a box will be placed with the relevant images.

So we need to know the following:

Paying attention to user behavior and thus user objectives when searching is a necessary step to optimize for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION methods (SEO) or website optimization. For the content of the site to be updated accordingly.

The topic of how Google works is not limited to these few sections, but there are many other processes and functions by Google to use the information obtained from users’ search, which if you are interested in this topic in another separate article, more fully. We will pay.

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Now that we know the relationship between SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) and search engines, we need to be aware of their importance and impact on our business.


The importance and necessity of search engine optimization for companies

The type of strategies you choose as a business owner to market your products and services depends on the type of product, your target market, and your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a good way to implement the principles of an engaging marketing strategy and take an introverted marketing approach.

When your product market has potential customers who are immediately looking for and fulfilling the needs of that product or service, so you are faced with a situation where you have to be in the right place, and that specific customer is waiting for more than to go to all the markets you target yourself. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). It brings you the best and most relevant customers who are looking for your products or services.

Therefore, it is clear that the selection and investment of a business to work in the field of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), must be fully consistent with the market conditions of the product or service offered. Don’t expect that in situations like the first wave of Corona, you can sell your mask product more successfully than direct advertisers of that product on the internet by addressing a SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) solution.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a permanent solution to presenting your products and services, But this can be achieved in the long run.

But to continue the discussion, to get into the functional nature of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), it is best to answer the questions “What are the functional dimensions of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO),” “How is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) broken down into several dimensions” and “In what aspects can we work on he-she?”


Functional dimensions of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION methods (SEO)

Many factors improve the ranking and quality of web pages, which can be optimized to get a better ranking in search results without the need to know the details of Google’s sophisticated algorithms.

In general, Search engine optimization (SEO) is divided into two layers in terms of functionality:

Internal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) or On Page Search engine optimization (SEO)

External SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) or Off Page Search engine optimization (SEO)

Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept
Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

 What is On Page Search engine optimization (SEO)?

Internal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a basic and essential part of site optimization that must be done thoroughly and principled before any other action to make the expected results of external SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) optimization far more effective.

On-Page SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) involves the optimization of a set of factors that can be controlled directly from within the website. These factors can be summarized as follows:


Select the appropriate title and subtitle

meta tags

Optimized and structured content

standard URLs

Standard HTML Structure

Use appropriate attributes in HTML tags

Pages linked to internal pages

Provide easy access to all sections of the site

Appropriate loading speed for pages

Responsive design


In general, by optimizing these factors, we seek to provide users with easier and better access to the content of our website. According to Google, the easier it is for users to access the content of the website; Has more qualifications to achieve a better ranking.


Therefore, internal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is one of the most important procedures for optimizing a site for search engines and it can be examined in two separate sections:



In the content section, content is written, updated, or rewritten and content is recreated.

And in the technical section itself, the topic is divided into two subsections in the following order:


Pay attention to the necessary points in the technical section


Content writing is one of the most important ones on Page Search engine optimization (SEO); It is writing content. Is it enough to produce content without special rules? Have you ever wondered why a site, despite having more complete and better content than others, could not attract Google yet?

Needless to say, if you write several pages of content but ignore the internal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) factors, you will not be able to be effective in any way.


Content is the king of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).

10 golden principles of content writing

If you want to write good and understandable content for Google, then you have to implement 10 important principles in your content. These ten principles include:

Relevant: There is a semantic association between user search and content.

Unique: Unique means that the content, in addition to not being copied from other sites, must contain content that is newer than competing sites.

Trendy: The content is designed according to the needs of the day and the interests of the users.

Update ability: If some time has passed since the content was published, it is best to update and modify the content.

Easy to understand: Our content can be understood using video and images.

Shareability: Has the technical ability to share on social networks.

Readability: The content is completely readable with appropriate punctuation, font, and font color.

Cohesive: Articles are interconnected with an organized structure.

Accessibility: There is easy access to the contents by Broad Crumb rating and …

Engagement: Content is effective for the user and readers and can engage the reader.


Fully address the question of the right rules for producing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) content, and what rules does Google set for content review? Certainly not within this scope, but we suggest that if you want to learn more about content writing and its principles, read the TV Director’s article entitled Producing Initial Content.

When discussing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) layers in addition to on-site SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), we should also pay attention to off-site factors that can have a positive or negative impact on site SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).


What is Off-Page Search engine optimization (SEO)?

Any action that occurs outside the site and that comes to Google’s attention is called Off Page Search engine optimization (SEO).

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External SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) includes elements that we can use to speed up some positive rankings and results. These include link building, social media, and some branding activities. Here are some of them


link building

Referring any external link from other websites to the destination site is called a “backlink”.

According to Google’s ranking, the more backlinks and referral sites there are, the better the destination site. Of course, not all backlinks are valuable. The link to the destination site may also have a negative rating. For example, a link from a reputable website is worth more than hundreds of links from untrusted websites and so-called spam sites.

The most important types of backlinks are as follows:


Buy backlinks titled Reportage

link exchange



Natural Backlinks

an agreement

social media activities


Through activities related to presenting your site and your brand in the form of social media marketing activities, you can bring more Google attention to your business. This process is obtained by statistics and information on the activities of users of the virtual network, which are also provided to Google under the Platform Agreement. Try to grow your website and promote it on social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Aparat,

Activities related to search engine optimization on social media can include:

Publish site content in the form of posts

Hashtags related to keywords and brand

Get interaction from users

Traffic from social media

In the off-page section, we briefly introduced parts of the off-page; But if you need more comprehensive topics, you can refer to the specialized and comprehensive article on foreign search engine optimization.


What are the techniques and methods of search engine optimization?

There are three different methods, methods or techniques for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), which are as follows:


Black Hat Search engine optimization (SEO)



white hat search engine optimization (SEO); A set of actions to optimize a website for search engines is the absence of a violation of the principles and rules of search engines.


The best and most sustainable method of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is the white hat SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) method. But perhaps the biggest hurdle is the time-consuming nature of this method.

If you don’t have enough time and want to get to Google’s raw results sooner, you shouldn’t rely solely on the Search engine optimization (SEO) White Hat. In addition, always keep in mind that your competitors optimize their sites for search engines in different ways. So the white hat method alone is practically insufficient to compete with the rest.


Black Hat Search engine optimization (SEO)

Black Hat SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) These are activities that are done for the sake of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) of a website, but through methods not authorized by Google (and other search engines).

Doing black hat SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) techniques, if tracked down by Google, may result in the site being penalized or even removed from results.

Here are some of the things SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) can do to blackmail your site:

Automatically publish an article by bots

The presence of a virus, trojan, worm, and … on your website page


Connect in an uninitiated manner

It looks a little scary! is not it? But don’t worry, there are always solutions!


gray hat search engine optimization (SEO); In this approach, a significant part of the principles of the white hat method is observed, but due to the importance of time for obtaining results, several link-building activities are performed through special methods that cannot be recognized by the Google crawler.

Gray hat search engine optimization techniques, although they may violate the principles and rules of Google; it is implemented in such a way that it does not lead to being tracked and penalized by Google.

Gray hat SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) engine cannot be explained in a few lines. If you get the right training in this regard, your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) efforts will soon pay off. In this regard, the ModirTv team has prepared and compiled a training for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) enthusiasts called Gray Hat SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).



What is the difference between Google Ads and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)?

Google’s services, services, and business platforms, in general, are not limited to just one search engine.

Google has used a variety of tools, methods, and strategies to enable the presentation and promotion of sales of commercial products and services in the form of digital marketing methods. One of the most important of these services is Google’s advertising service called Google Ads. Google ads are, in a way, complementary to business promotion, and perhaps in some way the opposite of search engine optimization (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)).

Of course, in Google title results, you sometimes see displaying a short title (ads) next to the title of the site’s page in displaying higher rankings. This code indicates the purchase of advertising services from Google by this site for a particular keyword.

A procedure that can be displayed in higher rankings, which certainly costs a lot, and in terms of economic savings is never very cost-effective for companies such as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), more to solve the time problem of offering a seasonal product or with cross-sectional use, eg: round Travel.


What tools are used for search engine optimization?

One of the most frequently asked questions about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is the issue of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) tools. Questions such as: “What tools do we need for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)” or “What are SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) tools?” The tools we use for the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) website deal with a large part of the issues related to SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) requirements.

The different types of tools used in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) are categorized according to functional diversity in the following order:

Website analysis tools

Keyword identification and identification tools


Backlink Checkers

Here are some of the best tools for analyzing, reviewing, and re-optimizing your site:

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Google Search Console Google Search Console

One of the most used site analysis tools is Google Search Console or Google Webmaster.


With this free and powerful tool, we can view and analyze the following:

site movement

The number of results shown in the title

Average Page Rank in Google

Google Penalties

Check the index of the pages of the site

Check external and internal links

Check for compatibility with mobile devices

Webmaster Tools or Search Console has a wide range of possibilities and it is one requirement that every SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) expert should be aware of.



There is no doubt that the Alexa tool is one of the most well-known and widely used tools for site analysis as well as competitor site analysis.

Alexa claims that it records its site rankings based on the number of site visitors and the average number of pages each person visits on the site.

But what are the benefits of Alexa:

Keyword Analysis

Show keywords with lots of traffic to your website

Show the average duration of a user’s existence

Searching for competing sites and analyzing their performance

Select bounce rate

See sites with similar content (Orlep)



Another popular and useful tool among webmasters is AHRafs.

Ahrefs is a website SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) analysis tool, with which you can analyze and compete with competitors as well as your website.


Why is this tool popular and what are its uses for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)?

Here are some of the uses of Ahrefs:

Keyword search

Back cookie

competitive analysis

Content search

track order


Search words used in social networks


One of the most effective and influential factors in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) and site quality is the speed of website loading. It is safe to say that site speed is effective even in site ranking. One of the tools that can be used to measure website speed is Gtmetrix.


What can we check with GT Metrics:

See the site loading speed.

We see the things that slow down the loading of the site.

We receive useful solutions that improve the speed of the site.


Search Engine Optimization Plugins in Website Design Software

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) components make your way to your destination shorter, easier, and more accurate. Certainly, installing and using SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) plugins can be a great guide to writing content in web design software like WordPress.

These plugins comply with Google principles and result in the same distribution of valid keywords, titles, and descriptive texts, along with a limitation on the number of characters allowed.


Among the most used SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) plugins, the following can be mentioned:

Add Rank Math


search engine optimization (SEO) press search engine optimization (SEO) press


Search Engine Optimization (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)) is a solution in digital marketing that according to this picture relates to various factors and factors.


What are common and widely used search engine optimization terms?

There are certainly a lot of terms in the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) world that can sometimes confuse us.

It’s good to know a little about the most frequently used Search engine optimization (SEO) terms, and if we come across these terms somewhere, we know what each term means and what its uses are. These conditions are as follows:

Kpi: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the performance of the organization and people

Cataloging: Cataloging

Intent: The user’s intent to search

Query: ask or search for users

SERP: search engine results page

URL: the address of each page

Ranking: Search results page ranking

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Social Network Optimization

CTA (Call to Action): The rate at which a user becomes a customer

Keyword: keyword

Pkw: main keyword

Anchor Text: A phrase that links to another article

Referral Domain: Sites linked to your site

broken link: broken links

Coherent: semantic communication

Context: the subject of the text

Content: Content




Here are some other SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) terms:

Click-through rate (CTR): Click-through rate, is the number of clicks divided by the number of page views

Skyscraper: a comprehensive article

Pillar: a relatively comprehensive column or article

block: a subset of content or articles

Keyword stuffing: excessive use of keywords

Adjacent Content: Content adjacent to media items or hyperlinks

Ui: The user interface or graphical side of the site

UX: User Experience

Px: User experience with the website page

Home: Home pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc.

List page: categorized and listed pages or tagged pages

Index page: filter pages and search

Deadends: dead pages, such as product profile pages or product pages

Cannibalism: occurs when two or more pages of our site appear for the same keyword.

Launch: Launch

Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting

Borbozal: View


What we learned about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) in this article

In this article, we have learned what is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO); We learned search engine optimization. Derived from the term Search Engine Optimization meaning site optimization for search engines.

We also learned that SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is discussed in two layers: Internal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) and External SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), where content production is one of the most important actions in internal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). In addition, we learned that there are three ways for Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat for Search engine optimization (SEO). With the Gray Hat SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) approach, we can achieve our business goal soon, which is to get a higher ranking.

Now it’s your turn to share your knowledge and experience with us to learn and experience more about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to reach the top of Google rankings through SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)?

You should know that it is not possible to reach a certain rank in a specific time for Google results. You should try your best for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) and then review your results.


Is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) for all websites the same?

The SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) of your site and keyword vary according to the competition for that keyword. You may end up with a good SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) for one word in three months, but it may take another year for another.


What is the importance of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) for business?

In today’s world, search engine optimization (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)) is a very important business to attract traffic and customer interest. Better and higher results on Google will make you more visible.


What are Instagram SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) techniques?

Instagram SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) has precise rules and techniques that you can follow to get good results. Familiarity with the Instagram space and optimizing your profile and hashtags will help your page a lot.

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