How to increase online sales -20 fast tricks

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Undoubtedly, digital marketing has revolutionized any business and now people can offer their business and services to the entire world without any restrictions on time and place. This is a win-win situation and an exceptional opportunity. Nowadays, almost all companies, even those with small businesses, start a store website and provide their services there.

But launching a website is only part of the story, and you need to take action now to increase your online sales. If you can encourage users to shop online, you will surely win because there are still many people who believe in face-to-face shopping and could not trust online sales. We suggest that you read this article carefully to learn about online sales increase strategies.

How to increase online sales

However, we have spent money on launching the store website, content production, website management, and digital marketing so that we can eventually increase the number of loyal customers and thus increase sales. To achieve this goal, we must take steps. Here are some ways to increase your online sales. If you can do some of these tricks professionally based on your type of business, you will undoubtedly get the best results in the short term:

1. Be honest in selling your products and services

Above all, being honest in your work will be the key to success and a powerful sales start. Such advice may seem ridiculous, but many businesses pay little attention to this issue. For example, many businesses begin to purchase and prepare products that they cannot pay for in full and use checks and other installment payment methods.

In case they may not have good sales and their products sell much less than expected. In such a case, a large number of unsold products and heavy installments remain. This issue has been the reason for the bankruptcy of many businesses.

At first glance, this point of view may seem a bit ambitious in business and is not a problem in itself, but ignoring the facts can get you down. You should not confuse ambition with ignorance. Never ignore reality and be realistic under any circumstances.

There is nothing wrong with starting small and gradually increasing your production and orders. Sometimes you may have heard that you can travel a hundred years overnight, but don’t pay attention to these words. Success requires continuous effort.

Another thing that is related to honesty in work is users’ trust in your business and brand. Never claim that you cannot do it and avoid exaggeration and unnecessary definitions. Today’s users and customers are alert and do not get fooled by such promises. So be honest and try to be open and transparent in all areas of your business.

How to increase online sales through social media
How to increase online sales through social media

The mistake of many people working in this field is that they think that they have to expand their business and company as much as possible in order to be considered among the greats in that field. Constantly trying to achieve this goal will easily make you distance yourself from more important goals.

Another important point is that users and consumers also care about small businesses and prioritize them for providing more personalized services and the like. Do not under any circumstances try to pretend to be something you are not.

2. Use advertising plugins to get more clicks

Click ads are among the most important and effective methods of effective advertising. As the largest source of click ads, Google has provided a suitable place for your ads with the help of the AdWords system.

A similar system is provided by the Bing search engine. This method of advertising has a great impact on gaining traffic and ranking for any website. But the point that is less noticed by webmasters is that you can also benefit from Ad Extensions to make your ads more targeted.

Such plugins help you to allocate more space from the search engine results list to your ad and finally get a higher click rate. These plugins are offered as a suggested package along with click ads and their use does not include a separate cost. With the help of such a system, you will be able to display more links as advertisements.

3. Show user satisfaction and customer trust

Customer feedback about your products and services has never been more important than now. Because these days you can connect with hundreds and thousands of users through social networks in a fraction of a second. Fortunately, such a feature makes your satisfied customers become one of your most powerful tools to increase the popularity and ranking of your brand and business globally.

Internet marketing experts believe that happy and satisfied users of your brand are legions that can boost your sales more than any other means. So make sure you make the most of these people. The best solution is to publish the satisfaction of this group of customers in the form of reviews or brief descriptions of your business, products, or services.

For this, you can set up a section on your website or blog and share tweets or comments from your users. If you also benefit from emotional praise in the descriptions and comments of these users, the effectiveness of these statements will increase. Many successful websites have used this method to increase the quality and value of their products and brand. You can add some of these comments on the product page or landing pages.

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Another way to gain credibility is to use trust symbols called Trust Signals. If you have such symbols, be sure to put them in the footer or even in a separate section. These icons give users a sense of confidence and make your business seem trustworthy.

Another way to gain credibility in this regard is to participate in the web festival and display it on the website if you get a rating.

You can also introduce your satisfied customers in a separate section or in a section of your website’s main page in the form of a list. Especially if some of these customers are big and reputable brands, your credibility will increase greatly by introducing them as customers. Many different businesses even introduce their clients on social networks and summarize the services they have provided for them.

4. Take advantage of current and limited offers

One of the ways to encourage users and customers is to use instant offers or special offers, which are also referred to as emergency offers in the subject of internet marketing. In this type of offer, which should be visible on the main page of your website and in a very clear section, you should provide instant offers of your products or services.

For example, you can expose and sell one of your products with a discount. But what makes users buy that product or service is the feeling of the urgency of this offer. In such a case, you should announce that this discount will end soon by placing a timer (countdown) or setting a specific time so that users will focus more on buying it when they see this announcement.

Another similar method that has successfully faced many stores with this type of offer is the sale and offering of limited products and services. For this type of sale, the number of products or services that you offer is limited, and if you put this as an advertising text on the first page, users will feel that the desired product may be out of stock soon. reach This issue makes the users encouraged to visit the page of that product and buy it before the inventory of that product ends.

In some cases, the above conditions may not be considered. In this case, there is another suggestion for you that can be used to increase the sale of normal products.

By benefiting from the mentioned method, users and customers can be motivated by offering secondary offers along with the main purchase. For example, next to a product, you can also put another small and related product as a gift so that users are eager to buy that product.

Also, offering free shipping or participating in weekly or monthly raffles are other very practical ways in this field that can significantly increase your sales. These methods are one of the most important and best ways to increase online sales, which are now also used by large Iranian stores.

Google has provided a feature for the AdWords system to personalize your ads. One of these features is the possibility of adding a timer to sales. In this case, next to your ad in the search results, the expiration time of your offer will also be displayed. Experience has proven that this move has very useful feedback in selling products online.

5. Unconditional money-back guarantee

It may not seem like it, but many times, the only reason customers don’t buy is that there is no guarantee to buy. Still, most internet users consider online shopping risky. In this case, most of the time, users abandon their purchase due to the lack of a valid warranty. Undoubtedly, the first reason for this fear and mistrust and not accepting the risk of buying is due to financial issues and the possible risk of losing money for nothing.

Of course, all users have the right in this case, because they have no knowledge of the product in question and they always think about what will happen if they buy the product and it is not healthy. What if the quality of the product is different from what is presented in the description or if the wrong product is sent? Such questions make every user more cautious about online shopping.

So, to deal with this issue and reassure users, you should provide customers with a professional support system and return the purchase money if they are not satisfied. In fact, it can be acknowledged that the fate of your business in this area is tied to such an issue. Even the smallest purchases include these parameters for users. Therefore, by providing quality products along with strong support and money-back assurance, you will not only experience more sales but also gain the trust of your customers.

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It has been proven that users in any field if they find a suitable and reliable source for their purchases, they go to that source anywhere else.

In this case, you will not only stabilize your main sales, but also more regular customers will be the result of your business, and at the same time, you will be known as a reliable store among users and customers.

The exact opposite is also true. If a customer is not satisfied with his purchase from you and your support cannot restore his lost satisfaction, that buyer will regret it and not only will not come to your store again but also will not recommend buying from you to anyone.

how to increase online sales through social media
how to increase online sales through social media

6. Reduce the range of similar products

Of course, offering as many products as possible in different fields is one of the ways to increase sales. But this issue is not appropriate in all situations. In fact, in many cases, offering more products can have the opposite result. Considering this issue, if you have too many similar models of a product, this issue can easily cause the buyer to hesitate and be unable to choose a suitable item from this wide range of products, which may eventually lead to Reduced final sales.

You should try to reduce your offers to users as much as possible so as not to confuse them. If you have a wide range of products, you have to divide them into more detailed categories.

Too many products in a field not only complicates your store but also makes it much more difficult for the buyer to find the desired product.

7. Find targeted customers with the help of Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences system

The best thing that a particular business or store can do is to expand its loyal customers in different ways and target other users and customers who have the potential to become this category. Facebook helps you in this field. You can find potential and targeted customers using the Lookalike Audiences tool of this social network.

The best thing that a particular business or store can do is to expand its loyal customers in different ways and target other users and customers who have the potential to become this category. Facebook helps you in this field. You can find potential and targeted customers using the Lookalike Audiences tool of this social network.

This smart advertisement is one of the most targeted practical advertisements, which, unlike similar methods, requires very little cost. In fact, this tool helps users who have similar tastes find each other. These tastes can include anything. Why is your advertisement not among these items?

8. Reduce the complexity of the ordering and payment process as much as possible

According to Business Insider, an amount of 4 trillion dollars was left in the shopping carts of Internet users in 2017, and 63% of this amount was reusable! These incredible statistics prove that people do not have the patience for complicated online shopping processes and quickly give up on their purchases. Considering this issue, it should be said that one of the most important reasons for the decrease in online sales of a website or online store is the purchase process, which many Iranian websites are currently struggling with.

On the contrary, websites where it is easy to buy and the ordering and payment process are done without complications, have sold much more than similar websites. By learning from this issue, you should facilitate the process of ordering, paying, and buying products through your store as much as possible.

For this purpose, avoid any unnecessary steps in the shopping cart process. Avoid forcing users to fill out unnecessary forms. Try to create a system where purchase steps are stored and users don’t have to do everything from scratch if they make a mistake. Many websites do not even require you to create an account.

Such websites, on the other hand, use the Google or Facebook login system. Using this system allows users to not waste their time creating and filling out the user account form, and at the same time, they maintain the security of their user account and can easily access purchase reports, invoices, and payment receipts. Have.

9. Increase payment methods as much as possible

Another one of the most important reasons for choosing or not choosing an online store for shopping by users is the payment methods of that store. Note that although almost all financial transfers are made by credit cards these days, there is still a significant percentage of users who prefer cash on the spot to other forms of payment.

You must provide your users and customers with every possible payment model. These methods can include credit payment or the so-called wallet, online payment through a bank portal, international payments through credit accounts, transfer of funds from card to card or account, and finally cash payment (on the spot).

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10. Provide quality images for your products

The appearance of a product is directly related to our understanding of the quality of that product. Showing an ideal image of the products not only makes for better and more comparable decision-making and clarification, but it is an attractive item in itself if it can be displayed well. These definitions prove the high importance of product images.

You should invest in this issue seriously and professionally. All reputable websites and online stores have a photography room where they can take pictures of their products from different angles. Even if the images of the product you want are available on the internet, it is still recommended to prepare your own exclusive photos. This move is one of the most effective ways to gain the trust of users.

Try to use relevant experts for this, because there are various issues in this profession that will have a direct impact on the final images. Make sure to take several photos of your product from different angles. Experience has shown that almost all Internet users and customers want to see the real image of their product from different angles before buying it. If you fulfill their request, you will have a much better chance of increasing your sales.

11. Delete the extra landing pages

Landing pages are among the old items in the design of store sites, and we have mentioned many times their advantages and positive points. But these pages cause many webmasters to exaggerate their use and, as the famous saying goes, to sacrifice the original.

It is better to deal with this issue a little more professionally. The presence of unnecessary and non-standard landing pages will not only not give a positive answer, but may also have an unfavorable effect on your online store.

Usually, the most important purpose of using Landing Pages is to show a specific product or promote a collection. Instead of using this old page model for all products, you can use Facebook or Google AdWords advertising campaigns. In fact, these advertising systems can be a great alternative to old and traditional landing pages.

One of the most important reasons for this is that users don’t want to scroll through landing pages and prefer to communicate with your products and services much faster and easier.

The new generation of Google AdWords ads, called Call-Only Ads, is a good way to replace the old methods of such ads. With the help of this simple tool, your main ways of communication, such as contact numbers, will be displayed for contacts in the search results, and they can contact you with one touch.

Such advertisements have very good feedback. In fact, by using this system instead of landing pages, you can display a much wider range of your products in the shortest possible time and find your target audience much more easily.

12. Use Gmail’s advertising tool

After years of testing, Google has finally released the final Gmail Ads system for public use. With more than a billion active users in Gmail, this email system is one of the best places to display your targeted ads. This is a very interesting idea to display your ads in users’ message boxes in addition to finding users on social networks and…!

Of course, this professional system will have many competitors for you. Therefore, you should choose your effective words purposefully and carefully. One of the best ways to succeed in this field is to pay attention to the keywords used by competitors. You can get a lot of results with a little searching and viewing other people’s ads. Then you can join the competitors by using those keywords and have a large share of users for yourself.



Any of the types of tricks to increase sales mentioned in this article can be effective in increasing your sales. However, there are many more factors that can go into the amount of physical or online sales. If you know more and faster tricks about “How to increase online sales“, share them with us.

Remember, in order to increase your sales, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes even in order to have good sales, you need to work on your personal growth. You should not expect your sales to increase automatically without making any changes. Trying is always the best option to get better results. So keep trying each of the sales tips presented here so that you can eventually reach your ideal sales result.

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