Meta makes an Airpod equipped with a camera and artificial intelligence

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Meta is apparently developing an artificial intelligence-equipped earbud with a camera called “Camerabuds”.

So far, artificial intelligence has made its way to various gadgets and platforms, and technology companies are well aware of the popularity of this technology among users. Now, according to reports, Meta is apparently developing an AI-powered pair of earbuds with a camera called Camerabuds.

According to a report by The Information, Meta is apparently in the early stages of designing and developing an AI-equipped AirPods. As it is clear from the name of this product (Camerabuds), it is possible that this earbud has two external cameras. Using artificial intelligence, these cameras can understand the user’s surroundings and answer his questions. It seems that Meta intends to come to AirPods this time in the same way that it made a smart product out of glasses.

Airpod equipped with artificial intelligence and meta camera

Currently, it is not clear whether such a project will actually be implemented or not. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apparently seen several designs of the earbuds, but so far he’s not happy with any of them.

Airpod equipped with artificial intelligence and meta camera
Airpod equipped with artificial intelligence and meta camera


On the other hand, the gadget’s engineers seem to have technical concerns about battery life and heat issues, and countless other privacy issues. Also, users who have long hair may not be able to take advantage of the camera capabilities of such earbuds.

Meta has a relatively long history in the development of various gadgets. The company planned to unveil its smart speakers called “Portal”, but in 2022 this project was rejected. Also, this company never unveiled its smart watch equipped with a camera. However, the latest version of this company’s RayBan smart glasses has been well received.

Equipping gadgets with artificial intelligence by Meta is in line with the company’s ambitions to compete with other leading AI companies. While dedicated AI hardware like the Rabbit R1 and AI Pin have fared poorly so far, Meta is likely hoping that putting its latest AI features into gadgets people are used to, like headphones and earbuds, will sell better.

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