Apple is developing a dedicated artificial intelligence chip for data centers

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In a project called ACDC, Apple is probably developing a dedicated chip for artificial intelligence in data centers.

Apple is likely developing a dedicated chip to run AI tools in its data centers; Of course, it is not yet clear how the project of making this chip with the code name ACDC will go and whether this chip will actually be used in data centers or not.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s informed sources, Apple is developing a dedicated chip for artificial intelligence in data centers in the ACDC project. Apple has been a leader in designing and developing proprietary chips for its devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. For this reason, it seems logical that this company will continue to make artificial intelligence chips for servers.

Apple’s proprietary artificial intelligence chip

Apple's proprietary artificial intelligence chip
Apple’s proprietary artificial intelligence chip


Big tech companies generally use their own proprietary AI chips for data centers. The data centers of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Meta operate in part on in-house designed semiconductors. Apple’s effort in the ACDC project is in line with this. Also, the actions of these companies almost destroy the old dominance of Intel chips.

On the other hand, according to previous reports, Apple will cooperate with other companies in the field of artificial intelligence, which we will probably hear more about at the WWDC conference. Apple’s AI approach is expected to focus on capabilities that help users in their daily lives. Apple will probably use Google’s artificial intelligence models or OpenAI in this field.

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Additionally, the upcoming M4 and A18 chip series are expected to have upgraded neural processors for AI features. It is possible that Apple will equip its new iPad Pro with the M4 chip with artificial intelligence capabilities.

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