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new ways of digital marketing | Do you know what digital marketing is and what services it has rendered to human beings in the field of business introduction and sales growth?

10 New Ways in Digital Marketing

Do you know how much this can affect the success of your business and even make you a reputable brand if you become more familiar with internet marketing?

To answer these two questions, we decided to talk in a comprehensive and complete article about digital marketing, the importance of entering this marketing method, and how to implement digital marketing. If you are also looking for a faster way to do branding and marketing, we recommend that you read this carefully.

new ways of advertising

Digital marketing or internet marketing means using the internet platform to introduce its services and products to people all over the world. In the past, if we wanted to introduce our services to the public, we had to use local advertising methods such as printing posters, banners, and banner printing, and for this reason, our main customers were those in our field of activity or the best. They lived in Iran.

But with the help of digital marketing, these borders can be pushed and even customers abroad can be gained. But surely this is the question for you when exactly did digital marketing start?

After the invention of the first computers equipped with text printing software that did a great service to print paper ads to humans, offline computers were developed and it can be said that the first successful global browser was introduced to the world in 1994 under the name Netscape. Increase web users from 16 to 70 million.

This increase in the number of users motivated web designers to take effective steps to promote websites, and as a result, services such as the design of search engines such as Yahoo and Google quickly developed, and on the other hand, email as one of the most important advertising tools to The world was introduced.

In addition to inventing techniques to promote the website, SEO was also introduced to the world in this field, and webmasters realized that to be able to rank high in search engines, especially Google, Site optimization means paying more attention to SEO.

If we want to study the beginning of digital marketing in Iran, we must go back to 1372. Exactly when the global Internet networks were used in Iran. Increasing the number of users over time has made it possible for private and public companies to boost Internet marketing services by providing a very wide bandwidth and high-speed Internet, and now digital marketing is recognized as one of the most important businesses in Iran.

Why digital marketing

Why do we need to use digital marketing?

There are still many people who believe that if they use traditional marketing methods, they will have more confidence and get better results. This idea is completely wrong. You do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. , Will suffer serious damage. To answer the question of what is the importance of using digital marketing, we will mention a few things for you:

  • In digital marketing, we can better identify the target audience if such a capability does not exist in traditional marketing. For example, in traditional marketing, you place billboards around the city, use newspaper and magazine advertisements, or even get help from marketers to attend meetings and sign contracts with other companies.


  • But all of these methods come with chances and mistakes because you do not exactly focus on the target community. You are advertising extensively so that you can increase your chances of attracting customers. But in digital marketing, this problem is solved. You can first use techniques such as email marketing, internet research, social media presence, and in-site user surveys to identify exactly your target audience and advertise for them via email or SMS ads, or internet ads on networks. Post social. When you spend time with your target audience, your spending will pay off.
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  • Digital marketing speeds up your marketing. Given that the people of the country and all over the world have access to high-speed Internet and the people of our country spend a few hours a day on social causes, so this opportunity is a win-win for you. Take this golden opportunity for internet marketing.


  • With every ad text that you provide for your site within social networks, providing any kind of educational content, introducing any kind of services and goods on the Internet, your brand is quickly introduced to a large number of users and this makes it possible to become Increase the potential customers to real customers. But in the case of traditional marketing, you will not see that speed. It takes a lot of time for people to carefully review and look at your ads in newspapers, magazines, and billboards. But if you engage them in your positive advertising with the help of digital marketing, you will see the result of these ads in a short time without feeling clumsy.


  • new ways of digital marketing help you outperform your competitors. In today’s world all artisans and business owners know that internet marketing is as close to success as lightning speed, if you do not go in this direction, you are actually separating yourself from competitors and getting further away from them every day. But if you go into digital marketing, set up a highly specialized and professional site, and, of course, monitor the work of your competitors, this will help them know the key to their success and thus improve the quality of your services and products, and thus can Overtake them.

  • With the help of digital marketing, your scope of work will also expand. Your presence in a highly specialized environment and social networks means that your brand is introduced to more people every day than before. So you have a better chance of getting to know your partner companies, and if the big companies welcome your business, you will be more likely to be able to contract with them and develop your services.


  • Also keep in mind that digital marketing has pushed the boundaries, and you can even enter into partnerships with foreign companies. While in traditional marketing this is not possible for you.


  • Another advantage of internet marketing over traditional marketing is its cost-effectiveness. This may seem strange to you because launching a specialized site costs money, and you need experts to manage the site, be present on social media, produce content, and introduce products. But since digital marketing and its impact are much greater than traditional marketing, any costs you incur in digital marketing will be more affordable than the cost of traditional marketing, and in fact, all the costs are very lucrative for you. It comes back because trial and error are not with you and you are focused exactly on the target community.


What to do to start digital marketing?

Now that you know the importance of internet marketing, what do you need to do to get started in digital marketing? Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving your desired digital marketing success:


  • Form a professional team.

You should form a professional team of web design experts, content production experts, site and social media management experts, advertising consultants as well as service and product specialists, and all people should work together in the field of digital marketing. Have.

If your business still does not have a specific name, you should first think about the brand name, but if you have chosen a suitable name for your company, to start digital marketing, you should design a suitable logo based on your brand name and activity.

This is very important because the logo is the image that users create of your business in their minds and the two should be in a way that is easily understood by everyone and is reminiscent of your services in the minds of users. No matter how much you spend in this field and get help from expert designers, you will not suffer any harm.



  • Design a website.

After summarizing and talking to the experts in on-site design, logo design, and how to get started, you need to design a website. This website should be completely specialized. There are indeed sites with ready templates, but If you want to succeed in digital marketing, you have to go for a dedicated website design. Because the user trusts you more in this case, and other companies when they come to your site, if they find that you have a professional view of Internet marketing and your profession, they will work with more confidence to work with you.

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In designing your site, you should consider many factors, including graphic design, capabilities within the site, design of each page, menu categorization, the introduction of products, how the customer buys the product, and other points. Also, wit within the site the communication channels with your company should be precisely available to the user so that she can easily enter social networks or communicate with you by phone.


Content-production marketing
Content-production marketing


  • Start producing content

Some people think that digital marketing means introducing your services and business within the site, but it is safe to say that you can not expect your products and services to be seen by many users until you start producing content. When a user enters a Google search engine, he or they searches the phrase so that Google can provide the most relevant content.

So users come to your site through content and check your products. So hire a professional team to produce unique and unique content and spend enough on it.




  • Do not neglect social networks.

Your presence on social networks plays a very important role in the success of digital marketing because people mainly use mobile phones to be present on the Internet and their activity is often on social networks, in the sense that they have identified their desired products through these networks. And then enter the relevant sites.




  • Interact with users

To be able to promote internet marketing well and according to the users’ tastes, ask them to express their opinions to you through comments or directly on social networks. Also, when you are aware of their tastes and expectations, you can improve the quality of your services and goods, which will ultimately increase your sales.

So far, you are familiar with the basics of digital marketing. Now, if you agree, let’s move on to more specialized and professional content.

Digital marketing is one of the most important techniques for success in any business. It is safe to say that the impact of digital marketing on the prosperity of businesses is even greater than local sales because, in today’s world, most customers first go to online stores to be able to compare the best sites in terms of goods or services, the best Have a decision to make.

As a result, your success in internet marketing will guarantee the life of your business. In the meantime, various methods will help you to have successful digital marketing, for example, content production will be one of the most important techniques.

When a user enters your site or social networks, he/she expects you to provide educational materials in addition to introducing your business, services, and products, so improving content in the direction of digital marketing is important. We will teach you techniques that will help you in this regard.


digital marketing
digital marketing


Content Improvement Techniques in Digital Marketing

Everyone who starts as an internet marketer should focus on generating content for their site and social media. By doing this, they can draw users’ attention to their services and as a result, the user’s chances of becoming a customer increase. Tips to help you improve your content in digital marketing include:

  • Use blended content

Putting all your focus on writing content is not a good thing at all because it will be boring for the user. The best solution is to use mixed content, that is, in addition to the instructional texts within your site, be sure to publish instructional videos.

You need to make a short video and teach a lot of content to the user in that short time.


  • Focus on the benefits of your business

The product content should reflect the characteristics of your products and services, but not go directly to this topic, but try to explain the benefits of your services and products to users with different titles.

For example, if you are talking about skincare products, you should first explain the importance of using the products and then explain why you are offering your products to users. Storytelling helps you a lot in this regard because the story is interesting for the user and she likes to read the end of the story.


  • Do not be afraid to experiment

However, until you experiment, you can not figure out which content has the most impact on users, so you should make a testing strategy to improve the content in digital marketing one of your most important tasks.

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Take action from different angles. Emphasize product benefits, for example; Provide a variety of educational content on the site and talk about a variety of topics in the field of video content production. Then ask for user feedback.


  • Focus on quality, not quantity

The mistake that some digital marketing business owners make is to think that the more content they produce, the better their chances of getting their products seen on the site, so instead of focusing on quality, Increase the number of articles and their content. This is completely wrong.

If you publish poor quality internal work on a site that is not user-friendly, they will leave immediately when users enter the site, and this will give you a negative rating.

The wisest thing to do is to set up a content calendar for yourself and publish quality content on the site according to specific dates.


  • Content should be engaging and entertaining

If you publish an article on the site that consists entirely of black and white text and there are no images in them, it will be boring for the user. Therefore, in producing content, be sure to use titles with different colors; Insert a large number of images into the content and adjust the writing style of the article so that it has a narrative mode but the coherence of the text is not lost.

Considering the impact that content production has on digital marketing, we have explained 5 very important techniques for improving content in digital marketing to you dear ones, and in the following, we are going to mention five more tricks. Keep in mind that content production plays a huge role in your internet marketing success.

So do not ignore this issue and even get help from the team of writers and production of experienced and skilled content so that you can get the result of your efforts in the best possible way.



(new ways of advertising)Techniques for Improving Content in Digital Marketing

Carefully read all the points mentioned in these two issues of the article to improve the content in digital marketing and even study each of these articles several times to know how the content should be based on your business. Generate to be attractive to the user and make him a permanent user on the site.


  • The content produced should be based on users’ expectations

If you do not have any management and plans to produce content on the site, you are wasting your time and money.

You need to focus on topics that you know will be well received by the general public. For this purpose, you should check the qualifications and expectations of users in your field of work and then produce articles following their expectations, because then the user knows that he spends time reading content that will answer many of your questions.


  • Connect between your content and your brand name

One of the most important things to consider when improving content in digital marketing is the connection between the brand name and the content produced. Suppose you offer skin care products and now you have decided to offer discounts to users and customers.

Asking for discounts on your skin care products under the pretext of the start of the World Cup season will hurt your business because the first question a user asks is what is the connection between the World Cup and skin care products?

At this time, users think that you want to sell your products at any price, and this indicates the low quality of your products and products.

You need to find the connection between your content and your brand. In the same example, if you maneuver on the issue that to participate in the World Cup, due to climate change, your skin is severely affected, and to experience a fun match, you must use skin care products in stadiums. Use it to keep you healthy, it will have a profound effect on the user’s thinking and make him think.


  • Your content should be accessible

Use all means of communication to make your content available to users. Signing up for social media, posting content on the site, and going to platforms like Slide share helps keep your content up and running among users over and over again.


  • Go to a variety of sources

Going to several competing sites to generate content and being inspired by them to write new content will not cost much on the quality of your digital marketing. To produce quality content, you need to check several different sources, especially English sources, so that you can write very attractive content based on your mental creativity that is user-friendly.


  • Navigate to the most popular content

One of the most important tricks in improving digital content marketing is to redistribute your popular posts. Check which of your posts on the site has received positive feedback from a large number of users. Reshape them with new changes within the content so you can increase your site traffic.

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