The new Apple Pencil will have haptic feedback for the first time

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In a report, Bloomberg says that the next generation of Apple Pencil will probably be equipped with a new and attractive feature called haptic feedback.

Apple will hold an event on May 18, where it will probably unveil new iPads and a few other devices. One of these devices will be a new stylus that Bloomberg claims will feature haptic feedback for the first time. This feature allows the Apple Pencil to feel more realistic.

Bloomberg reporter Mark German has announced in a new note that the new generation of Apple’s pen supports haptic feedback. Although few details are available about this feature, it’s safe to assume that this new pen could provide different sensory feedback depending on the tool you’ve chosen to draw with and what you’re working on.

Apple Pencil is equipped with haptic feedback

Additionally, haptic feedback can feel different depending on the screen you’re working on. For example, it is likely that if the user moves the pen over a button, they will probably get the sensation of crossing an obstacle. Previously, the idea of using haptic feedback was mentioned in patents.

The Apple Pencil is likely to be equipped with haptic feedback
The Apple Pencil is likely to be equipped with haptic feedback


In addition, the 9to5Mac website had already discovered in Apple’s software code the reference to gestures (Gestures) added for the new Apple Pencil. For example, the new “push” gesture opens a menu that’s tailored to the task at hand.

Apple will probably unveil various products at the ceremony on May 18. Bloomberg says that Apple can go directly to the M4 chip instead of using the M3 chip in the new version of the iPad Pro with an OLED display to offer artificial intelligence capabilities to users. This company is lagging behind its competitors in the field of artificial intelligence and this has hurt its business. As a result, it is not strange that Cupertinos want to join the competition in this space more quickly.

What do you think about the new rumors about the upcoming Apple products? What do you think will be the trump card of this company to compete in the market?

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