What is the best definition of marketing management? Comprehensive and specialized

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Maybe you still haven’t paid attention to the meaning and concept of marketing; So, to begin with, you can consider the definition of marketing as a marketing means delivering the right product or service to the right person at the right time and place.

But the matter is not so simple. Marketing is a collection of all advertising, branding, public relations, and sales activities. each of which has a different role, connection, and implementation form in this expanding science.

Continue with us to introduce you to the definition of what marketing is and a complete review of all its functional aspects. And answer the question “What is the best definition of marketing management“.

Definition of marketing
Definition of marketing

What is the best definition of marketing management?

There are different definitions for marketing, and in this article, we will discuss in detail the different views that exist about the definition of marketing.

A simple but comprehensive definition of marketing is provided in Hubspot, which can give us a good view at the beginning of the discussion:

Marketing is the process of attracting people to your company’s product or service. This happens through market research, analysis, and understanding of the interests of your business customers (and stakeholders). Marketing covers all aspects of a business, including product development; distribution methods; Sales, advertising and branding are related.


From the point of view of Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing science: Marketing is defined as a managerial-social process by which individuals, groups, and organizations meet their needs and wants through the production, supply, and exchange of goods (and services) with each other.

Needs wants and demands lead people to goods that can satisfy these needs, wants, and demands.


What is the best definition of marketing?

In general, marketing at its best includes tactics that encourage short-term purchase and quantity, and are measurable in volume, share, and profit.

The definition of marketing Charter Institute has been able to express the concept of marketing as follows:

Identifying what people want and are willing to pay for or a problem they want to be solved.

Developing a product or service that meets that need and then promoting it so that the audience is aware of its existence.

The main concept of Marketing
The main concept of Marketing

What is the necessity of marketing? Why should we do marketing?

Regardless of the size of your business, from a start-up company to a large company with a well-known brand, or any type of organization or institution that has commercial or non-profit goals, you will need to do marketing to attract your potential customers.

It is natural that in every scale of the businesses we have mentioned, your method of action will be different on the market situation, the strength of competitors, and the weaknesses and strengths of your products or services brand. Also, if you are a startup, you should know that marketing is the basis of your work to enable the growth and development of your new idea to introduce it to the audience and users that you have presented your business model to meet their needs.

Accomplish branding goals with marketing techniques

If we want to express the relationship between marketing and branding most simply, we should consider marketing as a set of tools and techniques that are used to share and introduce a brand as much as possible. Therefore, branding, with the set of methods used to promote the brand of a business, also uses marketing to create awareness and announce the brand message to the target audience.

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So marketing is an integral part of your business brand and helps you communicate the promise you want your current and potential customers to know about.

How to start marketing?

So far we have learned about the meaning and concept of marketing. Now it’s time to answer the question, how should we learn marketing? For this purpose, you must learn the principles of marketing correctly and apply everything from the main topics and sub-branches of marketing science to correctly and effectively introduce and sell your business products and services.

Next, we will examine the most important parts that will be useful for you in learning how to market.

The first step is to know the market! What is the market?

Market refers to a set of potential and actual buyers of a product or service.

According to Philip Kotler:

The market includes all potential customers who have common needs and wants and are willing and able to exchange to meet their needs and wants.

Note that you need to have a target market for your business to sell your products and services. The target market is a set of customers who are considered potential buyers of your products. Like all teenagers studying to sell educational aid products.

Marketing investigation; What we have all neglected!

In marketing, you should note that customer behavior can always change. For example, the fall season may be different from spring.

The economic conditions of the country, the political situation, and dozens and hundreds of different factors can affect the behavior of your current and potential customers.

Marketing research gives you the insight to read your customer’s minds at different times and conditions by collecting information and you can also research and increase awareness of the trends in your industry market to get a better idea for developing your business. pay

Prepare your action plan. “Marketing Plan”

A suitable marketing plan or program can help to know the benefits, features, and special differences of a product or service, as well as ways to attract the right type of customer and course to make it loyal.

A marketing plan is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing process. A marketing plan is one of the main components of the business plan.

A good marketing plan will introduce you to the marketing goals of your product or service; So that you can measure the achievements and results of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategies; The main routes to the goal

What is the definition of marketing? Learn more about marketing and its different aspects!

According to all the planning you do to prioritize doing things, marketing also needs a choice of the right method along with the implementation instructions that make the path of achieving the set goals smoother. All these possible choices are considered part of the marketing strategy, which includes a variety of different methods, including network marketing, viral marketing, guerrilla marketing, etc.

The marketing mix (4P); A combination of the most effective

Four distinct elements of marketing are considered to provide a comprehensive and effective framework for developing a marketing plan. The combination of these 4 items is often called the 4Ps or “marketing mix”. The main theory is the 4P theory, but some greats of marketing science have added 2 more to it, which are very effective in achieving a good strategy to choose the most effective way to market the products and services of a business:

First P, Product: A combination of goods and services that a business offers and covers.

Second P, the place of supply: The answer to the question of how the consumer will access your product or service.

Third P, pricing: It should be clear what is the method or strategy of pricing your products and services. Do you have seasonal discounts? Or selling with long-term payment (installments)?

Fourth P, promotional programs: How do you communicate with your customers? Most businesses regulate this communication by using advertising programs.

Fifth P, people or employees of the company: Your employees are official agents who represent your company. You should check to what extent you have strengthened and developed their knowledge, experience, skills, and attitude towards team goals.

Sixth P, Process: Based on the experiences we receive from customer behavior daily, we use a series of processes such as the continuous improvement system and creating feedback channels in our business.

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Main approaches in marketing processes

The type of method used to introduce products and services to make purchases by the target market customers of a business is divided into two types inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing or attraction, which is sometimes known as abduction, is a stretching method to attract potential customers, which places products in the right position for them due to their high probability of being buyers.

The timely presence of an electricity generator seller in a suitable position when electricity subscribers are troubled by successive outages is a clear example of the attraction marketing method.

On the other hand, if you consider the reverse of this method, you will come across another approach in marketing that aims to attract the attention of a wide range of general audiences with the purpose of pressure and coercion, which is sometimes accompanied by disturbing. Special, including creating awareness for the product or brand, as well as directly conveying the message of businesses.

Content marketing to attract the best

Using words and phrases to encourage customers to buy is a very simple sentence that can be used to define content marketing. But it must be acknowledged that content marketing has been proposed as one of the most effective methods of inbound marketing approach, which in the context of online marketing, by providing the content asked by internet users, can lead to placing your products and services in the right position to attract definite buyers. It is what they are looking for at the moment of their need.

Advertising, hype, and public relations

If you use the outbound marketing method to introduce and attract more attention to your brand, products, and business, advertising will be the best tool you will have. The message transfer from advertisements is not only aimed at your customers, competitors are also considered as your audience in a way. So with the display and visibility of your product and service advertisements, the high power of your brand will also play a role in their minds.

What is the best definition of marketing
What is the best definition of marketing

Advertising is often the biggest expense of any marketing plan.

But compared to advertising, it has lower financial costs and greater effectiveness due to the lack of initial repulsion due to the recognizable nature of advertising. Public Relations. Public relations in a business communicate two-way with its audience and stakeholders through online media and news outlets. PR creates news or controversy and leaves the continuation of publishing and republishing it to the media and their countless users. So that in the end, it is the others who speak about the features of his brand and not himself.

digital marketing; The electronic world of marketing

It doesn’t matter what product you are marketing. It is important to know whose needs to answer.

Marketing products or services using digital channels and media to communicate more with consumers is called digital marketing.

In digital marketing, the main goal is to promote a brand through various digital media.

Note that all digital media, not just online media. For example, marketing through SMS, USSD, TV, electronic billboards, etc. are part of digital marketing, but none of them are online.

Online businesses, websites, Google, and SEO

In this type of marketing, we only use internet media (online media). The most important platforms for online marketing are websites and mobile applications.

For example, some of the components of Internet (online) marketing are the following:

Banner ads: In this type of marketing, we can increase our website traffic by using online ads.

Pay per click: a type of payment method for advertising on sites that can be paid for each click by the user after entering the destination page.

Email marketing: One of the most effective ways of communication that can be used during communication activities with customers is in the form of sending messages or news to them.

SEO: Search engine optimization is an efficient method and specialized knowledge that helps your website to be at the top of the Google results display list when searching for results related to your products and services.

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Application design and development: People’s daily use of mobile phones has also made this practical device a part of business activities to create, develop and advertise their products, which is done in the form of a branch of marketing called mobile marketing.

Social media marketing: Virtual communities such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as messengers such as Telegram and WhatsApp, have become platforms for communicating and interacting with audiences, which business marketing activities in the form of social media marketing methods. They are expanding more and more.

Social media is the best platform for businesses to raise awareness about their brand in the form of marketing activities.

Due to the boom in the use of the Internet by people, Internet marketing has taken on a growing trend.

In this regard, a well-known brand like Google has made huge investments in the issue of audience use of the Internet, which has turned itself into a global IT technology giant with dozens of different tools, including the famous Google search engine.

sales; A glorious end to marketing

Selling goods and services is the ultimate goal of a commercial business. Every company and group that has set foot in the market for the production or supply of goods and services is certainly seeking to maintain its survival in the first stage by earning and profiting from sales.

Therefore, all the strategies, processes, methods, and techniques that are carried out in positioning, branding, marketing, advertising, and public relations seek the definitive sale of a brand’s products and services as a specific goal in the creation of that business.

In very simple language, if we want to define marketing for economic operators, we can say:

The definition of marketing is the Convergence of all business activities in the direction of more sales!

The marketing funnel is what you need for a significant conversion!

Converting an interested audience into a real buyer is not an easy task. Rather, it is a multi-stage process that is done from attracting the attention of the audience to creating interest and trust in the buyer and even making him loyal after he becomes a customer, all of which take an operational form in a process called the marketing funnel.

There are different types and stages for Marketing Funnel, one of the most common of which is as follows:

  • informing
  • rand discovery
  • Assessment
  • Engaging the customer’s mind
  • sale
  • Loyalty

How to be a good marketer?

All that we have introduced so far as marketing methods and requirements for the sale of products and services requires planning and implementation by a marketing team through the research, analysis, and predictions of the target market trends and with the help of the marketing mix of the best approach. It is possible to choose the goals and manage the budget for marketing and advertising activities of a business by setting suitable marketing strategies as a model for their work.

At the head of a marketing team is the marketing manager. With the knowledge of management and proper guidance of his employees, the Marketing Manager coordinates among the team members and plays an important role in choosing the path and setting up marketing campaigns.

What helps the members of a marketing team, from marketers to supervisors and marketing managers, in the success of their actions, is knowledge, skills, experience, and retraining.


Everything you do for marketing is the result of an overriding goal of promoting your business brand.

Consider marketing as a tool to achieve a greater achievement called Brand Positioning. Positioning is a comprehensive effort at all business levels so that a company’s product brand can find its special place in the mind of the customer. Brand positioning requires differentiation in the target market, understanding the demands or, if necessary, creating demand for customers, and fully understanding the performance and brand strength of competitors in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing?

According to the definition of the American Marketing Association: “Marketing is a set of activities and processes to create, transmit, send and exchange anything that is valuable to customers, clients, business partners and society as a whole.”

What are the types of marketing?

1. Traditional Marketing
2. Outbound Marketing
3. Inbound Marketing
4. Digital Marketing
5. Search Engine Marketing
6. Content Marketing
7. Video Marketing
8. Voice Marketing
9. Email Marketing
10. Buzz Marketing
11. Stealth Marketing
12. Affiliate Marketing
13. Sensory Marketing
14. Emotional Marketing
15. Cause Marketing

Is marketing the same as advertising?

Sometimes marketing is mistakenly considered synonymous with advertising, if we consider marketing as one of the main gears of business, then advertising is only a part of this gear.

In this article, we talked about what is the best definition of marketing, but we are of the opinion that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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