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How to download videos from pinterest

Step 1 pinterest downloader: Enter the Pinterest website or app and select your favorite video and photo
Step 2 pinterest downloader: Click on the share option at the top of the page and copy the link.
Step 3 pinterest downloader: In this step, enter the Pinterest Downloader website and paste your link in the desired section
Congratulations, the movie or photo you want is ready to download and you can save it.
In the tutorial video below, you can learn how to download videos from Pinterest on mobile.

Free Online Pinterest Video Downloader

Downloading videos from Pinterest is something that may not be important to you at the beginning of using this social network, but over time and depending on your needs, it becomes more important than before. Pinterest is one of the best networks for sharing images, videos and gifs. If you surf a little on Pinterest, you will come across a lot of interesting and attractive multimedia files. From photography methods and works of art to interesting and attractive ideas, they are all on Pinterest. You may come across a video that interests you and you intend to download it; This is where it becomes important for you.

Pinterest is a popular social network that has attracted users from all over the world in a short time. On Pinterest, you can find a lot of new and interesting ideas in any field. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download videos from Pinterest directly. But you don't have to worry because with a few simple clicks you can easily download any video you like on Pinterest.

To download a clip from Pinterest, like downloading a video from LinkedIn, there are various tools such as browser add-ons, various sites and applications. It can be said that the best way to download videos from Pinterest is to use various sites that exist to download videos from Pinterest. The way of working with these sites is also very simple and almost the same.

This social network has been working since 2010, which was easily recognized and welcomed by many Internet users due to the use of its advanced search system. This social network grew very fast, so that in 2014 it grew more than all social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It is interesting to know that about 80% of the users of this site are women. According to Pinterest statistics, it has more than 250 million users, and about 50 million people are added to it every year.

Advantages of using Pinterest:

Using Pinterest has many advantages, including;

1. You can publish unlimited photos.

2. In Pinterest Explorer, there are all types of images in different sizes, while Instagram has limitations in placing images and their dimensions.

3. With Pinterest, you can easily use it either on a mobile phone or on a computer. But Instagram and many other social networks do not have this advantage.

4. On Pinterest, you can easily pin the link to your images and ask your followers to go to your website through the link and follow you.

Disadvantages of Pinterest:

1. One of the disadvantages of Pinterest is the restriction on video and its publication.

2. To publish a video, you must use a business account.

3. Paid and premium accounts are allowed to publish videos on Pinterest

4. To be able to publish your videos on Pinterest, you can like; All normal users cover your video and put it on your website and direct your audience to your website. Or publish the video link so that your audience can easily watch the video by clicking on the link.

Pinterest specific terms:

Pin: Pinning is an image or video (rarely) that is directly linked to another site. Pins last longer than other social network posts.

repin: If you share another user's pin on your board, it is called repinning. By doing this, you show your interest to other users. Re-pinning is like re-tweeting on Twitter.

comment: When you like another user's pin, you can interact by leaving a comment for the pin

that person posted. Like: By liking, you show your interest in the user's pin without sharing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download videos on Pinterest?
If you use Pinterest on your computer or laptop, to download the video, you only need to go through a few short steps that are taught in the article.

How to download Pinterest videos on iPhone?
You can download videos from Pinterest for free through the Rayabaan Pinterest Downloader website.

How to download videos from Pinterest for Android?
Regardless of the type of phone operating system, whether you have Android or iOS, you can use the same methods of downloading videos on Pinterest as described in the article.