How to get email address for business (19 ways)

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If you are working as a newbie in this field, you should know that having an email bank is essential. But the question that arises is how to collect this list or what parts can I use to collect this list. If you still don’t know the answer to this question, stay with us. There is no doubt that to launch your email marketing campaigns and even other digital marketing campaigns, you need a list of different emails or the same email bank. This article gives you 20 solutions.

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How to get email address for business

How to get email address for business

1. Website Menu: You can include a section called “Register” or “Sign Up” in your website menu.

2. Facebook Call to Action: After you create a Facebook business page for yourself, you can create a Call to Action for your audience.

3. Attractive images: Ask a graphic designer to help you design attractive images to encourage the audience to register on your website. Share this image on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

4. Exhibition: Attend an exhibition or event such as Elcamp (or any exhibition or event related to your business). Collect business cards (which include email, of course!). A tablet or mobile phone that is with you and you can get the e-mails of visitors to your booth.

5. Personal email signature: In your email signature, include text that links to the email registration form.

Email marketing campaigns
Email marketing campaigns

6. Event: You can collect emails from your audience at various events that you hold, from conferences and seminars to training courses.

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7. Incentivize employees: Incentivize your employees to collect emails (for example, with a bonus, salary increase, vacation, etc.).

8. Features: Give your users a good infographic, a complete guide (for example, for writing a business plan), free SEO analysis, Business icon sets for Illustrator, etc., and ask them for an email in return.

9. Encourage friends to invite: ask users to invite their friends to sign up for email and give them (for example) a discount bin in return.

10. Use Light Box: Arrange for a lightbox to appear when a user enters your website and asks the user for their email.

11. Share with friends: Always include a link to share with friends via email in all your emails.

12. Before you launch your website: When you haven’t launched your website, include a form that asks for their email address if someone lands on your website.

13. New Tab on Facebook: Create a new tab on your Facebook business page that includes an email signup form.

14. Special newsletter discount: Give a separate and special discount, just for signing up for the newsletter. We emphasize that you give this discount to your audience only for this one item.

15. Phone: If someone calls your company, don’t hang up until you get an email from them!

16. Telegram channel: In your Telegram channel, ask them to give you their email in exchange for something (business plan sample, Word Press template, free SEO analysis, etc.). Also, make the channel admin ID available to the audience.

17. Telegram group: If you have a group in Telegram, pin your rules in the group and make one of the rules declare an email address and LinkedIn page address (for tracking!).

18. End of articles: If you think it won’t bother your users, put an email receiving box at the end of each article.

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19. Comments: Anyone who wants to comment on your blog post must enter their email address!

Digital marketing
Digital Marketing



The above methods were some of the methods with which you can fill your email bank more than ever. If you have not used these methods to collect and build your database, it is better to start working now.

In this article, we talked about “How to get email address for business”, but we are of the opinion that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
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