what is brand awareness brainly

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Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to shopping ، We quickly follow a specific brand and check if it is available in the store. If we do not find the food we want from the brand we have in mind, we will not go to other brands because based on our many years of history, it has been proven that the consumer brand has a much higher quality. It is at this point that we must say that the customer is aware of the brand and that is why she does not easily exchange it with another brand. To better understand brand awareness and strategies to do so, join us in the rest of the article to get the necessary information.

Brand awareness

what is brand awareness brainly

One of the most important things you can do in the field of digital branding is brand awareness. Unless the customer knows your brand, tests its quality, and makes sure that your products meet the best standards, they will not trust you completely. In fact, in the field of digital branding, the discussion of brand recognition with brand awareness are two completely different issues. You need to come up with two strategies. On the one hand, do advertising for branding so that your company name is engraved in the minds of users and customers, and on the other hand, you should maneuver on brand awareness, because if the customer reaches this stage, sales of your services and products will definitely increase. In this case, if you have been working in this field for many years, you will be sure that you will get loyal and lasting customers.

what is a brand awareness strategy?

One thing to note is the importance of brand awareness in growing a business. If you do not pay attention to this issue, all your expenses for digital branding will be wasted. The most important benefits of brand awareness are:

  • This will make your branding stronger. There are definitely a lot of people competing with you in your field. You can offer your services to a large number of users and customers and make a lot of profit if you become a powerful brand. Do not forget that the customer can easily identify the quality between the winners and therefore does not trust so easily.
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  • The durability of different brands in the world depends on customer trust. If people leave you out, you will definitely not be able to compete with your competitors if you spend a lot of money on production. So brand awareness will give you a high reputation in the global market that encourages even other brands to work with you.


  • According to sales rules, a customer brings a customer, which means that if you can gain the trust of a customer, you can be sure that the same customer will automatically and unintentionally market to you and encourage many people to buy your products. Therefore, brand awareness is very important to increase the number of loyal customers.

What should be done to know the brand?

As you can see, brand awareness means engraving your brand name in the customer’s mind based on trust in the quality of your services. Therefore, you should be more powerful in the field of digital marketing and introduce your brand name to more people in different ways so that they are attracted to you and by trying out your services and goods, they can be informed about their quality. At this time, if the quality of your products is excellent, you will have a true belief in your services and make sure that the brand meets the standard requirements. So it will gain the ultimate brand awareness. Based on what has been said, there are several ways for you to create brand awareness among your customers:

  • Be sure to provide a purchase incentive plan for the customer. This means that if the customer can introduce another customer to herself, she will get a free purchase.
  • Be sure to be on social media and interact with users. On the other hand, answer their questions honestly. Even if you have a problem in your work, raise them honestly, then you will see the answer of users’ trust well.
  • Attend important events and support them. Even start online and offline advertising.
  • One of the effective ways in brand awareness is holding various competitions that cause a large number of users to enter your site and see your services and goods.
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