How to write great promotional text?

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Want to write great promotional text but do not know how to do it? All the advertising texts are in your mind but you can not put them on paper? You may want to write a promotional text but you do not know how to write it long or short. Read the following article to get answers to your questions.

What is promotional text?

Advertising is one of the most important things in any business. Whatever advertising model you have, you will need great promotional text. This text should be complete and comprehensive and should not bore the reader. Writing a promotional text depends on several factors. What your goal is for advertising is the existence of this ad text. The promotional text can be about the product, service, and other parameters and the topics in this text can determine whether it is short or long, formal or informal, and so on. Here are four key pointers in moving your ad text.

The first key: Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer!

If you can put yourself in her shoes, she will write what she wants to read. In this case, you will get good slogans, great promotional texts, the right promises, and many other skills. The slogan of an insurance company to sell life insurance: Retire for only one thousand tomans a day after ten years. Sometimes you have small advertising space and if you can not write a short advertising text in this small space, you lose the caravan and miss the opportunity.

The second key: Have a solid framework for digital marketing text.

Have you written an article yet? Do you know the rules of essay writing? If your answer is no, be sure to write a letter to your friends and acquaintances. What is the structure of the letter? First, in the letter, the name of God, the Merciful and the Compassionate, is written, followed by greetings, and after the greetings, you write the text of the letter. At the end of the letter is written the signature and the name and surname. The promotional text must also be in order. If you are unfamiliar with its structure and skeleton, we provide you with all the structural rules. In writing a promotional text, you should consider the introduction, then the main text, and then the conclusion.

Introduction A great promotional text should be a reason to write this text and show why it was written. The original text of a promotional text should convey to the reader the sense of what is the reason for reading this promotional text and what is the benefit of reading this promotional text. In the conclusion section, you can state what advantages your product and service have over similar products or services.

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Expressing the benefits of your product over similar products will benefit the customer. For example, we are the only home appliance company whose after-sales service is 24 hours a day. All you have to do is contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible to solve your problem. For example, experience high-speed internet without DC with us.

Our internet service is at your disposal for ten hours free of charge. Write simply and do not complicate the text by lengthening and adding explanations. Additional explanations bore the potential customer. This is why advertising texts are found in the trash.



Write the ad text like a friendly conversation, not like an official letter, because doing so will not only make your text shorter but also more enjoyable and intimate. If your text is long, it is better to have two lines to two lines so that the reader does not throw away the rest of the text without reading.

If you give your text to a potential customer without editing, with spelling, grammar, and grammar mistakes, you will not only question your brand but your unread advertising text will be thrown in the trash. The first line of great promotional text should always be written in bold font (bold title). Write the headline so that if the audience does not want to read the ad text, they should at least read the headline.

You might say that in a headline sentence you can not even put an advertising message! No problem because you can write the headline in two to four sentences. For example, write: Housewives, do not be afraid of poverty, retire with two thousand tomans a day for yourself and your child after ten years and receive a pension.

Third key: Encourage potential customers to buy.

How can you turn potential customers into actual customers? The best way is to answer the questions that arise for them. The biggest customer question is: What good is it for me to buy from you when your partner company also has this product or service?

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They have the right to ask this question because they are exposed to thousands upon thousands of ads every day and it is a logical question why should she choose you?

This is where you need to show off the benefits of your product or service and give them maneuvers to convince the customer that the purchase is in their best interest. Take a look at the differences between life insurance policies. They do not sell insurance dividends, but the insurance coverage they provide and their founding history is different. Large restaurants that serve the same food do not sell food, but the beautiful environment of the restaurant is an advantage for the customer.


The fourth key: Invite the customer to take action.

If you do not tell the ad audience what you want and what they should do, they will do nothing (invite customers to take action) and will only read your ad text and skip it. If you want to come to the exhibition, write this request in your promotional text along with the date, address, and phone number.

If you want to be contacted, write this request in your ad text and include the phone number. If you want a message to be sent to you on the phone, include the messenger number along with the call times in the ad text. Set a deadline for your readers to use your services or buy your product as soon as possible.

Do not feel guilty, because if your product or service is unique, there is no problem in enticing them. If the number of your products is limited or the services you provide can be provided in a short time, be sure to mention it in your promotional text.

 Result for What is promotional text

Writing a promotional text is not an easy task and requires time and study. If you decide to work professionally in this field, in addition to obtaining detailed information about the product and service, you need to study the complete knowledge of customers.

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Think about what your audience is looking for. What are their needs and how can your product help them? If you are confident in the performance of your product, try to convey this feeling to your audience with the help of sentences. You do not need to use words that need to be understood to turn the Persian Academy upside down, the words should be simple but at the same time have a high emotional load.

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