what is tone of voice in branding

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Certainly, for those who do not have specialized information in the field of branding, the term brand voice seems strange term. Branding plays a very important role in the success of your business. You need to be able to introduce your brand to people to be successful in marketing and get a lot of sales. Given this, we need to adopt different strategies in the field of branding to achieve the ideal result. That’s why we will talk to you about brand voice in this article.

Brand voice meaning

Humans are different in tone of voice. Some people have a thick voice and others have a thin voice. This difference in sound allows us to consider sound as a factor in distinguishing people from one another. We extend this example to branding.

By brand, we mean the unique personality of your brand, which helps the brand to communicate properly and healthily with the customer, and as a result, branding is done in the best possible way. As you know, every brand should have a logo, because this logo makes people quickly remember your activity when they see your brand name, and as a result, go to your business.

But if you look closely at TV commercials, you will find that not all financiers use their logo in all advertisements. They go for the brand voice as well, because the voice of the brand can make a very strong connection between a business and people and have a great impact.

Suppose you are in a group. You hear a lot of noise, but in the middle of the crowd, you hear a very beautiful sound that will catch your eye. The same thing applies to branding. If you can produce loud noise in a way that attracts the most customer attention from your competitors, you will succeed in branding.

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tones of voice

 The reason for the importance of creating a brand voice in branding

All our efforts in the field of branding, are to introduce your brand to people and gain their trust and satisfaction. So to achieve this goal, we have to go for the brand voice. If we can get the message and purpose of our business to the people through the voice of the brand, it will be more effective and we will see significant improvement in branding.

Do not forget that in producing the sound of the brand, you should not go for imitation because, as mentioned, the sound of the brand will reflect the personality and identity of your brand. So they need to create an independent, special and unique voice for their brand that can create a human face for your brand and thus establish a healthy interaction with the audience.

How to produce brand sound

Perhaps you are wondering how we can create the ideal brand sound for our business. For this purpose, you must consider several factors:

  • The first step is to list your brand goals and values and consider them as the main criterion in producing a brand voice because this voice is supposed to bring the value of your business to people. So in producing a brand voice, we must act in such a way that all the values of your brand are heard by the people.


  • The brand voice must be authentic. Because brand voice guarantees the special value of your brand and can provoke a positive or negative reaction from the audience, so let’s move on to a voice that has a good impact on audience trust and is real and credible.


  • Before moving on to branding, first look at the branding strategies you have implemented so far to see what content your audience is most likely to reach. Be aware of this, and produce your brand voice.
  • It is also very important that the brand voice has an impact on the target audience. For this reason, you must also identify your target community.
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tones of voice
Speaking and listening. One man holds a hand at his ear and the other says. Bubble information, hearing, and whisper, vector illustration

3 tons of voice in the negotiation

The language of negotiation is first and foremost a language full of understanding and dialogue: a way that quickly leads to a relationship and leads people to talk and think together. When people think of negotiation strategies and approaches, they are focusing on what they say or do; But the most and fastest influencing factor on the other side is how we behave and express ourselves Digital Marketing In the first stage, you should pay attention to the type and tone of writing.

Our brain not only processes and understands the actions and professions of others but also their feelings and goals, and the social meaning of their behaviors and feelings. Usually, on the subconscious level, we can read the minds of others by understanding their feelings rather than by thinking.


It can be considered a kind of unconscious neuropathy. We are all signaling to the world around us in the moment of our lives; That we are ready to play, fight, laugh or cry.

As soon as the feeling of warmth and acceptance is transferred to the other person, the conversation begins. When we enter a room with enthusiasm, we can attract the audience in the room. It is enough to smile at someone on the street, we will see her smile too. The tone of voice, understanding this reaction, and putting it into practice is crucial to achieving success in learning negotiation skills.

So the most powerful and important tool in the way of verbal communication is your voice. The power of your voice is to read the minds of those around you, change their emotions, replace trust with distrust, and calm with anger.

One of the greatest and most important negotiators in the history of “Oprah Winfrey”. Her program was the subject of research by a professor. What she does in a crowded studio in front of millions of spectators at home is talk face to face with someone she has never met. She talks to her guest in such a way that she is persuaded to tell the darkest and most mysterious secret she has ever told, in front of everyone, by saying things against her interests. Winfrey knows very well how to talk to a guest.

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what is the tone of voice in branding

1. Late-Night FM DJ sound

This voice is for expressing arguments and opinions. As you speak slowly, try to lower your voice a little. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

2. Positive and witty voice

A positive and humorous voice has many uses. View this sound as the default sound. Usually, the character behind this sound is a good-natured and easy-going person. This person has a simple and encouraging attitude. The secret to achieving this kind of voice is to be calm and smile when speaking. Even in a telephone conversation, your smile is recognizable and completely affects the type of your voice, and the other person understands it well.

When people are in the best and most positive frame of mind, they think faster, and instead of fighting and resisting others, they think more about cooperation to more easily deal with problems and issues that have arisen. This is equally true of someone who smiles and someone who smiles. The smile on your face and in your voice will increase the agility and agility of your mind.

3. Definite and clear voice

Set aside the gender of the decisive voice. This sound is used in very rare cases. The use of this sound is as follows; Once you’ve done your best to succeed, set goals for yourself at the same time. This sound makes the person feel that you want to dominate him; Therefore, he aggressively implements all your control strategies. So this sound is not very useful; Because more resistance and problems arise.

These sounds have the same and common effect on all cultures, which are not destroyed or neutralized by translation.

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