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Mobile marketing is one of the marketing methods for people. Americans spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes per day on their cell phones.

In today’s world, almost every business can introduce their services and products to everyone in the world by creating a reliable website.

The nature of digital marketing provides that the boundaries of your business are removed and you can share information with the rest of the world. At this time, mobile marketing is playing an important role in internet marketing.

 7 benefits of mobile marketing advertising

In a world where people mainly use mobile phones and on the other hand, spend hours of their time during the day accessing social networks and websites, why not use this great opportunity to promote your activities?

History mobile marketing
History mobile marketing


History of mobile marketing

If we want to publish the first date of mobile marketing, we have to point to the year 2003, when the first SMS message was sent. Interestingly, Pontiac and Nike were among the first companies to launch a mobile marketing campaign in 2005. . These companies realized the benefits of SMS marketing much earlier than other companies.

In 2007, the number of SMS users reached 7.2 billion. The first company to use QR codes for mobile marketing was the iPhone in 2010. In 2011, telemarketing reached 14 billion in financial turnover.

Android and iOS dominated the market in 2013 because these apps are really attractive and popular for people. In 2014, mobile users outnumbered PC users. In this situation, do you still think it is not the time to enter the world of mobile marketing?



Importance of mobile marketing in business

Visitors to a website should be careful, they should note that the majority of visitors have entered the site from their smartphones.

Today mobile phones are an inseparable device for human beings. Lots of daily work from watching short videos; Mobile phones are used for direct mail, money transfers, etc., so you should be careful with mobile phone sales.

Mobile market conditions are good

This question has certainly arisen in your mind, why mobile marketing is given more emphasis among the various internet marketing methods?

There are many methods to do this and all of them guarantee digital marketing in some way, but it is worth investing in the methods that have the best chance of success. The most benefits of mobile marketing advertising:

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1- Visiting mobile viewers

It is interesting to know that according to the statistics of 79% of smartphone users, definitely check their phones every morning.
All over the world, users spend 90 minutes a day on the phone, while in countries like the United States it is 220 minutes. Imagine that you have a large population that spends this time on the phone every day.
Do you know of any advertising other than mobile marketing that can reach your target audience right now?
This story has spread so much that even Google’s site has jumped into the mobile-friendly debate and is asking its users to make sure they are optimized for mobile users.

2- Privacy on your phone

Did you know that 91% of mobile phone users put their phones one step away from them? So personal. Maybe this issue is complicated. When you connect with your users through this mobile phone, you are actually in the circle of their friends and family.

There is nothing better and more effective than a mobile phone to create a personal connection, so you should not miss this great feature.

3- Speed ​​of response

We will make it clear: you advertise and you see a response from your users very quickly. To understand this, you can compare it to an email marketing discussion.

There you send emails and it may take a long time for the majority of the audience to read them and it may never happen, but with mobile marketing, this problem no longer exists. Most of your users will read them and respond quickly.

4- E-commerce in mobile marketing

Do you think it’s easy to pay with a mobile phone or laptop? It’s usually a mobile phone, so it has a lot of cash options. Consider these seemingly small factors that effectively increase or decrease conversion rates.

In the same way, the shopping process is easier, and the conversion rate is high, so the presence of the smartphone and the ease of purchase will have a positive effect.

The availability of mobile phones and the discussion of mobile markets are expanding day by day, and often, the same thing happens with the discussion of e-commerce.

5- Affordability of mobile marketing

Whatever we do, we don’t ignore the discussion of advertising costs. You know that the costs of advertising and advertising campaigns are usually huge, but you are smart and can turn this issue in your favor in terms of mobile marketing.

6- Customer participation

There is an important point and that is to optimize the pages for mobile to increase the participation of consumers.

If your users feel good visiting your site, they will trust you more and this issue of mobile optimization is very important.

7. Viral marketing in mobile marketing

Typically mobile phone content is distributed and shared between users, it can act like viral marketing.

  • As mentioned, almost everyone in each age group has a smartphone and uses social networks. On the other hand, each person spends a few hours of their time getting into the virtual world. You can introduce your goods and services to people by creating virtual networks and building a reliable website and increasing the chances of your product being seen.
  • You need to use digital marketing methods that are profitable and give you value for your money. Among them, mobile marketing ranks first. Any advertising you spend on mobile marketing will give you the best results in the short term.
  • Because with the help of mobile marketing, you can enter social networks, so you can communicate more with the customer and be aware of their opinions and complaints, and on the other hand, you can easily promote your services. and his works.
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mobile marketing
mobile marketing

For which customers is mobile marketing effective?

To answer this question, we need to consider what feature phones the user uses and plan accordingly.

If we consider digital marketing as a football team and digital marketing methods as football players, then we can say that mobile marketing is the young player and savior of this team, it is cheaper than other digital marketing methods. Yes, but it can come back. . For a business company.

How do people use cell phones?

comScore, Inc. According to its research, people use their cell phones as follows:

74% of them send short messages on mobile phones (SMS, Telegram, etc.).
50% download the application on their mobile phone (and use it after downloading!).
49% use their mobile browser.
36% use social networks (not counting Telegram).
33% play with mobile phones.
26% listen to music on their mobile phones.
Development mobile marketing
Development mobile marketing

 What should we do to develop mobile marketing benefits?

Now that you know the benefits of mobile marketing, you should be encouraged to use this method to promote your business to the world and increase your sales statistics in no time. Some strategies will help you to successfully promote your marketing with mobile marketing:

Step 1: Understand the audience or the buyer’s persona

The first step in any marketing strategy is to look at the audience profile and understand the users. Imagine the types of audiences until you realize your audience:

What interests him?

What jobs do they do?

What are their hobby and time?

What are their goals and challenges?


For example, if you can understand the behavior of your users, you will know that you have made great strides because you will be able to communicate with your most intelligent listeners with this information.

One of the best ways to test your users is to use the Google Analytics tool.


Step 2: Set your goals

The most important point of using digital marketing tools is to specify objectives and compete with digital marketing methods. For example, when you want to do mobile marketing, you should first consider your future work and then think about how easy you need to start mobile marketing. Is it necessary to change the site according to this step? For example, it is necessary to design the pages of your site in such a way that they can be fully opened and flawless on all types of phones. So, consider all
the cases and then go for mobile marketing.

Step 3: identify key performance indicators (KPIs)

In this step, we need to determine how realistic this KPI is and whether it was chosen correctly. Here are some examples.
Contacts and users interaction (Engagement):

Our goal in this list is to attract users and connect them more with our site or application. If we can establish a good relationship with them in principle, it is obvious that we will face increased sales and efficiency.

To acquire users (Acquisition) :
In this step, we will discuss how many new users we have attracted to our site and business.
Revenue per user (average user income):
Analyze our revenue per user. That is, divide the total revenue by the number of users.
The long-term cost of each user (Value Lifetime Customer):
How much revenue each does user earn in a period?
Installation cost:(Install Per Cost):
You pay for advertising campaigns to increase user engagement, the total cost is the number of users building your app.


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Step 4: Get to know your audience

In the second step, you need to identify your target audience. After all, your business is useful to a certain group of people. For example, let’s say you produce machine parts for a factory. In this case, you cannot show these services and goods to the public.

To be able to identify your target customers, go online and use user reviews. Now this will encourage you to use their ideas and suggestions to improve the quality of your services, and in turn, focus more on people looking for your products and sending them your services.

Step 5: Target Analysis and Tracking Mobile Marketing Metrics

At this stage, with tools such as analytics, we check whether we have achieved the primary goals, for example paying attention to the following examples:

Mobile Behavior Information (Mobile Behavior):
How our content engages our audience
How well it attracts our content to our audience

Why do our pages still need to be optimized for mobile?


  • Know mobile marketing techniques

When we talk about mobile marketing, most people thinking is that we mean logging into social networks.

But this is only one way of mobile marketing. For example, if you have access to customers’ phone numbers, encourage them to visit your site from time to time with very attractive text message ads. For example, if you add new services or special discounts on products to the site, notify users about these problems using SMS.

Going online and providing engaging educational content and launching an app for your business are other ways to make you successful in mobile marketing.


 Ways to advertise on mobile

SMS promotions: buy an Irancell SIM card and you will know what an SMS promotion is!

Send notifications to mobile phones: You pay for a popular application to send information to an audience (the details of this information are your product, service, website, etc.).

Mobile Banner Ads: Banners are displayed within the app to app visitors.

Mobile video ads: Viewers are asked to watch (for example) an 8-second video playing the next level of the game.

Advertising on social media: Advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Location-based mobile marketing: For example, you decide to advertise to people within 2 miles of your store.


Conclusion on mobile marketing benefits

Mobile marketing is like a huge treasure that the researchers have not yet reached the depth of these jewels. Jewelry like SMS advertising, sending notifications to mobile phones, mobile phone ads, ads on social networks, etc. are affordable compared to others. digital marketing methods. It is more economical and has higher efficiency.

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