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In this folding iPhone, which was made by a Chinese YouTuber, some custom parts are used, as well as the Motorola Razr folding phone hinge.

Recently, when the foldable phone market has boomed and many manufacturers have introduced their foldable devices, there have been many rumors about the foldable iPhone. Now, after more than 200 days of trial and error, an engineer has managed to make a foldable iPhone using custom parts and a hinge from Motorola Razr and put it on display.

Creative engineers usually like to modify Apple devices in different ways, such as iPhones with USB-C ports. The latest one was created by a Chinese YouTuber called Scientific and technological aesthetics who tried to show off the first foldable iPhone.

The goal of this YouTuber was to make a foldable iPhone and at the same time keep as many parts of the original device as possible. The video below shows the step-by-step process of making this device by a Chinese engineer, which, of course, is a very difficult process. He tested several types of hinges from phones such as the Galaxy Z Flip for this design, but ultimately the Motorola Razr hinge was chosen for the device’s display.

As demonstrated in the video above, the foldable iPhone was created through a combination of engineering genius, trial, and error in peeling back Apple’s iPhone screen and some 3D printed parts. Also, many decisions have been made to save the space of the device to ensure its performance.

For example, this device uses a small custom battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh, which is a quarter of most iPhones. One of the device’s speakers has been removed, and the wireless charging technology and all MagSafe components have also been removed.

However, the device’s touch functionality still works well and runs iOS smoothly. Of course, the engineers have installed a kind of custom operating system with a special user interface for folding devices through a jailbreak.

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Currently, this model is considered a prototype by its designer. This Chinese engineer plans to complete the design of the device in the future and has called this version 0.1.

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