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A marketing funnel is a marketing model that shows the path a customer takes to make a purchase.

In this article, we aim to introduce the concept of the marketing funnel. In the following section, we will introduce the first steps of this process so that you can understand the stages of the marketing funnel or the so-called sales funnel. Then, we briefly describe and introduce some of the types used today in various small and large businesses around the world.

What does a sales network mean in the marketing process?

Anyone starting a business knows full well that they will have a lot of competitors. Therefore, if he wants to be successful in his business world and get a large number of customers every day, he should have more information in the field of marketing, especially in this field, digital marketing plays a very effective and important role.
The sales funnel or marketing funnel is one of the terms that every business owner should know. All of us strive to turn website visitors and users into loyal and lasting customers. This is the only way to success. In short, you need to spend a lot of time creating high-quality products and services, gaining the trust of users and customers, and turning them into regular customers. Based on the explanation given, this article decided to talk about the sales funnel or the marketing funnel. Especially if you start digital marketing, you are familiar with how familiarity with such advertising and marketing methods can make your digital marketing successful.


What is a Marketing Funnel? What does the hole mean?

Basically, in business, the funnel always has a semantic load. The term funnel is used when the input capacity and volume of a channel or system are higher than the output capacity and volume. The funnel is a way that does not leave everyone who enters it. (Getting out of the funnel here means being a real customer) This process is very important. Companies that pay attention to this issue and try to reach more people with their brand through more ad serving will usually have a larger share of sales in the ecosystem.
So that we can better explain the meaning of the marketing funnel, we will give an example in this sense in a completely generalized form.

social media marketing sales funnel

Results of conversations between marketing channels and speakers in closed rooms

Imagine 100 people walking around in a large closed room. In this example, we consider these people to be a statistic. What if other people enter the room and use the speaker to speak? Imagine if 50 people walk into this room and start talking to the speaker. In the first stage, the walker focuses on the people talking to the speaker.
But gradually, as their number increases, the speaker’s voice becomes complex and unintelligible and unintelligible, and the effectiveness decreases significantly. This is why people go back to their normal routines. Like someone living on the side of a highway, you can’t hear car traffic over time.
Therefore, the number of people who will be affected by these ads will be less. Nevertheless, Some of these people will leave the process and may not show the expected response to the advertising process. In practice, The number of people who reach the purchase stage or become loyal customers after a purchase is less than the number of people influenced by the initial advertisement. Therefore, A marketing strategy must be implemented to gain sales share in a competitive market.

What are the stages of the marketing funnel?

In this section, we will give a general and basic introduction to each stage of the marketing funnel, these stages are:


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Converting from prospects to actual customers


Customer loyalty


Protection of the brand by the customer



These are the steps a typical person in the demographic (consumer) goes through to become a loyal customer and advocate for our brand.


The marketing funnel is one of the most important concepts in marketing



Most of us have seen people praise and defend the brand they have purchased a product or service in a private or public gathering. These people are loyal customers and patrons of the brand.
We will now explain each part of the marketing funnel.

Learn more about the stages of the marketing funnel

Awareness marketing
Awareness marketing


In this segment, business owners use any form of advertising (media, virtual images, etc.) to create awareness among their target audiences. At this stage, they declare that “we are” is a very important element. Making the public aware of your existence is certainly an important part of the process, but it’s the beginning. It is the same as “first clay”. It must be done very carefully and carefully.
Brand awareness is one stage of the marketing funnel.



In this section, companies present their competitive advantages over others. They try to show all their facilities, services, and products and in practice compare themselves to other competitors in the ecosystem and explain why they are better than others.

Converting from prospects to actual customers (Conversion)

If they try to answer the question they created in the customer’s mind in this section, they turned the prospect into a real customer. The question is: Why should I buy from this brand?
When this question is answered correctly, people will become your customers and buy from you. It is enough to convince their minds.

Customer loyalty (Loyalty)

This step depends entirely on the quality of your services or products, as well as factors such as social relations and customer orientation. To show your customer that “buying is the beginning of the relationship” where there is good support service, customer stories, customer voice, etc., after-sales service, replacement or repair, etc. provided, surely the customer will be loyal.

Protection of the brand by the customer (Advocacy)

It should be explained here that advocacy means that these customers protect your product from people who recommend or talk about your competitors. Explain the benefits of your services or products and the after-sales service they receive, and convince people of their strong opinion that your product is better than others. This is the guarantee of the future of your product.
The final stage of the marketing funnel is critical to securing the future of your business


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Table of marketing stages

category Stages of the marketing funnel
1 Awareness
2 Consideration
3 Conversion
4 Loyalty
5 Advocacy


Different types of funnels in the marketing


In this section, we present some other models in the marketing funnel field. It should be noted that other stages of the marketing flow are considered in various scientific societies. Each of these methods has been reviewed and planned for different conditions and markets based on different approaches to the customer journey.


The 3-stage marketing funnel model

In this model, the stages of the marketing funnel are awareness, consideration, and decision.

The 4-Step Model or AIDA Marketing Funnel


sales tunel
sales funnel


In this model, the stages of the marketing funnel are Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action (read more at

The 5-Step Marketing Funnel Model

In this model, the stages of the marketing funnel are: awareness, interest, evaluation, engaging the customer’s mind, and making a commitment or purchase (awareness, interest, evaluation, engagement, commitment/purchase).
Another 5-level model in this area is awareness, interest, decision, action, and satisfaction (Awareness, interest, decision, action, satisfaction). This model is also called ADIDAS.


The 6-Stage Marketing Funnel Model

In this model, the stages of marketing are: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intention, Evaluation, Purchase
6-step marketing funnel model
The 6-step marketing funnel model


Another six-step marketing funnel model.

There are 6 steps in this section:

Awareness, Discovery, Value, Engagement, Sales, and Loyalty (awareness, discovery, value, engagement, sales, loyalty)

Important factors affecting sales funnel results

One of the results of the marketing strategy and marketing program is to increase the speed of awareness at the conversion level. This makes the process of brand loyalty and brand protection quick and easy.


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How does the sales file or product work?

In the sales or marketing process, our audience is divided into three categories:
  • Lead customers
As mentioned, the opening of the funnel is very wide. That’s why this section is dedicated to people’s clues. Anyone who wants to learn more about our company and services is considered a lead. We need to target our advertising to this group of people so that we can define our target group from this group of people.
  • Potential customers or prospects
Imagine the furniture in your mind sticking out from the exit door. Therefore, the main customers and people who know about the need to have my business are considered at a certain level to separate the potential customers among them. Prospects are potential customers and visitors to our business and services.
  • Real customer or customer
And in the end, potential customers are still screened, leaving real and loyal customers. This category of people is the ones who exactly welcome our goods and services and are sure to make the purchase. So, as you have noticed, in the sales process we have to go through three stages related to the selection of customers to finally reach our target audience who will buy from us.
Of course, if we can convert all the lead customers into real customers, we will get more profit, that is, instead of having a sales funnel, we design a sales cylinder and convert all the people in the lead group into real customers. , but in reality probably not like anyone.
We cannot expect all people who have a little interest in learning about our business, services, and products to buy our products because the public we are looking for is not counted among the main customers of all people. Some major customers just want to know our business and can grow their business this way.
For example, if you work in the field of home gardening, many parks can find you as a customer to get your success secret and use it in their business and their operations. Based on the above, a good description and a good sales model are the way to sell.
In this article, We have tried to provide concise and useful information on identifying and introducing marketing channels (social media marketing sales funnel). Share your experiences in implementing the sales process in sales or marketing for the price segment and other Raya brand audiences.

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