What is the difference between introverted and extroverted marketing?

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What is the difference between introverted marketing and extroverted marketing ?The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail Marketing discussion, especially in the field of digital marketing, is a very simple process and therefore they do not invest much in it.

What makes you successful, in addition to providing excellent, standard and quality goods and services, is the marketing and sales debate. Even if you offer the best products and services but do not have strong marketing, you will definitely lag behind competitors whose products are of lower quality than you.

Given what has been said, we need to know the types of marketing methods. This is even more important in internet marketing. Do you know the meaning of introverted marketing and extroverted marketing and what is the difference between the two ? Be sure to read this article, especially if you are new to site marketing and want to start digital marketing.

difference introverted and extroverted
difference introverted and extroverted

digital marketing for extroverted

In order to be able to examine the differences between extroverted marketing and introverted marketing, we need to know the definition of the two and know exactly where each of these marketing methods works. Extroverted marketing is a type of advertising that pays attention to a very broad perspective and in fact seeks to be able to attract a large number of people to the relevant business. For example, the most important methods in introverted marketing are:

  • Print marketing

The most common and of course the oldest method of introverted marketing is this printing method. Ever since the press started its activities, if you read the contents of old magazines and newspapers, you will see traces of advertisements inside them. Advertising in newspapers and magazines Advertising by sending letters to customers’ mailboxes is one of the oldest methods of extroverted marketing.

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  • Radio and television marketing

After print marketing, advertising began on radio and television, and every day we see a large amount of this advertising on television systems, because then the chances of these ads being seen by a large number of people increases.

  • Advertising through advertising billboards

Such billboards exist in all cities, and if we want to study their history, we have to go back to the late 19th century in North America, where such advertisements were first introduced to the whole world. All drivers and those on the street will see such advertisements.

digital marketing for introverts

But in the introverted marketing method, business owners and marketers focus on their customers in more detail. In fact, in this marketing method, your goal is to be able to identify your specific customer community, engage them with your business, and ultimately turn them into real customers. The most important methods that help you in introverted marketing are:

  • Site optimization

Definitely the first step in introverted marketing is that you pay more attention to the SEO discussion. Generating educational content, updating them, providing complete and accurate content about each of the products and generally performing all services related to site optimization will increase the ranking of your site and a large number of users will visit your site every day. .

  • Presence in social networks

One of the most effective methods in the field of introverted marketing is the discussion of presence in social networks. A little research is enough to make sure that among the people of Iran, what percentage of them spend hours every day on social networks.

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You need to make the most of this opportunity for extroverted and introverted marketing. If you can use this effective and short way to interact with users and attract them to your site, users will be more likely to become customers. Managing social networks by producing relevant and valuable content, communicating with users, treating them with respect, and on the other hand honesty in action and speech are among the factors of your success in introverted marketing.


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