SpaceX Unveils Starshield: Encrypted Satellite Internet

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SpaceX has unveiled its new encrypted satellite internet service, called Starshield, aimed at governments.

SpaceX unveiled its new encrypted satellite internet service called “Starshield” for use by governments; Of course, not all governments.

This new service has more features suited to its government applications in the field of security and can cover the needs of governments. Over the past years, SpaceX has been providing Starlink satellite internet to regular users. But now the new service provides another use of satellite internet.

It seems that governments need satellite Internet with different features than ordinary users, and SpaceX responds to this need by introducing the new Starshield service.

Starshield Encrypted Satellite Internet
Star shield Encrypted Satellite Internet

SpaceX says StarShield is encrypted and used for highly secure communications. Starlink Satellite Internet Service currently encrypts end-user data. The new version of this service, Starshield, has a higher level of security and provides encryption with higher reliability. In this service, data is encrypted and classified at a higher level of security. Starshields can even support satellites known as spy satellites.

SpaceX says the company’s new satellite Internet service for governments can even be custom designed and configured for some government customers.

The Falcon 9 launch platform is a boon for Starshield. SpaceX has close cooperation with the US Department of Defense and by introducing this new service, it shows more attention to the issue of national security. The company says it can design Starshield systems to meet every feature its customers need.

Due to SpaceX’s cooperation with the US Department of Defense, the US government is expected to use the Starshield service. Of course, this service can be provided to other countries as well. Although, on the other hand, part of the advanced technology used in Starshield falls under the heading of “International Trade in Arms Regulations” (ITAR); The policy that transfers technology and presents it to other countries faces challenges for SpaceX. In simpler words, countries that have a good relationship with America will be able to use this technology. In the same way, it can be said that countries like Russia or China cannot be customers of this service.

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