Best Content marketing guide: a step-by-step guide to developing a content strategy

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If you are a business owner and have taken action in the field of digital marketing, you must have heard the name content production or, more precisely, content marketing.

But what exactly is a Content marketing guide? How should we formulate a suitable content strategy? Stay with us:

What is a Content marketing guide?

Content marketing guide: If you use the content for your marketing (including articles, videos, podcasts, etc.), it is better to know that before producing any content, you must prepare a suitable strategy for it.

To prepare the right strategy, you need to ask yourself some questions. Questions like this:

  • Who is your audience?

Who is your target audience? Who will see the content produced by you? Just as you don’t have only one customer when selling a product, you won’t have only one audience when creating content.

Producing different types of content such as useful content, educational videos, PDF files, etc. can attract different audiences.

Therefore, publishing various content in various spaces, attract more and more diverse audiences and therefore expand your business.

What kind of content do you need
What kind of content do you need
  • Which needs of your audience will you solve?

The product you have produced is prepared to meet the needs or solve the problems of people. Therefore, the content you produce should guide the audience in finding their problem and need.

By viewing your content, the audience finds out their needs, and finally, through your content strategy, they go towards buying the product and satisfying their needs.

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Here you are targeting two groups of contacts. Contacts who are looking for a solution to their problem and contacts who have already solved their problem with your product and are now looking to buy from you again.

  • What makes you unique?

Surely, the product that you are selling is also offered by your competitors. The audience is aware of this issue and thinks to themselves why should they buy your product and not your competitor’s product?

This is where you need to present yourself as a unique or at least different company. This is where you need to show why you are worth listening to and ultimately buying by creating the right content.

  • What kind of content do you need?

What kind of content you need depends on the space in which you intend to produce and publish your content.

Should your content be published as a video or reading material? Does it depend on whether you introduce your product on YouTube or Twitter?

  • What are the methods of publishing your production content?

As soon as you choose what type of content to produce, consider the space for publishing it. This space can be personalized like your website and blog or use social media like Facebook and Instagram.

  • How will you manage content production and distribution?

The important questions that arise in this regard are who and where produces the content you want and when this content is supposed to be published.

Why do we need a content strategy?

As you may have noticed by now, content production cannot be started from the production stage. But before that, you should prepare a content strategy.

This strategy will help you save money on your advertising campaign, guide your audience to the goal you want, and finally, you can even get links to reputable sites.

The question that is stuck in your mind now is how to prepare a proper content strategy. Let’s develop the best content strategy step by step.

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content marketing
content marketing

A step-by-step guide to developing the best content strategy

  • Goal setting

First, try to find an answer to these questions, “what is your goal of content production and why do you need to prepare a content production strategy“.

The answers to these questions will show you the purpose of this work, and therefore you will take the next steps based on your goal.

  • Research on behavioral personality

At this stage, you should try to collect information about the audience’s interests, the time they have, their needs, their ethical characteristics, and their purchases.

This issue will help you a lot in producing content that is suitable for your audience. Especially if you are a new company or startup with a limited budget.

You may be a marketer who has been operating in person until today and now you have decided to enter the digital market.

Here you need to determine if your target audience is the same as your in-person audience or do you want to expand them and add new audiences.

  • Detailed content audit

Most people publish their first content on their blog when they start creating content. But if you plan to produce other content, consider which category you will go to.

For example, if you have been publishing content and tips on your blog weekly for a year, now collect them as a book and put them as a downloadable file on your blog.

If you have been creating content on your site for a long time, you can study them carefully and see how you would have gotten better results if you had done something.

The answer to this question can be your goal for your next production content. To coordinate this goal with other team goals of your company.

  • Choosing a content management system
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Using tools to progress in the digital marketing process will help you a lot so that you don’t get confused and lose your way during this process.

Therefore, consider a suitable tool for managing product content, published content, feedback, and results so that you can produce better content for your other products by analyzing them.

  • Ideas from brainstorming

Now is the time to get ideas for creating content. These ideas can be obtained in different ways.

One of the oldest methods is to use ideas obtained through brainstorming. In this way, write down every idea that comes to your mind and choose the best ideas from among them.

Other valid methods in this field are the use of websites that are active in this regard and can provide you with ideas in the field of content production.

  • Select the type of content

As we mentioned earlier, you can consider different types of content creation. For example, you can use content, videos, photos, etc.

  • Publication and management of production content

When you start publishing production content, you should also consider the issue of time. That is, try to make an album of your production content.

You can achieve this by using a time calendar. In a certain period, publish your production content on your website and virtual pages.

The fact that many believe that during special times like the Nowruz holidays, advertising becomes very important is not so important.

It means that you can enjoy less important and smaller holidays as much as you enjoy the Nowruz holidays.

And finally, we will introduce you to the types of producing content that you can use according to the platform you want:

  • Blog and site posts
  • Books from previously produced content
  • case study
  • Patterns
  • Infographics
  • video
  • podcast
  • social media

In this article, we tried to explain all aspects of a “Content marketing guide“. If you have discovered something new, share it with us.

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