A spokesperson for Meta denied rumors about Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to resign

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A spokesperson for Meta has denied a report that claimed Mark Zuckerberg wants to step down as CEO of the tech giant next year.

Yesterday it was rumored that Mark Zuckerberg wants to step down as CEO of Meta next year. Of course, according to the relevant report, this decision was not supposed to have an impact on the efforts of this company in the field of Metaverse. But now Meta’s spokesperson has denied this rumor.

Andy Stone“, the spokesperson of Meta company, denied this claim in a tweet in response to the report of the website TheLeak about Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to leave the company. He has not published any further explanation in this regard.

Yesterday, theleak website, citing internal sources at Meta, claimed that the company’s 38-year-old billionaire is set to step down as CEO. This report did not seem so far-fetched in the situation that Meta has faced a significant drop in its stock value and the same event has also reduced the value of Zuckerberg’s personal wealth.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s critics were probably disappointed

Many analysts and investors blame Mark Zuckerberg for the downfall of Meta and complain about his excessive focus on the Metaverse. The stock value of this social network giant has decreased by 70% this year.

A few weeks ago, Brad Gerstner of the Altimeter Capital investment company, which owns hundreds of millions of dollars in Meta shares, told Mark Zuckerberg in an open letter that investors are losing faith in the company and that he should stop focusing too much on the Metaverse. give up.

According to Meta’s financial reports, the Reality Labs unit, which operates in the field of Metaverse and virtual reality headsets of the company, has generated losses of more than 30 billion dollars since 2019. Some of Meta’s top executives expect the losses to widen as Zuckerberg doesn’t appear to have any intention of slowing down investment in the unit.

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The company is now engaged in extensive layoffs and wants to lay off thousands of employees.

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