5 Content Marketing Strategies You Should Focus On

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We are now entering a new phase in content marketing. Marketers are no longer just focusing on pure content and have tried their luck in putting different pieces of content together.

In particular, marketers focus on the following:

  • Content Marketing Team Capabilities (42% of companies have a specific Content Marketing Manager).
    Create content strategies (Explore the content marketing pyramid to see the movement of consumers, contacts, and customers in the marketing funnel).
    Create content marketing operations (such as production, distribution, and analysis).
    Content Marketing Technology Survey (75% of foxes increase content technology investors).


Demographic research

1030 marketers participated in this study. They are organized according to the following:



CEOs and senior marketing executives make up about 8.7% of the participants.

Supervisors, marketing managers, and experts in the field also made up 45.9% of the participants.

Marketing consultants and marketing agencies make up 16.7% of the participants.

Marketing technology managers, as well as management professionals, make up 9.1 percent of the respondents.


Income of participants:

54.4% of companies earned less than $10 million.

26.4% of companies have between $10 and $100 million.

12.6% of companies earned between $100 million and $1 billion.

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6.5 percent of companies earned more than $1 billion.


Content marketing ends happily and marks the beginning for many organizations:

There are now more strategic implications for content marketing efforts. Teams with specific skills work to bridge skill gaps. The best resources are now available to everyone. There is now a great deal of power in measuring the effects of content marketing, and its deeper implications are understood.


Content marketing has a positive impact on the entire marketing process and its sales channels.

Content is constantly used to inform businesses and organizations, and even the best marketers are trapped in the power of content, through which they can find solutions with deeper impacts as well as better impact opportunities. Sales innovation and revenue growth.

Marketing has grown exponentially over the past three to five years, companies are just getting started and need to make better efforts and publicity to seize opportunities. An example of the early stages of content marketing is the structure of content marketing teams, which currently consist of an average of three people.


Content marketing is still in its infancy

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI), a content marketing study called MarketingProfs conducted in 2016, identified 32% of companies as experts or alumni in the field. This is similar to the 29% of companies that identified themselves in the Curata study as leading content marketing companies (for example, Fox). While it is difficult to say that a third of companies are recognized as leaders in this field, all companies have amassed great opportunities by improving their content marketing tactics. It can cover a wide range of areas, including people, processes, and technology.

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Continuous investment for growth

75% of content monetization companies increased their content and increased 43% of their workforce level.

42% of companies have CEOs dedicated to content marketing strategy tasks, and this number reached 51% by the end of 2017. A range of skills is also being developed including writing (journalists), design professionals, and other disciplines.

This increase in the workforce is exciting and can assure us that we are entering the evolution of content production. Content marketing strategy teams no longer focus solely on creating the pieces of content their company produces that attract thousands of people or are highly engaged.

Our focus is on the following topics:

Create a content marketing strategy that delivers more quality and authentic content.

  • Pay more attention to customer needs during the shopping cycle.
    Increase thematic relevance by developing content that focuses on a specific segment, company size, or even specific accounts (such as supporting account-based marketing).
    Gather additional sales staff to increase the audience using the necessary sales capabilities
    Find out what to do, or what the demographic consequences could be.Strategy content marketing

Six essential content marketing challenges

1- Limited budget (which also includes the use of manpower).

2. Do not produce relevant content on a fixed schedule.

3. Find the best source to create the best content

4- Measuring the effects of content

5- Organizational culture

6- Advertise the content

Companies are constantly trying to use experts in their organization to produce complete content and also try to present the existing content in different formats and different channels.

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Other ideas for the following challenges include:

  • Limited budgets, low content production as well as discovering rare sources of inspiration that solve the organizational problem are not easy and the processes of change in the techniques used in producing content are slow.


  • Measuring the impact of content should always be a top priority for businesses. The ability to measure the impact of content marketing allows marketers to understand what needs to be created, what needs to be presented less, and what should not be done at all.


  • Content promotion ranks as the easiest challenge in content marketing. Content promotion helps marketers build what they already have. Don’t forget to market your market and leave it to the social media marketing team alone! Tips for this type of challenge are provided in e-books based on technology, processes, and frameworks with people you can interact with.
For more information, read what is content strategy in marketing and share your feedback with us.

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