What is Marketing Mix 4Ps?

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A combination of marketing elements is used as a marketing mix translation into a marketing mix or 4p marketing. System elements and a coordinating attitude should be established between these components. to be able to influence customers Designing and developing a mixed market called 4P, 7P, and 8P is one of the main functions of the marketing manager.

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What is Marketing Mix (what is 4P)?

The marketing mix is ​​one of the most effective ways to present a product.

A marketing mix is ​​a set of marketing tools that an organization uses to achieve its sales goals in a target market. McCarthy presents a four-factor classification of these tools, called the 4Ps of marketing, and includes goods or products, price, supply point, and promotional activities. In the following, we will be familiar with topics such as what are the 4p elements.

History of the marketing mix

There have been many studies, theories, and theories related to marketing, one of which is the 12 theories of Neil Broadens. Neil Bourne, a professor at Harvard University, was the first to coin the term marketing in the 1950s, which includes product planning, research, branding, advertising, packaging, services, human resources, and research.
This concept was not well received and not long after, a man named Alderson introduced the foundations and principles of modern marketing. After this person, a person named McCarthy was able to present the 4P model using the titles suggested by Alderson and Bourne.

McCarthy’s Marketing Mix

Using Bourne’s knowledge of the marketing mix, McCarthy tried to narrow these elements down to the 4Ps. The marketing mix ensures that the right product is placed in the right place.


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What are the 4Ps of Marketing?

The 4Ps are an important tool to help you understand what product or service you can offer and what product is planned. The marketing mix is ​​implemented through the 4Ps.


4 principles in the marketing mix 4p

Companies use the 4p’s of marketing to identify some of the key drivers of their business; For example, they consider factors such as: what consumers want from them, how they see their product or service in the world, and how they can outperform their competitors, and how they interact with customers.
The 4Ps of marketing are the key elements that are known to be very important and effective in selling a product or service. These 4 P’s are product, price, place, and promotion of the product or service.
what is 4ps
what is 4ps

Elements of Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is ​​a set of controlled marketing tools that a company uses to respond to its target market. In other words, the marketing mix includes all the activities that a company can take to influence the demand for its product. In a classic classification, these activities can be divided into four general categories:
Product: The product or service that the company offers in the market should take into account the following factors:
  • Product Type
  • Creation
  • Quality
  • brand name
  • Dimensions and packaging
  • Pre-sales, service during and after sales, returns, and warranty
  • Price: The amount requested by the company from the customer for the product. Regarding the price, the following should be
  • considered: Lis at
  • Discount sale
  • Time to pay
  • Payment methods and customer credit
Place of supply or delivery (Place): includes all the people and organizations involved in the process of providing goods or services from your company’s location to the end user:
  • distribution channel
  • How do transport goods and packaging transport?
  • Place of delivery
  • A variety of species
  • Point of Sale or POS
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Promotion: All measures used by the organization to increase the volume of purchases of one or all target groups (including sales intermediaries and final consumers), should take into account:

  • Advertising
  • Purchase preview
  • Personal selling
  • Direct marketing
  • public relation
Despite the nature of this service, other strategic elements must be added to the above four elements, the eight elements of integrated service management are:
  • People
  • Packaging
  • Power
  • Planning
  • Persuasion
  • Presentation
  • Public Relations
  • Participation
  • Probe
  • Physical Evidence
  • Payment
  • Process
  • Passion
  • Policy
  • Public Opinion

How to use 4P Marketing?

It is very important to use a 4p marketing mix to grow your business. You can use the questions below to start this method. Answer questions carefully and try to be honest with yourself, otherwise, your brand progress will slow down;

What do customers want from your product or service?

How does your product meet the needs of your customers?

Are potential customers looking for your product or service?

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

What is the perceived value of your product or service?

How do you deal with potential customers?

Of course, other things could make this list more complete, but hopefully, the few questions above can give you a good starting point in understanding the four ends.


Marketing mix 7p

Some have criticized the 4p and since most of the 4p concept is about production, they have added another 3p to the 4p which includes:
  • People
  • Process
  • Physical Evidence

7 important marketing elements in the marketing mix

In the case of 7p, you can give an example that in some services, such as a customer club, which is a service product, people do not feel anything personal about it. But if this service is displayed in a physical form, for example by printing a membership card for members, it can be much more efficient and understandable.

8p marketing mix and more

So far, the marketing mix can include many important aspects depending on the terms of each service. As 4 and 7p marketing continues, we have added another factor called productivity.

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If you are dealing with marketing activities, you can add your topics which are important factors.

While marketing has changed a lot since the development of the 4p or the marketing mix, the core elements of the industry have not changed. You can use marketing concepts to create effective marketing strategies that will help you profitably sell and promote your products.

Final word

In this article, we tried to explain the marketing mix(What is Marketing Mix) to you, dear users. Considering the things we have mentioned, you should know that in the marketing mix, factors that you think are not very important, definitely affect your sales, and very small things such as discounts or product sales channels also affect your profit and loss. will put
Tell us which factors you insist on and what are the important points in the market mix that we didn’t mention.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the main functions of the 4p?
All products contain advertising messages that try to convince consumers why their product is better. For this reason, the most important elements of today’s 4p are product, price, place, and promotion.
  • Why is the marketing mix important?
The marketing mix helps to communicate the importance of that product or service to the customers and helps in planning a successful introduction of the product. It helps to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy. This helps companies utilize their strengths and avoid cost overruns.
In this article, we talked about “What is Marketing Mix 4Ps” and tried to explain all the marketing mix items. If you have any points that can make this article more complete. Share with us.

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