Advantages of international marketing for business

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international marketing is a very complex and broad topic. We cannot claim that digital marketing is only suitable for some businesses and therefore there is a limit to it. Not only that, but you can start digital marketing by setting up a website in any field you work in.

For example, if you are an exporter of goods, digital marketing is very effective and efficient for exporters and will make their businesses flourish. In this article, we will explain the Advantages of international marketing for business. be sure to read this article carefully.

International marketing means the business activity of sending goods and services of one country to customers in other countries, in order to make a profit. In fact, it is a kind of science of profiting from marketing knowledge. The stages of production and sale of goods and services in more than one country are also part of international marketing. Here, marketing should be designed to the demands of international customers and planned based on the needs of people in different countries.

The importance of international marketing

Today, countries are more connected than ever. A country’s standard of living, economic resources, and technology are all somehow dependent on the economies of other countries, which are connected through goods, services, and capital. Through international communication, countries raise their production level so that they get more profit.

In this way, through imports, they obtain goods that they cannot produce by themselves, and they export more manufactured goods than they consume to other countries. This work is important because a country may have various factors of production and can produce all kinds of goods, but it will definitely not be possible to produce them at the same price. The important reason for international exchanges is the difference in the prices of goods and services between countries.

International marketing objectives

  •  It promotes free and fair trade globally and brings all countries together for trade.
  • With the aim of economic globalization through the interweaving of the economies of different countries
  •  Creating world peace through commercial relations between different nations
  • With the aim of increasing social and cultural communication among different nations
  • By inviting developing countries to the international market, they are helped in economic and industrial growth; As a result, the gap between developed and developing countries disappears
  • There is confidence in the sustainable management of resources at the global level.
  • With the aim of increasing the export and import of goods globally and the distribution of profits among all member countries of this market

There are limits to doing business across countries, but when marketing internationally, you have to constantly pay attention to the details and complexities. In this case, the market expands, and naturally, the demand increases, the preferences change, and the company must follow the laws and regulations of two or more countries.

Types of international marketing

  • Export marketing:

All the activities that a company does to export its products to a foreign country are of this type.
These activities include the physical shipping of products from one country to another.
An important issue in export marketing is choosing the right markets or countries through marketing research.
Another issue is deciding whether the goods should be designed and produced in such a way that they are suitable for foreign markets, and it is also important to choose suitable communication channels for export.

  • Multinational Marketing:

With the development of multinational companies, multinational markets were created. One of the characteristics of multinational companies is that they have a lot of wealth in foreign countries, and this has made them act in such countries or markets as if they are one in the domestic market. A multinational company must have several marketing policies, each designed for a specific market.

  • Multi-regional marketing:
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In order to avoid the costs of designing a specific marketing plan for a country, companies have come up with measures to cover larger areas. This project was created as a result of various economic alliances. Like the European Union.

  • Global Marketing:

Global marketing is the last step in the evolution of international marketing. In this type of marketing, a company is responsible for coordinating and controlling marketing activities as a global effort.
The management of these activities should be in such a way that it can design marketing plans in such a way that it appears well in different markets.

The global marketing philosophy originates from two factors, one is that the environment, markets, and customer demands are very similar and the other is more important than the large investments that international companies make in the field of technology and distribution, they must cover their market. expand to the extent that the profit received is the answer to their investments.

Advantages of international marketing
Advantages of international marketing

Advantages of international marketing

In the following, we mention some of the advantages of international internet marketing for export businesses. Of course, not all of these things can be achieved or implemented for every type of business. You should determine your strategies for online international marketing according to your product, business conditions, and target market conditions. In addition, each stage of research and marketing has specific strategies, and there is no one-size-fits-all technique. But if you are designing an international internet marketing strategy, be sure to consider these good tools and ideas. Next, we examine the most important advantages of international Internet marketing.

1. Understanding the popularity of products and services

If you want to measure the popularity of your product in the desired destination and find the number of times its name has been searched, get help from digital marketing. If people have shown interest in search engines for products and services similar to yours, digital marketing will help you measure their popularity and find out what other similar products and services are in high demand in your country.

2. Finding competitors with international internet marketing

International Internet Marketing helps you find competitors who are using Google Ads to advertise their products (in the country you plan to export to).
Usually, companies that use Google Ads are very competitive and energetic in their business. Digital marketing can help you find them very quickly and start analyzing them and the services they provide.

3. Finding the right content for the website

If your competitors are performing well in Google’s organic search results, you can research the keywords for which they are performing well. In addition, you can find out how popular these keywords are and see how many people have searched for these queries and read about them.
This is an issue that you should pay attention to when designing and launching your website and attracting potential customers in the new market. You can produce better, more basic, and targeted content for your website by ordering SEO.

4. Find shareable content in the desired industry

If your competitors are blogging to drive more traffic to their website (and therefore more business), you can identify their most shareable and popular articles. On the other hand, you can check whether there are shareable items in your business area and whether this is possible or not. This step gives you an idea of popular content in your industry and country, so you can use similar methods to popularize your brand.

5. Increasing brand popularity through international internet marketing

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If your product or service is a topic that users tend to talk about on social networks, you are in luck! Because social networks contribute a lot to brand popularity. You can research popular hashtags for this type of product and service.

Also, how many people in the community share them, and how many followers do they have? This step will help you approach these influencers and ask them to promote your products or services. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods of internet advertising.

6. Checking the followers of competitors!

Yes, this is a very effective tool! You can promote your products or services directly to the followers of your competitors on social networks and this is a wonderful opportunity that is provided thanks to the Internet and digital marketing.

7. Finding market decision-makers in the destination country

If your business type is B2B or business-to-business model and you are looking for the decision makers of your target market, digital marketing will help you find them and communicate with them. You can do this one by one personally or through advertising campaigns. This is another attractive feature and benefit of digital marketing.

8. Building a strong brand with the help of international internet marketing

If you have found a partner or partners in the country you want to export, but you plan to introduce your products more and better so that more customers will look for you, you can benefit from the benefits of digital marketing.
In fact, with the help of digital marketing, you can target the right people in the right place and at the right time and have successful digital branding.

9. Promote products and services above competitors

This is one of the most attractive benefits of digital marketing, and of course, it is very difficult and competitive. Imagine that your competitors have introduced their products and services to customers through YouTube, for example. With digital marketing, you can display your videos and advertising content on top of those videos and next to them for your audience. This work requires creativity and spending a lot of money.

Important points in international internet marketing:

  • Understanding the popularity of products and services
  • Find competitors
  • Finding the right content for your website
  • Find shareable content in your industry
  • Increasing brand popularity
  • Stealing competitors’ followers!
  • Finding market decision-makers in the destination country
  • Building a strong brand with the help of international internet marketing
  • Promote products and services above competitors
Digital marketing for exporters
Digital marketing for exporters

Digital marketing for exporters

Let’s assume that you are engaged in the field of exporting handwoven carpets. If you can set up a site and introduce all your services on this site, you can enter into cooperation with more companies all over the world, and as a result, you will increase your sales.

Digital marketing helps you get more customers and boost your business wherever you are in the world. But to achieve this success, you must follow some tips. The most important digital marketing strategies for exporters are:

  • Get help from digital marketing agencies.

The first step for internet marketing for exporters is to go to digital marketing agencies. You need a professional and expert consulting and expert team that can do digital marketing for you from zero to one hundred, including site setup, site management and optimization, and internet advertising in general.

Based on the type of goods you export, the website design and the services offered on the site will be completely different. You have to act step by step under the supervision of experts so that you can get a very good result. Don’t forget that maybe at the beginning of digital marketing for exporters, a long period is needed to reach the desired result, but if you can act correctly and introduce your services to people in the best possible way, you do not doubt that you will get the ideal result. You will be a witness and you can even surpass your competitors.

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Digital marketing strategy for exporters
Digital marketing strategy for exporters


  • Content production should be based on international markets.

One of the most important differences between digital marketing for exporters compared to internet marketing of domestic products is the issue of content creation. Because you are in contact with foreign countries, the production content must be in English so that you can display your site in international markets. Therefore, in addition to producing Persian content, be sure to search for keywords in international markets and use them to produce content in your English texts. You should be able to raise the rank of your site for external users as well, to increase the number of visits to the site.

  • Get help from professional translators and writers.

Give any Persian article you produce for your site to a foreign writer to translate it for you. But the quality of the translation has a great impact on the status of your site. In addition to checking Farsi content, Google also carefully controls English content.

If the quality of your content is low in terms of writing, you will receive a negative score from Google. Therefore, one of the most important digital marketing strategies for exporters is to get help from professional translators so that they can provide you with the best translation with the least amount of errors. If the translation of your content is ideal, you will attract many users to your site.

  • Do not neglect its competing companies.

The mistake that some exporters make is that they do not interact with their competitors and look at them as enemies. The competitors are indeed thinking of surpassing the moon, but this does not mean that they have an enemy and want to look at each other in a bad light. If you can interact with your competitors, you may be able to develop your business further.

We suggest that you should always be in contact with your competitors and use their experience. On the other hand, be sure to consult with the experts in the destination country because they know better what kind of services and goods are most needed in that country, and based on the type of your business, people’s needs are summarized in what areas. This information helps you not only to provide services but also to manage the site based on the needs of the people of the destination country.


Anyway, it is a fact that in today’s world, digital marketing has replaced traditional and local marketing with great speed and power and is gaining more power every day.

Digital marketing is considered a golden opportunity for exporters to increase the number of international companies to contract and thus increase their income day by day. So if you as an exporter can set up a great site and manage it in the best possible way, you will get the desired result.

In this article, we talked about the Advantages of international marketing, but we are of the opinion that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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