logo design tips for beginners

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Design is intelligent thinking that can be seen. You may have a lot of paperwork during the day and you also want to show that you are an organized company, so you need to visualize this mentality and give it objectivity. A letter or card sent by your collection or person to an individual or organization is a tool that starts talking on your behalf, so never skip it.

logo design tips for beginners

logo design

To design the logo, do not miss this article :

Logo design is one of the most important topics in branding. We have stated many times in various articles that the first step in branding is choosing the right logo.

This logo defines your business identity so that as soon as people see your logo design, they will remember your services and products, and this will make you stay in their minds forever. So design your logo in such a way that as soon as you see the image, your business goals, and your brand message penetrate the customer’s mind and she can quickly recognize your business name.

Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a project. This logo design is not suitable at all. In general, the logo design should be done in such a way that it can immediately evoke your name in the mind of the audience. Logo design is one of the most common and attractive types of designs that is very popular based on the type of business.

tips on how to design a logo.

In designing a logo, we must pay attention to the psychological discussion. The team that is going to do the branding for you should be made up of skilled counselors and psychologists because this design is going to have a psychological impact on people. So you have to consider all the aspects. logo design is very attractive to people because psychologically, anything that strengthens the bond between man and nature increases the sense of freshness, positivity, and peace within people.

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logo design


Flowers are a symbol of nature and make people feel positive and even reduce their stress. This is why psychologists believe that even at home and at work, you should take care of apartment flowers and colorful flowers because it will greatly improve your mental condition. So if you can use the logo design based on your type of business, you will have a very ideal choice as long as the design is very smart and accurate.

Important points in logo design

As we said, if you are going to choose a flower logo design for your branding, you have to be very smart, elegant and at the same time very attractive. For this design to have a significant impact on the audience and attract their attention, you must consider a few very important points:


  • Be sure to look for appropriate and cheerful colors. It is not at all appropriate to use colors such as black, gray, or dark brown because it causes the same shape of the flower to lose its freshness. You should go for pink, green, red, blue, and yellow, which will give the audience a sense of freshness and pay more attention to your logo to know what is the meaning behind this color image.


  • Do not forget the simplicity of logo design. In fact, instead of going for complex and cluttered designs, you should choose simple styles because logo design is supposed to be able to instantly instill your brand name and business goals in the mind of the audience. If you use complex designs, because people have to think about your logo for a while to understand what the logo name is and what kind of business it belongs to, it will not work because many people do not pay attention to it at all. Also, do not forget that the impact of your logo should be such that even drivers while driving, seeing the billboards and logo design, can immediately recognize your brand name.


  • Use very suitable geometric shapes. If you look at the types of logo designs, you will notice that some of them are designed with lines and geometric shapes, and others with minimal design and fancy elements. In any case, you should choose very attractive designs based on your type of business.
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Your paperwork is an ambassador sent by your organization to various missions to enhance the mental value of your organization.
The brand of any company is the identity of that company. The design of this identity is based on the type of services or products of the company, the slogan by which a company is known, and other things about the company. An office set is a marketing tool, not an office tool! Because companies are always in touch with customers. The first factor in Digital marketing is important, the personality of your company and what is seen when a customer is in the company. You gain the trust of your business client through the office suite. But how does the process of gaining trust come about in designing your organizational office set? The following infographic can show you the roadmap:
just logo design

Office infographic design process infographic


A set of tools such as business cards, credit, and personal cards, letterheads and envelopes, labels of similar devices, note paper, and devices that can be designed on them, is an office setting. The type of design on this communication tool keeps your personality and organizational identity in mind. People shape.

Office set business card:

  • The standard dimensions of a business card are usually 5.9 cm, and the type of cardboard of this card and the type of writing (vertical or horizontal) is a matter of taste, But it is more elegant if you use heavier and thicker cardboard with glass on it.
  • What should be mentioned in the design of the office business card should be the characters (not more than twelve fonts), the trademark, and the brand, as well as the type of company activity in a concise and useful way that you can use different fonts but not more than three types of fonts.
  • Remember that not all parts of the business card in the office setting should be full of text and shapes because when you give the card to the customer, your finger will not be on the text or shapes. Other types of design such as adding a personal photo and the dimensions or shape of the card depending on taste.

Office set personnel cards:

  • Personal cards usually have a special layout. Elements such as personal photos, appropriate fonts, background images, company logos, or logos should be arranged together to look stylish.
  • The personal photo should be placed on the right side of the card or in the middle, and on the left side of the card, the personal code and identity information of the photo owner should be designed.
  • If you want to use the space on the back of the card, since the personal card requires a person’s profile, you can specify the blood type of the person holding the photo.
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Office Header:

  • It is the same sheet used for A4 (preferably) or A5 cutouts for lettering, and to design it, all of the above must be spaced one to one and a half inches from the edges of the letterhead.
  • At the top of the logo sheet (the placement of the logo should not harm the user of your letterhead), the number, date letter, attachment, and at the bottom of the address sheet (in bold, centerline, left-handed, or even irregular), phone number, fax, email put.
  • Remember, these are essential, and it’s your taste to add other things like social media addresses.
  • It is better to use any font in your ads, and use the same font in the letterhead and envelope to give a more sense of harmony to the customer. (Using corporate font)

Office set envelope:

A standard envelope is usually one-third the size of a letterhead plus six millimeters, And its design should be done as follows.

  • On the envelope company logo (top left of the envelope)
  • Address, postal code, fax and telephone, website and email (all at the bottom left of the envelope), and text horizontally.

Label in office set:

Label design in an office setting can be a matter of taste and has no specific standard. The most important thing to consider is the company logo and brand, which should be considered larger than the rest of the label. Mentioning telephone and fax can also be necessary.


Office papers are actually one of your organization’s contact points with the outside world. As integrated as these contact points are, audiences can easily record your name and logo in their minds. Many organizations are very sensitive about logo design, but when it comes to office paper design, they simply skip it.

In this article about logo design tips for beginners,talked but we believe that we can still use your experience to produce a better and comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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