How to verify your Instagram account-best tricks 2024

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Today, with the increasing number of social media users, it is difficult to distinguish the official account of a brand or famous person from other fake accounts.

For this reason, the Verified Badge feature was created in most social networks, by which one can use a blue tick to know which account is the official account of the desired person or brand.

How to verify your Instagram account is a question for many people and they usually want to know how to verify their account on Instagram. Until this year, this feature was done in other ways, where people charged a high fee to make their Instagram account official and get a Verified Badge from the person who was looking to make their Instagram account official.

Now, if you have this question about how to get the Instagram blue tick, stay with me until the end of this article to introduce the conditions of the Instagram blue tick, and based on these conditions if any of the desired items are present in your account, your Instagram account Make it official.

What is Instagram’s blue tick (Verified Badge)?

The blue tick or Verified Badge contains an image similar to the example below, which is displayed next to the profile name and shows the officiality of a social network account.

What is Instagram's blue tick
What is Instagram’s blue tick

In any account that has this image in the form of a blue tick, it means that the person or brand in question has made a request to make the account official for Instagram and to make the Instagram account official, you need information such as name, background Activity and photo of passport, certificate or any identity document that shows that your account is official will be taken.

Therefore, in the case that there are several accounts for a person or brand, which cannot distinguish the official account from the fake account, it will be a suitable solution. Instagram and other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook also use this feature to show that the account in question is official. So, it can be said that having a blue tick on Instagram indicates the validity of the account and that the account management has officially sent a request to get a blue tick on the Instagram profile. So, if you are also planning to get an Instagram blue tick, I will continue to introduce the conditions of the Instagram blue tick.

Terms of Instagram blue tick

There are complicated and almost difficult conditions to get a blue tick on Instagram. If your account does not meet these conditions, your request to make the account official will not be approved, and you will not have a blue tick for the approved Instagram account until one month after the disqualification. So before you send a request to make your Instagram account official, you should consider the following points.

  • The first requirement is that your account must be valid. It means that your account is valid for a person or a brand that is valid. With this account, getting the Instagram blue tick is not available for accounts that have an entertainment aspect and place yellow content.
  • The second requirement for a verified Instagram account is that your account is unique. It means that the account you confirm belongs to you and your business. If you have multiple accounts, only one of them will be approved and will receive the Instagram blue tick.
  • The third requirement for a verified Instagram account is that your account is complete and information such as name, biography, profile picture, etc. can be seen by others. It is also necessary to have at least one post to get an Insta blue tick.
  • And finally, the fourth necessary condition for a verified Instagram account is that your account is known and searched by other people and you have a lot of activity.
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After you meet any of the above conditions, you can send your request for official Instagram account approval to the Instagram support department so that it will be checked based on the above conditions and if you meet all the conditions, your account will be approved.

The effect of Facebook’s blue tick on getting Instagram’s blue tick

As you probably know, there is a blue tick for some user accounts in the Facebook social network, which indicates the validity and originality of those accounts; But the strictures to get a blue tick on Facebook are not as strict as getting a blue tick on Instagram.

On Facebook, accounts related to businesses or small organizations accounts can get a blue tick, but on Instagram, user accounts for which there is a possibility of fake and invalid accounts can get a blue tick and the reason That is, by seeing the blue tick of these accounts, users can be sure of their validity and originality and not be harmed in interacting with fake pages and copies of original ones. For this reason, it can be said that having a blue tick on Facebook is not a strong reason for getting a blue tick on Instagram.

How to verify your Instagram account

  • To get the Instagram blue tick, first, run the Instagram app and then go to your profile page.
How to verify your Instagram account
How to verify your Instagram account
  • Now, similar to the image above, go to the settings page and select the “Request Verification” option to send a request to make the Instagram account official in order to “Get Verified on Instagram in Bio and Story“.
How to verify your Instagram account
How to verify your Instagram account
  • In this case, a window similar to the image below will be displayed for you, where you must enter your brand or online business information based on the explanations that I will explain below.
How long does it take to get verified on Instagram
How long does it take to get verified on Instagram
  • Now, as you can see in the picture above, first your ID will be displayed in the “Username” field, which you must check and see that it is exactly the same ID for which you intend to make the Instagram account official.
  • Then in the second field, which is titled “Full Name”, you need to enter your full name. Make sure that this name must be the same as what is written on your identity documents such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Finally, you need to click on the “Choose File” option in front of the “Please attach a photo of your ID” option and select the image of your birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license. For those of us who live in Iran, it is necessary to use a passport for this.

Finally, after filling all these fields, just click on the “Send” button and wait a few days for your request to be reviewed by the Instagram support unit. After your request is checked, whether your request is approved or rejected, a warning message will be sent to you on the notification page, by viewing it you can see what the result of the request to make the Instagram account official is.

You need to know that there is no guarantee that Instagram will approve your request. Because Instagram’s blue badge is only reserved for celebrities, public figures, global brands, or individuals who have a brand name. According to the information that Instagram has included in its guide pages for requesting a blue tick, the review of the verification request to confirm the authenticity of the account will occur only in the case that the account in question is unique, complete, and significant to other people. In addition, Instagram emphasizes that the account has a high number of followers.

The advantages of getting a blue tick on Instagram

  • Prevents impersonation and fraud: One of the best things about getting an Instagram Blue Badge is that anyone who searches for you or your brand will know right away that you are the real person, and you can be sure that no potential followers, accounts, and Or you won’t miss fake accounts.
  • It proves that you are an important news source: Having a blue Instagram tick indicates that you or your business contains an independent and valuable news source and that your news is so first-hand that other people copy and repost from you. (As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). While this may just be the opinion of the Instagram admins, it still shows your current and future followers that you are considered a well-known face or brand.
  • Having a blue tick is great for Instagram SEO: If you want your account to rank at the top of Instagram search results for terms related to your account name, getting a blue tick means success. In the same searches, verified and blue-ticked Instagram accounts always rank higher than unverified accounts.
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How to verify your Instagram account
How to verify your Instagram account

10 effective solutions to get the Instagram blue tick

When everyone understands what the blue tick of Instagram is, they will also understand the story that it is very difficult to get it. In this article, we are trying to provide you with solutions that will make the way of blue tick smooth for you and you can easily achieve great success in these giant social networks.

1. Do not try to buy the blue tick

Some people think that the way to get Instagram blue tick is to buy it for a very high amount. There is no such thing as buying an Instagram blue tick. There are only people who create Instagram pages and create conditions for them to receive a blue tick, then sell that page and charge a huge amount from you for the same blue tick.

2. Special monitoring of fake accounts

You may have achieved a relative reputation among your users and audience. This shows how well you are doing on Instagram. Now it is possible that people who have just entered your profession, started working, and created accounts with the name of your brand, attract many users and abuse the trust that users have in you.

3. Increase real followers

One of the things that helps a lot in getting your Instagram blue tick is increasing the real page followers. When Instagram realizes that your page is experiencing a significant increase in followers in different time periods, your posts receive many comments, and your direct is full of effective conversations, it will realize that you have special credibility in You care about your users and you care a lot about this social network and its users.

Very important tip: don’t try to bypass Instagram from the shortcuts to increase fake followers. In this case, Instagram not only does not give you a blue tick, but it may prevent you from continuing your activity.

At this point, it is better to take advantage of the article on how to increase Instagram followers for free.

4. No social network links should be in your profile

In a surprising move with the surveys we did, we found that Instagram barely or even gives blue ticks to people who have links to other social networks in their profiles, such as Telegram.

Now it is interesting to know that if you have been able to get the Facebook blue tick, it strongly encourages you to put the link to your Instagram account in that Facebook account.

So don’t ever forget that one of the new conditions for getting Instagram’s blue tick is not having links to other social networks in your bio. Of course, this social network does not have any problem with placing the website link and this restriction is only for the link of other social networks.

5. Be among the most sought after

Instagram, Facebook, and Google, everyone is looking for the most searched. It is not an easy task to fall on the tongue. Your performance should be in such a way that you are a part of Instagram searches.

For example, in the first step, it is better to connect the subject of your business with the current issues of the world. Now issues such as Corona, presidential elections, car prices, the stock market, digital currency, etc. are reported by the parliament as conversations and news.

6. Pay but do not buy the blue tick directly

Experience has shown that spending money on basic advertising and a more successful presence in social networks and the virtual world has always been the answer. If you want to get closer to your goals sooner and faster, it is better to spend in a principled and planned manner.

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If you work in a special field, everyone should notice that you are special. Now you have to plan, do basic advertising, and do everything to increase the number of visits to your page. This is where Instagram gradually notices you and you can apply for the Instagram blue tick much more easily.

Instagram Blue Tick creates a fantastic trust building flow to attract users and even increase sales.

7. Tell the truth

This point may not be interesting to you, but because it has dire consequences, we have to highlight it. Above all, you need to be honest in your request to get the Instagram Blue Tick.

Use your real name. Choose a category suitable for your field of activity. You definitely do not forge any government documents.

Not being honest in providing quality products and educational tips will not only result in not receiving the Instagram blue tick but may also result in excessive reporting and eventual account removal from Instagram.

8. Make sure your Instagram profile and bio is complete and effective

Biography, profile photo, and at least one post are required to get an Instagram blue tick. You might think that these things are of little importance, but they are not. It is true that the content is the most effective flow on the audience and Instagram, but the fact is that all these elements such as biography, profile, etc. are all that makeup how to get the Instagram blue tick.

9. Not insulting and not sending inappropriate posts

Another way to get the Instagram blue tick that can prove you are a famous person is not to post inappropriate and insulting posts on Instagram. Actors or celebrities in general are critical people and don’t get upset about anything.

Followers are those people who are interested in them and there is no place for inappropriate words in comments, in general, your performance towards followers has a direct impact on getting the Instagram blue tick.

10. Activity on other platforms

When you apply for your Instagram blue tick, your request will be checked by the employees of this platform. They search for your name or your brand name in different parts of the internet to find out your reputation and credibility. Now, if you are not active on other platforms and there is no information about you anywhere else on the Internet except Instagram, your chances of getting your request approved are greatly reduced.

Important tips for maintaining the Instagram blue tick

Keep in mind that Instagram will remove verified badges at any time if:

  • Advertise, transfer, or sell your verified badge. 
  • Use your profile picture, bio, or name section to promote other services or activities that violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. 
  • Try verifying your account through a third party. 
  • Change your account from public to private multiple times.

Frequently asked questions about

  • What is the Instagram blue tick?

Instagram’s blue tick is basically a sign that your page has been approved by this social network. In simpler words, a blue tick can distinguish the main pages from the fake pages.

  • Why is it important to get the Instagram blue tick?

Instagram’s blue tick can be a seal of approval from this platform. In this case, potential followers and those who may visit your page in the future, by seeing this tick, can easily become your permanent followers, because they will be sure of the originality of the page.

  • What are the benefits of the Instagram blue tick?

An Instagram verification badge can bring many benefits. Among these benefits, we can mention preventing impersonation and showing authenticity, increasing brand awareness and increasing the number of followers, the ability to access Instagram’s special features, and displaying posts at the top of the results due to the support of Instagram’s algorithms.

  • How can we get an Instagram blue tick?

This does not seem so simple. But by completing your bio, showing your authenticity, increasing the number of your followers, and being unique, you can apply for an Instagram verification badge. This process may take 2 to 3 weeks or more depending on the number of followers you have.

Last word

Instagram’s blue tick is a sign of the credibility and reputation of your page. Having this badge means that you or your brand is known and Instagram confirms your credibility and identity. But getting this approval is not so easy, although sending a request is very easy!

If you want to get the blue tick, you have to introduce your brand or name to others. In short, you must be known. If you think you have the necessary qualifications(How to verify your Instagram account), apply for a blue tick now using the above tutorial and send us the good news.

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