How to get more Instagram followers in 2024-Golden ways

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and countless users use it on a daily basis. If you want to get noticed on Instagram, it has become both easier and more difficult than in the past. If you are active on this social network but the number of your followers does not increase or you do not get many likes, you must change your methods and habits to face the increase in the number of followers on Instagram.

How to get more Instagram followers

In this article, we want to teach you methods by which you can increase the number of followers on Instagram for free. Stay with rayabaan until the end.

  • Promote your posts on different social networks

Promote your posts on different social networks
Promote your posts on different social networks

If you’re looking to increase your Instagram followers, one of the first things you should do is promote your posts on different social platforms. So you should share your posts on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and even your personal website.

By doing this, more people will be attracted to your page on Instagram. In fact, more people will visit your page on Instagram and you can attract followers from other platforms. So do not underestimate this solution.

  • Give your profile a unique look

As you know, Instagram is a visual social network, so users will follow you and be attracted to your page depending on the quality of the content you share. Of course, along with quality, the way content is presented is also very important.

Posting low-quality photos randomly will probably not only not attract new followers, but also result in the loss of your current followers. You want people who visit your profile to see something they’re interested in and like.

So to get people to follow you on Instagram, you need to create your own style or theme. There are attractive Instagram themes that you can use as a framework for your profile and manage your images. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the quality of individual posts, pay attention to their overall composition in your profile.

  • Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are one of the ways users find you, so if you don’t use them properly in the captions of your posts, you’re missing a big chance to be seen.

Use hashtags wisely
Use hashtags wisely

When you add a hashtag to the caption of your post, your goal is not only this, but in fact, you want to use popular and trending hashtags to get attention. So when someone searches for one of these popular or trending hashtags, your post is more likely to be seen. So maybe people will decide to follow you after seeing your post, which will lead to an increase in Instagram page followers.

  • Don’t forget geotags or location tags

By adding a location to your posts, you can attract the attention of local people. When someone searches for a specific location on Instagram’s Places tab, if you have a geotag, your post is more likely to appear in the search results.

Geotags are also useful when you want to know about local events and happenings, and users search for them. Therefore, by using geotags, you can increase the chances of your posts being seen and attracting more followers.

  • Increase the number of Instagram followers with proper captioning

Although a picture can be worth a thousand words, that doesn’t mean you should always write just one sentence as a caption for your posts. In fact, you should write enough captions for your posts to provide users with complete information about the content of the post and even contain new data for your contacts.

With the appropriate length of the captions, you will convey a more human feeling to people and they will not think that you share your images and videos with others without any emotion and only mechanically. In addition, with proper captioning, you can communicate more with your followers and encourage them to interact with you.

  • Post Videos and Reels

Although Instagram initially started out as just a photo-sharing platform, over time, videos have grown in popularity. Funny, educational, animal videos and more can get millions of views on this social network, so investing in them is a good idea.

It doesn’t matter what kind of video you want to share on Instagram, this social network allows you to post any kind of content on it (of course, you shouldn’t ignore Instagram’s rules). To achieve the best results, we suggest having a good number of photos and videos on your page to attract followers.

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Post Videos and Reels
Post Videos and Reels

In addition to regular videos, you can also use Reels; A feature that has a relatively short life, but has been able to be noticed in the same period of time, and Instagram has increased their duration. Users can see your Rails videos on the browser screen.

  • Create interesting and engaging stories

Along with sharing videos regularly, you can also consider creating stories regularly. Your stories will be displayed at the top of users’ feeds and they can see them by touching your profile icon. Stories can give your followers new information or share a part of your daily life with your followers.

Stories are very flexible and you can share images, videos, and even live videos through them. It is possible to write text in stories, and of course, don’t forget hashtags. Just like posts, with hashtags in stories, you can increase their chances of being seen. You can also conduct polls through stories to interact more with users.

While Stories only last for 24 hours, you can highlight or archive them to make them available forever. In fact, by highlighting stories, they are placed at the top of your page and your followers can always see and access them.

  • Increase the number of Instagram followers by posting regularly

The Instagram algorithm will show you the posts that you are most interested in, and the newer posts will be available to you. For this reason, if a user regularly publishes posts on his page, the probability that you will see his posts increases.

Now the same formula works for you. While you can’t control what other people like, you do have control over how your posts are shared. So share posts regularly.

  • Go to IGTV

If you want to be more serious in the field of video production, go for making IGTV series. In the past, Instagram had considered an independent app for IGTVs, but recently announced the end of its support for this program. Therefore, to see them, users must use the same main Instagram app and watch people’s long videos.

Go to IGTV
Go to IGTV

With longer IGTV videos, you can create more in-depth content and provide more information to users, of course, you don’t have to go for an educational video, and you can also create a series of funny and entertaining videos. Users can see IGTV videos in their feeds, but by adding the right hashtags and captions, you can increase their chances of being seen.

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  • Create a user community for yourself

Another way to increase Instagram followers is to create a community for yourself so that others can connect with you more. To build such a community, you must have a close relationship with your users.

To do this, like users’ comments, reply to their comments, and also follow some of your followers. Once you’ve built your own community and found loyal followers, you can start making money from this platform little by little.

  • Check your account status

After performing the above actions, it is not a bad idea to take a look at your account status and see what effect they have had on it. There are various tools for this, but Instagram also allows you to do this and you only have to change the type of your account.

First of all, you need to convert your account to Business or Creator to get free Instagram analytics tools. To do this, go to the settings and select the Switch to “Business/Creator Profile” option so that Instagram will show you how to proceed. Finally, you get analytics tools for stories and posts. In fact, a business or creator account can help you better understand your page followers.

  • Tag people in your posts

There are several reasons for tagging people in your images, the most obvious of which is the presence of such people in your photos. When you go to an online ceremony or event, tag the main people in your pictures. This is a trick that can attract more people’s attention.

Be careful and precise in tagging people. Don’t disturb others and only tag people in the pictures who are in them. Also, don’t constantly tag a specific and fixed user.

  • Increase Instagram followers with appropriate biographical text

While most of us focus on our photos and videos to get followers, we should also pay attention to the bio. This biography can lead to different people communicating with you. The biography can contain a maximum of 150 characters and it is not bad to use one or at most two hashtags to appear in the search results.

Increase Instagram followers with appropriate biographical text
Increase Instagram followers with appropriate biographical text

Also, do not forget that you can go to a link for your biography. Since Instagram doesn’t allow sharing clickable links for posts, you need to use this link wisely. In fact, the bio is the only place where you can use a clickable link and direct people to an external source.

With the above methods and ways, you can increase the number of followers on your Instagram page for free, of course, this is a time-consuming process and you should not wait for its results in a short period of time. So add a little patience to the above methods to achieve your desired result.

  • Run Instagram contests

Holding Instagram contests is one of the best ways to increase Instagram followers, which is used by many famous and unknown pages on Instagram today.

Try to be creative in designing contests and use encouraging and valuable gifts for contest winners. The more valuable the prizes for the winners, the more people will be encouraged to participate in your contest.

You can launch many contests on Instagram with different topics according to your field of work. But the important thing is to try to invite the participants of the competition to do something. For example, ask the participants to invite 5 of their friends to the contest and make sure to ask them, for example, 2 of the invitees must follow the page to participate in the contest.

As you have noticed, Instagram contests increase your page’s followers quickly. So be sure to try to launch contests on your Instagram page once in a while.

  • Use your website to increase Instagram followers

If you have a website, there are many good ideas to increase the followers of your Instagram page. A website that has new visitors every day is the best place to advertise your Instagram page.

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One of the ideas that you can use on your site is to place your Instagram banner below all posts. By doing this, you have a better chance of attracting new followers. Because of course, many people may get to know your articles through Google, and in this case, they will be encouraged to visit your Instagram page at least once by seeing your Instagram banner, which should be attractive.

Try to put your Instagram address as one of the ways of communication on the about us and contact us page of your site. Because these two pages are among the most visited pages on any site.

From time to time, try to invite your users to follow your Instagram page through your site’s email newsletter. It always takes a special and irresistible offer to get them to respond positively to your call to action. So be sure to have a special offer for your users.

Maybe many members of your site have not followed your Instagram until now. By putting your Instagram in the signature of your sent emails, you can introduce your Instagram to them as one of the ways of communication. Also, if emails are forwarded by your members, more people may get to know your Instagram.

  • Publish challenging and viral posts

One of the most interactive posts on social networks, especially on Instagram, is publishing challenge posts. Of course, there are challenges in whatever field of work you are in. Try to publish posts to get users to interact with you and participate in discussions.

When your post goes around, you can be sure that it will spread like a virus among many users and get a lot of likes. This will make more people get to know your page.

  • Use professional marketing comments

One of the best and newest ways to increase followers on Instagram is to use comment marketing. This even increases sales in many cases. In this way, you attract followers by leaving professional comments under the posts related to your work.

To use this method, you must first find the posts related to your work that are published recently. It’s very easy, just check the hashtags related to your business every day to find new posts related to your business. In this method, you should find posts where the owner of the page does not sell products. In fact, I mean to be a blogger and only teach.

For example, you are in the business of selling phones and you find a post about a buying guide or a review of one of the Xiaomi phones. In this case, you can post a comment with the title “I can give you this phone with a 24-month warranty and a good discount, just enter my page” of course, the opposite is also true. For example, under a post that introduces a phone for sale, you can write the guide for buying this phone on my page, before buying, be sure to see the last post on my page.

Frequently asked questions about how to get more Instagram followers

  • Is it possible to increase Instagram followers for free?

Yes, you definitely don’t need to pay to increase your followers and you can experience this with several free methods.

  • How to increase your Instagram followers?

There are different ways to do this. For example, writing appropriate captions, sharing posts on other social networks, and posting regularly can lead to an increase in Instagram followers.

  • How to write captions to increase followers?

Captioning is very important. The size of the captions should be such that it provides part of the content to the users and also contains several hashtags for the post to be found through searches.

In this article, we talked about “How to get more Instagram followers” and we are waiting for your experiences to use these methods. Please share your thoughts with us.

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