How to get more views on Instagram story for free 2024

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Instagram stories are highly popular, and along with influencers and companies, there are a lot of ordinary people, but how to get more views on Instagram story? Here are three ways to increase your Instagram story visit.

Instagram stories can be one of the ways to increase the number of followers. If the views of your stories have decreased or it has not changed for a long time, stay with rayabaan until the end to learn about ways to increase the views of Instagram stories.

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1. Use appropriate hashtags

We all know that hashtags are a great tool to increase traffic and reach for Instagram posts, but did you know the same is true for stories?

With Instagram’s focus on hashtags, it’s a good time to turn to them for stories. Relevant and suitable hashtags can increase the number of views of your stories.

Instagram allows you to add only 10 hashtags to each story, which seems to be enough to attract the attention of the audience. Now Instagram users can follow hashtags and you can reach active users using this tool. If you don’t want to bombard your followers with hashtags, you can reduce their size and put a sticker on them.

Note that when using hashtags, be sure to observe the following:

  • The use of irrelevant or repetitive hashtags is prohibited
  • Do not overuse hashtags
  • Avoid spammy hashtags
  • Using your competitors’ hashtags on Instagram
  • Creating a dedicated hashtag
  • Modeling popular pages
  • Using trending hashtags

2. Use the position tag

Another way to increase Instagram story views is to use the location tag. This will help people in such a situation to see your story and increase their traffic.

When a user searches for a specific position on Instagram, he can see stories related to this position. Since Instagram displays content produced about different regions, your story has a high chance of being shown.

3. Reply to messages

How to get more views on Instagram story
How to get more views on an Instagram story

Sometimes followers send you messages to reply to stories. Instead of seeing your story and moving on to the next story, they react to it. So try to reply to such messages to show them you care.

This may be considered unimportant by you, but it is very important for the other person. Responding to a follower’s reply can be the start of a conversation and the beginning of a relationship. You should keep in mind that by connecting with people, they will pay more attention to you, which will mean more views of your stories in the future.

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4. Highlight your best stories

Your stories live for 24 hours, so if someone doesn’t check your page during that time, they won’t see it. But what happens if you make stories last forever? By doing this, their visits will certainly increase.

Use the highlight feature for this. Stories that are highlighted will be displayed in a special section on your profile until you delete them. Therefore, followers can see them whenever they want, which will increase the number of views of these stories.

Highlighted stories are displayed below the Instagram bio section, thus attracting the attention of people who visit your profile. By making multiple highlights, you can attract more people to them.

5. Posting a story at the right time

Posting a story at the right time
Posting a story at the right time

For a user whose goal is to increase Instagram story views, one of his goals should be to know the best time to share them. This time can vary depending on the country you live in. Besides, you can figure out such a watch with a little trial and error.

Although you may not always be able to share your stories at the best time, avoid posting stories at the worst times as well. As we said, you have to do trial and error to achieve the best time, of course, you should do this after analyzing the behavior of your followers.

6. Mention loyal followers

Mentioning your friends or followers in stories can increase their views. For example, when posting a story about your neighbor’s cat, you can mention a friend who likes cats and animals. You can mention up to 10 people in each story.

When you mention someone, a notification will be sent to them and they can add it to their story. When your friend retells this story, their followers will see it. It is possible that some of them will visit your profile and eventually follow you. Of course, you should pay attention not to mention others in all your stories.

7. Continuous posting of stories

Do you post a story every day or just once in a while? If you take the second method, you will reduce the chances of your stories reaching your followers. Although it may come as a surprise to you, consistently posting stories can play an important role in increasing traffic.

According to the Instagram algorithm, it is better to have more stories. A follower can only view four stories on the main page at the same time. So you have to post stories constantly to stay visible. Proactively posting at regular intervals increases the chances of stories being seen.

8. Subscribe to sharing stories

The story can increase the popularity of your page. By encouraging followers to share your stories on their profiles, you can get more views. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to post shareable stories.

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This story can have different features, for example, put a poll in it. This story should be attractive and catchy and involve people. Adding your Instagram username to stories can be a good idea. As more people share your story, its views will increase, which will result in more followers.

Using the above tricks can lead to increasing Instagram story views. The more people access your stories, the more chances you have to increase the number of followers on your page.

9. Using polls or Poll stickers

One of the popular stickers to increase view stories is the Poll sticker.
With this sticker, you can ask your audience any question that has two options. By posing a challenging question, you can ask your page followers to answer this question and send it to their friends. In this way, the visits to your story page will increase.

10. Increasing the free scene story with questions and answers

Another sticker that is used a lot on Instagram is the question-and-answer sticker.
On this sticker, you can write any question. This will allow your followers to comment on your question.
You can even put the answers and comments of your audience in another story. Storying your audience’s answer makes that audience very likely to see all your stories to see their answer. This will increase the free Instagram traffic and engagement rate between you and your audience.

Note: Be careful not to use too much of each sticker.

Frequently asked questions about How to get more views on Instagram story

  • Why are the views of the story reduced?

One of the main reasons for the decrease in story views can be the presence of fake followers on the page.

  • How to raise View Story?

To increase story views, you can use methods such as interactive stickers, viral stories, and other methods mentioned in the text of the article!

  • Should we buy followers to increase Instagram story views?

Buying followers may increase the views of your story in the short term, but in the end, it has no value and will not even increase your sales.

  • What are some ways to get more views on Instagram stories for free?

Some ways to get more views on Instagram stories for free include using relevant hashtags, posting consistently, using Instagram’s features like polls and questions, and engaging with your audience.

  • How often should I post on Instagram stories to get more views?

Posting on Instagram stories once a day or every other day can help increase views.

  • What type of content should I post on Instagram stories to get more views?

The type of content you should post on Instagram stories to get more views depends on your audience, but some examples include behind-the-scenes content, product demos, tutorials, and motivational quotes

  • How important is the use of hashtags in getting more views on Instagram stories?
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Hashtags can help get your Instagram stories in front of more people who are interested in that topic or content.

  • What are some other ways to increase engagement on my Instagram stories?

Other ways to increase engagement on your Instagram stories include using stickers, asking questions, using polls, and responding to DMs.

  • Should I tag other accounts in my Instagram stories to get more views?

Tagging other accounts in your Instagram stories can help increase visibility and potentially attract their audience to your content.

  • Is it important to have a consistent theme or aesthetic on my Instagram stories?

Having a consistent theme or aesthetic on your Instagram stories can help your content stand out and make it more memorable to viewers.

  • Should I use filters or editing tools to make my Instagram stories more appealing?

Using filters and editing tools can make your Instagram stories more visually appealing and increase engagement.

  • How can I make my Instagram stories stand out from others?

To make your Instagram stories stand out from others, try to showcase your unique personality or brand voice, use creative visuals, and experiment with different types of content.

  • Is it better to post Instagram stories during a specific time of day to get more views?

Posting Instagram stories during peak hours when your audience is most active can help increase views.

  • How can I track the success of my Instagram stories?

You can track the success of your Instagram stories by looking at metrics such as views, engagement, and DMs.

  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to get more views on Instagram stories?

Common mistakes to avoid when trying to get more views on Instagram stories to include using irrelevant hashtags, not posting consistently, and not engaging with your audience.

  • Can I promote my Instagram stories to get more views?

You can promote your Instagram stories through cross-promotion on other social media platforms, encouraging followers to share your content, and using Instagram’s promotion feature.

  • How can I use Instagram polls and questions to increase engagement on my stories?

Using Instagram polls and questions can increase engagement on your stories by encouraging viewers to interact with your content.

  • What are some creative ways to use Instagram’s features, such as GIFs or stickers, to get more views?

Creative ways to use Instagram’s features include using GIFs and stickers to add humor and personality to your content.

  • Should I use captions or text overlays in my Instagram stories to get more views?

Using captions and text overlays can help convey your message and make your Instagram stories more accessible.

In this article, we talked about “How to get more views on Instagram story” and we are waiting for your experiences to use these methods. Please share your thoughts with us.

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