WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop; Which one should we use?

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WhatsApp Messenger is currently the most widely used messaging software in the world and needs no introduction. This application can work on both mobile and computer.

Unlike the mobile version, the WhatsApp software on the computer is available to users in two different modes: WhatsApp desktop and WhatsApp web. Using any of them, you can access WhatsApp through the computer, but the main question here is which one will be a better choice?

In this article, we are going to introduce the features of each of them and compare them to reach an acceptable result. To install WhatsApp desktop software on your computer or to access the messenger using a browser. Stay with us.

WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop
WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop

User interface and performance

Both web and desktop versions are designed in almost the same way in terms of appearance and design. In both of them, the buttons, tools, and icons are exactly the same. Generally speaking, there are many similarities between these two versions.

In terms of performance, it can be said that the WhatsApp desktop version is better than the web version. Because keyboard shortcuts are almost not supported in the web version.
In fact, only if you use the desktop version of WhatsApp, you will be able to have keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts with which you can switch between different messages, specify the read or unread status of messages, turn off received notifications and…

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WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop
WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop

Except for the keyboard shortcuts, the rest (design and performance) will be completely the same in these two versions.

Where can we access them?

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop can be used by all users who have an account in this messenger. To use the web version, you need to go to this link using your browser and then scan the QR displayed on WhatsApp Web using your phone.

For the desktop version, you need to download the software installation file. After downloading and installing the application, the next step is to synchronize your user account on the computer and the mobile application. For this, tap on “Menu” or “Settings” in your phone application and go to “WhatsApp Web“. Then scan the displayed “QR” code with your phone.

WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop
WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop

Which one consumes more memory?

By comparing the amount of memory consumption of these two, you will get interesting results. Edge browser is used for the web version because it consumes significantly less memory than Chrome browser. After checking the amount of memory used while using the web version of WhatsApp, 260 to 300 MB of memory was consumed by Microsoft Edge.

WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop
WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop

The consumption of the desktop version of this application was about 210 to 260 MB. For this reason, it can be said that the memory consumption of the desktop version is slightly better than the web version.

What do we need to use these versions?

Both the web version and the desktop version require WhatsApp to be installed on the mobile phone. In addition, to use them, you must be connected to the Internet via mobile. WhatsApp recommends Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers to use the web version.

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For the desktop version, you must use Windows 8 or later. Also, if you use Apple computers, the operating system version must be at least 10.10. Of course, you don’t need to worry about such prerequisites, because by going to the WhatsApp website, you will fully understand whether you can install this messenger on your computer or not.

What are the differences between these two versions with WhatsApp Mobile?

In the following, we will mention some features that are only available through WhatsApp mobile and it is not possible to use them in the web and desktop versions.

  • voice call


  • video call (neither individually nor in groups)


  • Ability to upload Status. Of course, it should be noted that you can see other people’s Status updates using WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop.

In general, if you want to benefit from the above features, you must use the mobile version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop; Which one should we use?

WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop; Which one should we use
WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop; Which one should we use

But the main question here is whether it is necessary to use WhatsApp desktop. It depends on how much you use your computer to check WhatsApp messages. If you are one of the people who frequently need to check your WhatsApp, it is not bad to have the computer version downloaded and installed.

But we must point out that to use the computer version or even the web version, your phone must be connected to the Internet. A subject that probably does not like the taste of many users. But in general, it should be said that using the desktop version is more suitable because it has a better speed and you can use keyboard shortcuts in it.

The web version of WhatsApp is suitable for people who do not want to check their messages on WhatsApp frequently.

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