Tips to grow followers on instagram

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Among the methods that are introduced for digital marketing and are very effective, Instagram ads have a significant impact and it can even be said that they will get you the desired result in a short time. The reason for the importance of Instagram in digital marketing is the presence of the audience in this Internet program, so according to research, most people spend a few hours of their time on Instagram and visit different pages.

tips to grow followers on Instagram

So if you can increase the number of followers on your Instagram, you will really win, because increasing the number of followers on Instagram means increasing the number of visits to the site, and by doing so, you can increase the number of customers, especially your regular loyal customers. Surely this question has arisen for you, how can we increase the number of followers on our Instagram? There are solutions for this purpose, which we will talk about in the rest of this article.

Increase followers on Instagram

The number of Instagram followers must be real:

Before we look at ways to increase followers on Instagram, it’s best to talk about whether fake followers are of no use to you. If you look at some commercial pages, you will notice that despite a large number of followers, the number of likes and comments on their posts is very low.

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This shows that the main followers are fake and this is done only to deceive the audience. In such a case, you even lose your real audience because users will realize that you are a scammer who deceives others in order to earn a lot of money.

Strategies to increase the number of followers on Instagram

Definitely having a business page in your business will help you to introduce your services and goods to a large number of users, even abroad, and thus increase your sales. All actions taken in the field of internet marketing are aimed at increasing the number of customers and increasing sales statistics. With this in mind, if you want to increase the number of followers on Instagram, we suggest a few techniques that will definitely work:

  • Do not forget the basic hashtags

Before you start your activity on your Instagram page, be sure to visit the business pages to learn the basics of advertising. It is true that hashtags will be the most important way to increase the number of users attracted to any business or scientific page, but if hashtags are not principled, the chances of finding the desired content by the number of users will decrease. So do your research on different Instagram pages to get acquainted with their basic hashtags and use the same hashtags for your posts and content.

  • Take advantage of Instagram contests

All people love to win, and how much better it would be for them to win cash. If you launch a contest related to your page and consider some products as a gift, a large number of users will enter your page to try their luck at winning.

  • Sponsor page contests

One way to increase the number of followers on your Instagram page is to act as a contest sponsor for popular pages. Go to business pages that are very active and well known among users and ask them to sponsor you. This causes the followers to come to you to be informed about the page matches they want.

  • Use the ideal content

At first glance, content creation may seem simple and easy, but if your content is not special and attractive, you can not attract many users to your page. People like to read things that are not repetitive. So instead of copying content, get help from an engineering team in content production and SEO to provide you with the best content.

  • Do not forget the rule of 20 minutes

One of the best strategies that has a great impact on increasing the number of followers on Instagram is that before publishing a new post, be sure to go to your competitors’ page and like and even comment on their posts. Now go to the page Come and publish the post you are considering. At such times, other admin pages will also come to your posts and like them. In fact, interacting during this 20-minute period will greatly increase your follower page. It is interesting to note that this may take less than 20 minutes.


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