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Where is my resume on linkedin + video
Since LinkedIn profiles are considered the most visited pages of this social network, anyone who wants to present their experience and skills and create a personal brand for themselves should create one LinkedIn profile page. After that, you should always visit your LinkedIn profile and add new updates there.
LinkedIn has created a quick way to create a profile and resume with the “Easy Apply” option. Just post your resume on LinkedIn and get great job opportunities.
In this article, we will talk about how to create a resume on LinkedIn(Where is my resume on LinkedIn) and how to remove a resume from LinkedIn (How to remove resume from LinkedIn)
If you like, watch the tutorial video or read the article in full and step by step.

Where is my resume on LinkedIn

Follow the steps and enter settings to view resumes uploaded to LinkedIn

A.Go to the LinkedIn website and make sure you’re signed in.

B.Click on the “Me” icon in the navigation menu.


C.Select “Settings & Privacy.”

D.Under “Privacy” in the sidebar, look for “Job Search Settings.”


.E.Click on the first option, Job Application Settings.

You will see your position posted under “Manage your resume” on the next page

These are resumes that are ready to use with your job applications. To view the resume you want, click on the three horizontal dots and select “Download“. You can also delete obsolete files.

How to View Your Resume for a Job Application on LinkedIn

You can also check and update your resume on LinkedIn. Follow these steps:

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A.Go to the LinkedIn website or app and log in.

B.Click the “Jobs” tab in the navigation menu.

Jobs linkedin
Jobs LinkedIn


C.Look for “My jobs” in the sidebar. You will be able to view any job you have applied for here.

My jobs linkedin
My jobs Linkedin


  1. Select the application you want to view.
  2. .You will find “Submitted resume” in the corner of the first card. Download your resume

In this article, we talked about Where is my resume on Linkedin, but we think that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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