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You may have seen a much smaller version of the symbol on some people’s profiles next to their name and usually next to the premium account symbol. Although not as obvious, it means that the member is part of the OpenLink network on LinkedIn.

Open Profile is an account setup that allows any Linkedin member to send you a free massage. It can only be enabled if you have a paid account, but it allows free/paid members to ship at no cost. It works like an InMail, except it’s free. Let’s talk about how to identify an open profile, how to enable it on your account, and some of the benefits that come with setting it up.

Identify an open Linkedin profile

In Sales Navigator, you’ll see a green box that says “OPEN.” It’s obvious.

Identify an open Linkedin profile
Identify an open Linkedin profile


If you have a Free/Premium Linkedin account, the same information is available but it is more different. You will discover the ability to send messages (instead of InMail) to people who are not in your network. Even if you have a free account.
What is open profile on linkedin
What is an open profile on LinkedIn?


When you click “Message“, you will be informed that this is a free message.
Free Message
Free Message


Give your message to every LinkedIn member

For most people on LinkedIn, the goal is to find relevant people (and/or be found by them) and connect. Openlink directly helps in one part of that process by allowing all LinkedIn members to contact you directly. Normally, to send a message to someone outside of your network or someone you don’t share a group with, you’ll need to use Inmail which costs $10 a time – it is useful but undoubtedly too expensive for everyday conditions.

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What is open profile on LinkedIn?

You must have a paid account to enable this setting and it can be done in two places.
The first is on your profile page. Click the down arrow next to the gold LinkedIn icon and toggle Open Profile.


What doas open profile on LinkedI
What does opening a profile on LinkedIn?


The second is in your LinkedIn account settings under the Communication tab.
The second is in your LinkedIn
The second is in your LinkedIn


What are the benefits of an Open Profile?

To the message recipient:
Open Profile allows any LinkedIn member to contact you directly. That ease of communication can create more opportunities. Go to Profile is also not a search option, so it is not abused by spammers.

For the sender:
If someone on your lead list has an open profile, you can send them an InMail for free. Also, if a person doesn’t accept your link request, it creates another point during the campaign.

Under Open Profiles

If someone sends you a spam email and you disconnect, they can still send you messages. You should block them or keep telling them to stop.
If the message becomes an Open Profile message thread (ie you are not connected) and you connect later, communication can become complicated/confusing with multiple inboxes.

Use of open profile during contact

Pro tip: If you have the Sales Navigator tag, open your profile to easily find and message people you’ve invited who haven’t accepted yet.

Use of open profile during contact
Use of open profile during contact



There are several other factors associated with it – one is that, in the advanced search function, you can narrow your search to only those within the OpenLink network. This means that, like you, they are open service providers and therefore available to receive messages from you.

So, all in all, the most underutilized and yet most powerful option I’ve heard from LinkedIn is that it makes you more visible and accessible to people you don’t normally connect with – the very group of people we want to engage with.

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