How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing?

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Getting blocked on LinkedIn is common for people who use the site for marketing and sales purposes. In many cases, the cause is not clear to the user and he does not know what to do. In this article, everything you need to know about limiting other people’s access or being blocked by LinkedIn is provided. stay with us

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How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing

You can stop others if you want to prevent them from seeing your profile and your activities. When you stop a person, that person enters your blocked list and the important thing is that the blocked person will not receive any message or notification.
Note: A message will only be sent to the person you block if you are currently or previously engaged with them on the LinkedIn recruiting platform. In other cases, the person will not be informed about his blocking.
To block someone and prevent them from seeing your profile, follow these steps:
1-Go to the profile of the person you want to block
2- Go to the “more” button below the person’s profile picture, and select the “Report/Block” option.
How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing
How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing


3- In the menu “What do you want to do“, we select the option “Block” and that’s it. This person is blocked.


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What do you want to do linkedin
What do you want to do on LinkedIn?


How to get out of block mode

Now, for very different reasons, you want to unblock the person you have already blocked. Please follow the steps below.

Go to the “Me” option on the right side of your profile.
Select “Settings and Privacy“.

How to get out of block mode
How to get out of block mode

You must enter the block list from the “Privacy” section.
The names of the people you have blocked will appear, find the desired person and click on the “Unblock” option.

Important note: If you want to see the list of people you have blocked, you can easily access it this way.

Here are some things that happen when you block someone:

  • The other two parties cannot access each other’s profiles.
  • They cannot exchange messages on LinkedIn.
  • They will not receive information and articles published by the other party.
  • If they are part of your connection, you will be disconnected.
  • If you have any endorsements from that person, they will be removed as well.
There are times when we want to delete our LinkedIn accounts. We offer you an easy way. To do this easily, pay attention to the article “How to delete LinkedIn account without password“.
But why are some things banned or blocked from our LinkedIn account:
LinkedIn says it always puts members’ interests first when making important decisions. Millions of professional conversations and expertise are posted on LinkedIn daily. About 690 million professionals from around the world gather on LinkedIn.
from different countries, cultures, fields, and disciplines. Laws have been enacted to administer this huge collection, described as the largest collection of experts in the world. To ensure that LinkedIn provides a safe, professional, and beneficial environment for members, it has established a set of guidelines and rules called “Professional Community Policies” that all members must follow and implement.


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Professional Community Policies
Professional Community Policies


These rules are communicated to us when we become LinkedIn members. Although the vast majority of us do not read the details of these procedures and just choose the option to agree and move on to the next step, it is still valid. Violations of these rules are accompanied by reactions from LinkedIn. which vary depending on the type of violation, from a warning from LinkedIn to limiting the LinkedIn account or terminating the user’s account.

Some of the important things that lead to getting banned from LinkedIn or having our account restricted:

An incredibly high number of visits to other people’s pages by the account. Generally, LinkedIn is very sensitive and precise about the issue of profile hacking, and to prevent this from happening, if it is not a robot or software, it creates restrictions for the respective profiles. This is important for marketers and friends who are actively selling certain products and services and have to spend a lot of messages.


A profile name is an unusual name that contains criminal or racially discriminatory or offensive themes. It doesn’t matter if the insult is in English or another language. LinkedIn uses one of the most powerful translation programs and has convenient access and control over the content published in all languages. In addition, it is easy for users to report or complain.

If LinkedIn determines that the activity of this profile is illegal. For example, selling illegal goods through a LinkedIn page.
If they think that the said account has been hacked.

If you get blocked and think it’s wrong, this has happened to several of our friends, that is, until they had problems their account was limited, which can be easily solved. You enter your profile and there you can protest through the steps that LinkedIn tells you. In some cases, you will be asked for your passport photo and very general information and then the problem is solved
When you are banned, creating a new profile usually does not work, and it is better to find a solution to the problem with your previous status.
Even if you can create a new profile with another email, as soon as you start adding your work history or adding your friends, LinkedIn will recognize and close your new account. As we said that the way is the same, it is better to solve the problem with LinkedIn by email or the instructions it provides.

Final point

It’s easy to block someone you don’t want to connect with on LinkedIn. And if one day, for some reason, LinkedIn bans your profile, it’s easy to fix, and you just have to contact them while solving the reason for the blocking or following LinkedIn’s instructions.
In this article, we talked about How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing, but we think that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.
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