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The best time to post on LinkedIn is one of the most challenging debates on this social network. Since activity on LinkedIn is usually done with the goal of interaction, posting when there are more users online brings us closer to our goal.

Professionals and companies around the world are becoming more inclined to use the LinkedIn social network day by day. This social network now has more than 562 members around the world and more than 200 countries and has nearly 97 million monthly active users who spend an average of 10 minutes on this social network every day.

According to global statistics, the best day to get the most impact from LinkedIn posts is the middle of the week. It can also be said that the best time to post on LinkedIn is before noon in the middle of the week.

To discover the best time to post on LinkedIn, I have to ask an important question.
What is the key to optimizing your LinkedIn posts?

Publish your post when your users and audience are active on LinkedIn.

This will bring your communication and interactions to a completely new and profitable level. Here I am going to discuss the best time to post on LinkedIn to get more followers. So I’ll cover when to post content and how to optimize your schedule to get the most feedback. You will also encounter the following topics:

  • The best time to share a post on LinkedIn
  • The worst time to share a post on LinkedIn
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn posting time
  • How to consistently and regularly post content on LinkedIn
  • You should post once in a while
  • How the LinkedIn algorithm works
What is the key to optimizing your LinkedIn posts
What is the key to optimizing your LinkedIn posts

Best time to post on LinkedIn

The best time to post on LinkedIn is a fact that most users have forgotten.

For best results, keep your content posting for Saturday to Wednesday between 8 am and 5 pm.
Because more people are online at this time of the day. However, if you are publishing content for overseas audiences and native time zones, it is important to consider the time zone.

Why Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 5 pm?

There are the normal working hours of users. During this hour, users use their minds and visit their LinkedIn to take a break even for a few minutes. However, sharing content outside of this time frame (eg 6 am to 6 pm) can still lead to powerful interactions.

Because users check LinkedIn after waking up and starting their professional activities and then prepare for the rest of the day. Also, after finishing work, they check LinkedIn to get rid of the fatigue of the day.

When is the worst time to post on LinkedIn
When is the worst time to post on LinkedIn?

What is the most effective time to share a post on LinkedIn?

It should be said that Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the peak days of content sharing in the week, and the peak hours on these days are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Mornings are a great time to share a post on LinkedIn. Because at this time you can make maximum use of the high level of energy and motivation of your users. Also, most users log into LinkedIn between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM for a break to check their news feed.

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What happens when you post outside of the recommended time frame?

You will not have access to many of your users and this will lead to a significant decrease in interactions in the first hour of posting.

When is the worst time to post on LinkedIn?

Not all LinkedIn posting time frames will have the same impact. However, on Saturdays after 6 pm and also on weekends, the lowest amount of feedback for your published content.

Because users get out of their weekend mentality on Saturdays. Therefore, they are not interested in developing and increasing science, profession, and awareness of news.

Also, a professional user usually does not think about work and increasing information after 6 pm and on weekends. Rather, this is when they are relaxing and looking for entertainment on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. So never share content these days and times.

 Why is the best time to share a post on LinkedIn
Why is the best time to share a post on LinkedIn

Why is the best time to share a post on LinkedIn different from other platforms?

Unlike other social networks, the main purpose of LinkedIn is to help your career.

For this reason, most users use LinkedIn to view posts related to their industry. Therefore, it should be noted that these users tend to view their LinkedIn during working hours. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook can also be used professionally.

However, their content is still more casual and designed for entertainment purposes. Such a difference in the user and the main purpose of the platform will create flexibility for the user hour, which attention can provide unique feedback for your published content.

How to optimize the sharing time of your LinkedIn post?

In this part of the article, I will share with you 7 ways to set up a content publishing schedule on LinkedIn, as well as content optimization tips. By using the following methods, you can increase the number of followers as well as the amount of feedback on your content.

1. Publish the right content at the right time

Any type of LinkedIn post content can increase your engagement if published at the right time. Once you know when is the best time to publish content to your users. As well as what their favorite content is, you’ll end up with a feedback and engagement loop:

More engagement = more views

LinkedIn is a search engine and its purpose is to connect people with the content they are interested in. Therefore, the most important thing you can do is publish the desired content for your users at the desired time.

2. Post based on your users

Even if all your users are in the same industry and profession, they are not all the same.

So when creating content on LinkedIn, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is this post for?
  • What do I want my users to get from this post?
  • What is my purpose in posting this content?

3. Use audience psychology

To take full advantage of publishing content at the right time, you need to understand the psychology of your audience.

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When you understand the mindset of your users on different days and times, it will be easier for you to publish content on LinkedIn.

According to a University of Rochester study of men and women in different industries and geographic locations, most people are happier on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So use this understanding to create fun and light content for these days and leave the educational content for Mondays and Tuesdays.

Another factor to consider when choosing the type of content is whether your readers will use video, image, or text content the most.

Why Saturday to Wednesday
Why Saturday to Wednesday

For example, publishing video content in the early hours of the day (before starting work) or during lunch and breaks, or even at the end of work, can lead to the most feedback.

But a video during working hours, when most people are in meetings, faces a significant decrease in feedback.

But what is the solution? To avoid such problems, you can publish text content during peak business hours when users don’t have time to watch videos.

If your audience and users don’t want or can’t watch your video with sound, add subtitles to your video content.

4. Use hashtags when publishing content on LinkedIn

Publishing content at the best time to post will increase your reach to the audience. However, if you publish your content during these hours along with related hashtags, you will take your interactions and feedback to another level.

Hashtags are very important in social media and will expose your posts to more interested users. When you use the right hashtags, your posts become visible to people outside your network and interactions, which means more reach and more engagement!

In another article, we have comprehensively introduced the best hashtags for LinkedIn, which will increase the rate of views of your posts.

5. Analyze your posts

LinkedIn allows you to see how each user viewed your posts. With this, you can find out the geographical location and get the best time to publish your content.

In addition, experts who have viewed your content are also identified. This is the data you can use to target your content.

Do this for all your posts to get access to what is shared among your users.

6. Check the results of the time the content was published on LinkedIn

It is important to investigate the results that different publishing times have for your content. So whatever strategy you use in analyzing your LinkedIn data, make it a priority to review the results over time.

Among the important and effective things that can be obtained from the review of the publishing time of content on LinkedIn, we can mention the change in the number of likes, comments, and sharing in different time frames. It is good to write down the obtained results for yourself.

For example, write that a post posted at 2 pm got 50 more likes than a post posted at 5 pm. Also, check how long new people were attracted to you.

Also, check your engagement rate in the first few hours of publication. One of the most important LinkedIn algorithms is the number of interactions you have in the first hour of publication.

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So, if it doesn’t see the desired results and desired interactions, it will no longer publish your content.

If you publish your post at effective times, the number of views of your post will increase.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that the number of post views does not mean an increase in engagement or the number of feedbacks.

People may be attracted to your content because of the attractiveness of the title, but it does not necessarily mean reading the content completely.

However, don’t be afraid to connect with people who will only increase your traffic. Especially those who are considered professionals in your industry.

It is good to initiate your interactions with them so that they take action on their contributions in addition to viewing your profile.

7. Post regularly on your LinkedIn

Register yourself and your professional career in the minds of users with your continuous presence at the right times for publishing content on LinkedIn. To be the first person in their mind when they need your profession and industry.

You should consider the proper timing for publishing your content, which requires testing and experience.

For example, publish your content at 9 am every Monday and Wednesday. This will make users wait to read your content at 9:00 a.m. these days.

In general, using a schedule for continuous presence on LinkedIn has many advantages, including saving time, continuous publishing, identifying the best content at the best time, etc.

How often should you post on LinkedIn?

You must share a maximum of 5 content and a minimum of 1 content per week.

Global statistics show that if you advance beyond this level, your profile will fall. It is also very important to diversify the types of content you publish.

Suppose you publish a post 3 times a week. For this, you can publish video content on Sunday, text content on Tuesday, and image content on Wednesday. This variety of content can make your LinkedIn personal page unique.


Creating successful LinkedIn posts comes down to deploying these tactics:

  • Publish content at convenient times (Saturday to Wednesday 8 am to 5 pm), peak time being Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 8 am to 2 pm.
  • Understanding and knowing the audience (psychology of the audience, interests of the audience, time zone of the audience, profession and industry of the audience and its problems)
  • Analysis of LinkedIn data (the number of interactions at different publishing times, the number of likes, comments, and content sharing, as well as the amount of interest of users in textual and video content)

With all these rules in place, if you want your efforts to pay off, you need to stick to the timing of publishing your LinkedIn content.

A proper schedule saves time and energy as well as creates interesting and entertaining content. This timing requires experimentation and experience. Therefore, it cannot be achieved overnight and even by using the experiences of others.

Using the experience of professionals can indeed have a great impact on your LinkedIn personal page.

But you should note that your audience is different from other people. So if you want to personalize your LinkedIn, you need to gain experience through experimentation.


In this article, we talked about the “best time to post on LinkedIn 2022“, but we believe that the experiences of LinkedIn users can make this article grow. Please share your experiences with us.

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