Principles of effective logo design

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We talked to you in an article in detail about the importance of a store website logo design, and now you know how this logo affects the initial trust or mistrust of users towards your business. When we want to define a logo for our store location, we must take into account all our goals and values and on the other hand the wants and needs of customers and target community, and finally design a logo that can present the goals and values Our work assures customers and users that the brand is able to meet their needs.

But you should not rush to the principles of effective logo design. You need to look at all aspects and then go step by step. So be sure to read this before you start designing a store website logo.

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Important points in the store website logo design:

  • Brand Value Analysis

In the first step, you need to define your business goals and values. Of course, there are many competitors to you, and people and users are looking for a brand that can meet their needs and desires better than other brands. When you can properly and in detail provide your users with all of your business values and goals, they will be better able to compare your services with other brands and see if you are able to meet their needs. Therefore, we suggest that you prepare a survey and give it to the users to know their needs.

  • Pay attention to the choice of color

We suggest that you first design the site’s logo in black and white so that you and the experts can better examine what the logo looks like and notice the flaws inside. Having a very balanced color spectrum inside the logo certainly has a lot of freshness and affects the attention of the users. But as we said in the initial design, in order to be able to carefully evaluate all parts of the logo and see if the logo is suitable for the site or not, you have to use black and white.


  • scalability

When designing a store website logo, keep in mind that you will not only be placing the designed logo on the site, but you will also want to use this logo on product packaging, on invoices, in applications and sometimes in virtual networks. Therefore, your store website logo should be scalable so that you can use it in different parts without losing its quality.

  • being minimal

A very important point that employers should mention when designing a store website logo is the simplicity of the logo. If you use complex crowded logos with a lot of color combinations, it will create a sense of confusion in the audience, and this will quickly make them indifferent to your brand and pass it on. So think of the bottom line so that you can properly and clearly inculcate your business values in the mind of the audience.

  • to be dynamic

And the last point in the store website logo design is to discuss its dynamics. In fact, the logo should not be static and static, it should evoke a sense of excitement when users see it, and this means that the logo of the store site is dynamic.

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Steps to design a store website logo

But surely the question that was asked of you is how should we act to design a store website? We repeat that in terms of digital branding, the logo you choose has a huge impact on the success of your online marketing. As a result, you have to follow these steps step by step until you finally get a great logo:

  • The first step is brand evaluation. You need to know enough about your values and goals. Get to know the target audience and now examine how you can communicate these goals to the target audience.


  • In the second step, you have to choose the type of logo. Look at the logos of the different sites to get the right mindset. Make sure you pay attention to your work when choosing geometric shapes for your logo design.


  • Make sure to identify its uses before designing the logo. You need to think about what parts this logo will be used on. In fact, the scalability of the logo is very important.


  • In the fourth step, you have to provide a preview of your store website logo. As mentioned, it is more convenient to use black and white colors for previews. Once you have completed the initial design, you should ask the employees of your company or organization to comment on this logo. Their opinion certainly allows you to carefully examine all aspects of the logo, and if you have a flaw that is out of your sight, focus on it now.
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  • Finally, you need to prepare the final logo for the store site and upload it on the site and anywhere else you want.

In this article, we talked about the principles of effective logo design, but we are of the opinion that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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