Positioning and branding for small business-Unsaid tricks

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Positioning and branding are often described as “the space in people’s minds that a brand wants to take advantage of.” The term was coined by Rays and Jack Trout in the 1970s. And in the mind of the customer, the brand prefers its competitors.

The more a business can successfully establish its unique position in the minds of the customer, it will also be more successful in profitability and long-term viability of its business. You have to gain a foothold in the market to appear in the minds of the public as a leading brand in that industry.

Positioning and branding for small business

The positioning includes various types, including product positioning and brand positioning, a sense that in this article we will examine “Positioning and branding for small business”.

Join us as we explore the different aspects of this strategic business performance and explain how to get the right mindset for your brand.

Creating differentiation is the beginning of brand positioning

Brand positioning is a cognitive process that takes place in the mind of the target market

If you are looking for an answer to the main question in your business: “Why should they buy your product and what product or service will you provide, what are the specific benefits for the customer, and what does he need?

The answer” should be clear and simple: the answer is to make a difference!

Differentiation is a tactic by which your business distinguishes itself from its competitors in a certain way, and the entire structure of the company is based on achieving this important goal of differentiating the business.

So you have to keep in mind that:

If you want to build a position, you must first be different from your competition!

select a new working class; The main method is differentiation.

According to the principles of brand positioning, creating differentiation for a new product or service requires first finding or creating a new line of business in the industry and business market accompanied by finding, raising, and providing a solution to a problem.

Advanced The main objective is to work in a new line of business.

You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business and you need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. Being a leader is different from being first. The brand positioning process is designed to create the same advantage for your business.

Brand positioning is the product of strategic thinking

Our job in the brand positioning process is to lead the way in the minds of the customer.

So far, we have found that the type of positioning approach is a calculated viewpoint to determine the effective scope of work to be able to grow and develop the business by aligning the results of all actions related to creating a mental attitude with customers.

This process is the result of some kind of strategic thinking on the topic of branding and marketing by business managers. By defining the correct and effective strategy in the need for differentiation, they try to plan the main objectives of being the leader, promoting the brand of this business, and placing it in the eyes of the customers and target market.

The concept of strategy in positioning means choosing the type of game that will ultimately lead to our victory!

Here’s what you need to consider about positioning as a strategic approach:

  • Positioning is a strategic thinking process. ‌ But most importantly, the right action is linked to choosing the right strategy.
  • Positioning is a long-term position in a business that is fundamentally related to having a long-term strategy.
  • Despite the long-term business strategy, these are the changes that are being employed.
  • But in short-term strategies, with any external or internal change, there may be a change in the main course.
  • The brand position should be best expressed as the vision, mission, and set of values ​​of the business.
  • The brand positioning strategy involves creating the necessary factors to connect the brand in the minds of the customers to make them understand the brand in a certain way.

What are the brand strategies in brand positioning?

As a company seeking to establish and standardize the brand in the minds of your customers in your long-term strategic plan, in one of the following four cases, you can have a logical and calculated strategic performance depending on your current brand positioning and the size of your organization. will be different:

If you are a market leader, you need to put a defensive strategy on your agenda and defend your position. You might consider attaching your brand positioning.

If your brand is the second in the market, you must attack the first brand in the market. To be able to take its place and transform your brand into a leading brand in the minds of customers.

If you are a smaller company in your market but have enough power, money, and power, you should use the attacking flanker’s strategy to try to bring your brand position to a distinct and unique advantage of your product from other competitors.

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The fourth strategy is designed for small businesses in the market and is known as guerrilla warfare, and it is similar to the third case, but this time without the possibility of small business resistance, just by creating a more centralized position to be in position. This is stronger than the competitor. Bigger is better, used.

The best positioning strategy is that the larger the market, the smaller (i.e. more specialized) you need to succeed.

Be a big fish in a small pond. Where no great rival can fight you!

What is the effect of positioning on the sale of products and services?

If any company or company says that the primary purpose of its activity is something other than selling its products or services, then this is an exaggeration and should lead to a sale. From marketing and branding to positioning and strategic planning.

What a brand rooted in the mind of the customer does, by doing specific sales of its products and services, is amazing and profitable, as it wants to experience the pleasurable use of it.

Mental perception of using a product or service that its customers cannot get a similar experience from other brands, albeit at competitive prices.

What is the selling price of merchandise in the branding process?

In short, experience has shown that discounting a price is like giving a drug to a customer. He is used to it and will always wait for the opponent.

Competitive pricing for products does not offer any good results for the long-term survival of any business, especially small businesses.

Therefore, if you are looking for a branding strategy to protect your business from the risks of price competition, you should know that if you are forced to offer a lower price, you should launch another brand, brand, or website and promote another brand. Explaining all the requirements regarding differentiation and leadership of that new brand in its unique line of business.

In a brand positioning strategy, a price dispute with a market giant should never be entered into.

What is the role of customer perceptions in purchasing brand products?

First of all, it is best to consider the audience of commercial products and services that the consumer, the buyer, and the person who influences the purchase are three separate audiences that can be your different sales targets in sales-related activities and actions. Branding and Marketing Online and Offline.

Keep in mind that it is natural that the human mind and the human mind, in order of priority, the following factors can prevent purchase:

  • financial risk
  • Occupational risks
  • physical risks
  • social risk
  • behavioral risks

Because of these risks, people prefer to buy something that others have already bought.

branding positioning

How to reach the desired position of the brand in the minds of customers?

A placement introduces you to a position that takes your view of the product, market, service, person, and company and focuses it on the mind of the audience.

What should be mentioned here after all the discussions is that in principle, positioning is a clever game of the human mind. Purchasing it will help you a lot in extracting and implementing the right brand positioning strategies.

Positioning through the mental planning of the masses can achieve the desired result.

Also, if you are interested in the process of this article, the work of positioning a brand for a company started from the highest decision-making level of managing a group, i.e. strategic planning, trying to create integration across all the business objectives of that group, towards the use of methods. There is a process underway to implement the set objectives.

In the following, you will see that all the sciences and experiences of marketing management knowledge, from branding and marketing to advertising and public relations, all act as effective tools along with the strategies and operational systems of each of the different methods presented to them, respectively The main purpose of the positioning is to create a position My mind is for a brand, it will be in the minds of the audience for its products or services.

Branding is in line with the main path of website building.

If we consider a brand as a design process to establish the personality of a product, service, or company, we will define the brand or brand as a set of all steps that will be taken to perform and implement that process. From choosing a brand to creating a visual identity and enhancing a brand’s reputation, we will be defined and implemented a series of actions called branding.

Specifically in the process of brand positioning, branding, or branding activities, with a defined strategic path to the target product through positioning, do whatever it takes to make the chosen brand popular. Communication and understanding its executive form are discussed in the discussion of the difference between positioning and branding.

key positioning leadership; Create a new brand.

The basis of positioning strategy is based on creating a new brand to implement all the techniques of brand positioning for that specific goal. By the way, we are naturally talking about a new product that no competitor has thought about its specific function yet.

Therefore, we need to bring a new idea like this to the appearance, reputation, and prestige in the minds of the public by creating a new brand to combine the customer’s perception of this new brand with his previous mental knowledge about other products and the current state of our business. we are not throwing away.

Customers think with the logic of the product and buy with the sense of the brand.

Below, we’ll review what has been said about the need to create a new brand for successful brand positioning:

  • Make sure that brands are not created overnight and that branding is a time-consuming process.
  • To stand up to today’s changing world, you must be completely consistent in how you convey the brand message of the business.
  • Brand creativity is important only in the first business or at the stage of rebranding, But it is still useless, and it is the consistency of the brand message that leads to much better results than creative brand changes.
  • To build a position, you don’t have to bring the needed change from your new line of business to your brand.
  • So if there is a new business or product line, to find a niche, you have to go to create a new brand, of course, you will grow and grow using the same tools as your current business.
  • Creating a new brand makes the company stronger and creates a new product (linear expansion) that makes its brand weaker.
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What is the process chain required for the branding of the target position?

According to the principles of brand positioning, to play a role and establish the mental position of the brand in the eyes of the public, at the first stage, you need to find or create a new line of business in your industry and your market. To solve it, tag your new product or service. This new line or new business category must be named and must be presented to the market and the public.

Simply put, positioning in marketing is a strategic process that, with the help of branding activities, seeks to create a brand identity and image of the selected product in the minds of customers.

In the second step, you have to choose an appropriate name for the new brand and by creating a visual hammer for it (which is usually done by advertising) along with using a visual element of the brand, spreading its message and slogan, and most importantly, with PR activities ‌ To make your new line of business that solves a problem matter, slowly move into the desired position of your brand.

Marketing; techniques to achieve positioning goals

Developing a long-term strategy is at the top of the pyramid of a company’s long-term plans so you can play a major role in achieving the business goal of any company that sells more products.

This approach to determining the position of the brand in the body of the business complex also determines the task of other management departments of the company, which is the full alignment and integration of all business activities, branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, and CRM. The main strategy is brand positioning.

Marketing your products should be based on the brand’s niche, personality, values, and tone of business, all of which are pre-defined and interacted with by your employees.

Therefore, marketing and marketing in their definition would be broad and effective knowledge in presenting, promoting, and spreading a business brand with different functional sub-branches such as marketing mix, market research, marketing plan, the study of consumer behavior, and digital. Marketing, advertising, public relations, pricing, market segmentation, target marketing, and a variety of marketing strategies are all at the service of brand positioning.

The effective role of advertising in stabilizing the situation that has been created

Once the brand finds its place in the minds of the customer and the market, it is time to defend its position.

This view of advertising is specific to a strategic approach to positioning. The positioning of the advertisement is an official declaration of the activity and nature of the brand. The differentiation process was re-implemented and a new line of business was selected for that well-established brand.

So: Advertising is to strengthen the brand, not to create it.

Advertising a new product that has not yet been flagged is a mistake!

But the situation is completely different in public relations. Think of public relations as the driving force behind a new brand.

Companies use marketing tools to create and enhance a brand identity designed to claim this position in the marketplace.

As mentioned, an essential part of brand positioning is conducting business to achieve differentiation and one of the most important strategies is to select or create a new line of business in the relevant industry to lead the brand. he did.

This category or business category, which is specific to a particular function of the product, is placed higher and more general than the new product and its brand and is considered a prerequisite for the creation of a brand.

The main role of selecting or creating this new line of business is to create a new need or demand in the target market so that the position of the leading brand can be gained in the minds of the public by providing a solution through the target product. public.

This strategic objective chosen to work in a new line of business is in dire need of being disseminated and retold in the target market. Public relations as a communication strategy between the organization and the community of stakeholders can play an important role in the field of business marketing.

The role of public relations in marketing a brand’s website

To examine the methods used in the brand positioning process to deliver and market business products and services, we draw your attention to the following:

PR means the argument and talk that you get others to do about you.

Making a difference for your company will be a good excuse for the media and news agencies to talk about you.

Unlike advertising, PR does not formally and directly indicate the nature of the brand and the business, so it also retains the possibility of supporting a modified product.

Public relations can start before the product is launched and presented.

In PR, no matter what your business does, it is important to justify why you buy these products.

In determining the position of the brand, first attracts attention using the media and invite news agencies to a new line of business, and then you should gradually present your brand as a leader in this type of business.

Examining and explaining the difference between advertising and public relations by providing practical and practical examples will greatly enhance your understanding of how each of these effective marketing and branding tools works.

Social responsibility is a good opportunity to create a brand position

In the public relations way of branding your brand, the performance of social responsibilities by your company can also be very beneficial in garnering the attention of the public and the media. You have:

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When using social responsibility to build a position, be aware that you can make money from social responsibility, but don’t do it just to make money from social responsibility.

The best excuse to choose social responsibility is where it hurts your business.

A company whose function is to be accountable to humans can achieve a much faster position through social responsibility, although it will also face very high risks in the process.

Brand positioning is not considered isolation from the market.

Positioning is not the way to find a niche market, Fang’s marketing is limited, but positioning offers an advantage to the whole world. Global sites think and act locally.

Application of the marketing mix. Before and after positioning

As we have said, Marketing and its associated subcategories all act as effective tools and serve the purposes of brand positioning, which is in line with the positioning strategy trying to find an easier way to achieve the reputation and position of the brand. Marketing mix also known as 4P, begins by examining the market and positioning of competitors with the elements of price, product, location, and promotion before starting the brand positioning process to find the best differentiation option.

The marketing mix, during the brand positioning stage, which needs to form the necessary understanding of the brand of the product in the mind of the customer, re-enters the business using its multiple elements and plays a role in creating the desired mentality of brand perceptions. It plays the role of a limiter. For example, when a company wants to position its brand with a better price advantage or, conversely, while creating value by offering a luxury product in the minds of the public, in both cases, it can use 4P.

Note that the marketing mix also referred to as the marketing principle or strategy, can lead to very high costs and very low efficiency in its operating results if it operates separately from the main objective identified in brand positioning. ۴ So 4P, 6P, or 7P are effective and useful if it is used for brand positioning purposes, to create a leading mental position in the business audience.

The role of marketing research and target market identification in brand positioning

During the positioning process, marketing research should focus on finding an empty market to create a new line of business to launch a new product and brand.

Few of us are aware of the importance of research projects in marketing, and in many cases, these surveys begin with identifying the target market and end with positioning the company’s brand to capture that market.

Marketing research should not capture the customer’s interest and demand – because this market is already saturated with other competitors.

The next step in positioning is to identify the markets in which the new product has to be introduced. These markets can include local, regional, national, or even international markets. And in geographic areas, it may be based on other factors such as age and gender, income, or areas of personal or professional interest should be segmented, the more the target market segments can be identified, the better marketing managers can design programs to influence people in each segment.

How does the marketing plan work in achieving the goals of concentration?

Once you have identified your target audience and how you can best meet their needs, a marketing plan will be put in place to position your business in the best market position.

Therefore, preparing a marketing plan for your brand positioning strategy will prepare your product for the market and differentiate your business by creating a Unique Sales Proposition (USP). The marketing plan acts as a guide or mission statement to help you stay on the right track. You need to know who your potential customers are and what they will gain from your products or services. If you understand how your customers think and act, then you can position your business as a brand.

The more difficult the process of positioning in an online business

The process of creating a position in the online space is governed by the same placement rules that we have reviewed so far, but with difficulty in its type of position, and this is due to the only significant position in online marketing that all competitions form ‌that is to compete for first place!

Therefore, getting first place in the search results for a product or service on the Internet is more important for online companies than traditional companies. Brand positioning in digital marketing is a very important and profitable topic for online businesses, online stores, and websites of service companies, which needs more attention from activists in the field of position and function.

Re-branding is the process of repositioning a brand

Reposition means resetting the customer’s perception or making a small change in their perception.

Here are some things to keep in mind when rebranding your business in the minds of your business audience:

Remember that the human mind can easily be disturbed. Karten So, rebuilding the mental status of the brand is very important to customers.

One example of recovery in development is going into new market geographies.

Reconstructing the position frees you from repeating long-term plans and puts all new strategies at the service of establishing the situation in the public mind.

Reconfiguration takes place in the company’s philosophy and logo, but rebranding is a method that is done in appearance only.


Brand redesign or brand restructuring can be used to get results from reorganization.


If you have not fully grasped the meaning and philosophy of positioning, it is better to answer only one question:

What market position do you want?

Think about your brand niche! Spend your time and money looking for positions or loopholes in the market. The position or position of the brand is not only important but also an absolute must!

brand positioning; What drives your business to compete in the market?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GPS?

Branding or positioning means creating or finding a space in the mind of the customer or audience and being in that space.

  • How can we build a position?

As a business, you must first differentiate yourself from your competitors in a new line of business, and then try to establish your leading brand position in the minds of customers through branding, marketing, advertising, and PR activities.

In this article, we talked about Positioning and branding for small businesses, but we think that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive report.
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