One of the managers of Twitter was prevented from being fired by Elon Musk by a court order

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A manager who neither wanted to go to Twitter 2.0 nor agreed to the terms of leaving the company, was prevented from being fired by a court order.

Twitter’s vice president of public policy in Ireland has apparently been prevented from being fired by an interim order from the High Court in Dublin. Sinead McSweeney says she lost access to her accounts after not responding to an email Elon Musk sent to employees inviting them to Twitter 2.0.

According to The Irish Times news agency, Ms. McSweeney did not respond positively to Musk’s email because it was not clear in this email what the company’s new CEO’s exact expectations are from employees who intend to stay with the company. On the other hand, the severance package from Twitter apparently did not match the terms of his contract. As a result, he did not respond to this email at all and went to court after having his access cut off.

Now, although Twitter lawyers have said that McSweeney wants to stay with the company and they will restore his access, McSweeney still does not have access to his accounts and cannot work. Judge Brian O’More said in a ruling that Twitter could not fire the employee but made no mention of his reinstatement. The court will review the case again next week.

One of the managers of Twitter
One of the managers of Twitter

The uncertain future of employees and managers on Twitter

McSweeney isn’t the only Twitter executive with an uncertain future at the company. Robin Wheeler, the company’s head of advertising sales, resigned a few weeks ago. In response to this incident, Musk first asked him to stay in the company, but then fired him. McSweeney also says that he received vague messages from Musk that indicate the firing and rehiring of forces without any clear logic.

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Since entering Twitter, Musk has fired most of the employees of this social network but has called some of them back to work. He is now running the company with less than a third of the previous staff and has announced that he is ready to recruit new staff. Elon Musk even took help from one of his opponents to solve two problems on Twitter.

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