How to increase linkedIn followers (21 trips)

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Increasing followers for your company’s LinkedIn page is one of the most valuable marketing goals on this platform. Increasing this number can provide you access to new contacts and make your products more visible. This is a vital step in building your portfolio on LinkedIn. If you are looking for the most productive way to achieve this goal, know that you are not alone. Below, we’ve compiled a new list of follower-related activities, including tips for beginners as well as advanced tips for those who want to take their page to the next level.

How to increase the number of LinkedIn followers

First, and before you move on to any of the points below, you need to make sure all sections of your company page are complete, and convincing enough for the people you’re looking to attract. Pages with completed information get 30% more views. It is clear that if the company information on your page is complete, it is more likely that your audience will click the following button. Once you’ve done this part well, it’s time to increase the number of followers. The article “why should I use LinkedIn for my business” can also be useful for you.

How to find followers on the LinkedIn page

These techniques are helpful to build your page followers from little or even zero. However, even well-established pages that may have thousands of followers would do well to implement these tips if they haven’t already. More advanced tips can be found in the final section.

How to increase linkedIn followers
How to increase LinkedIn followers
  • Tip #1: Optimizing the page for SEO

Did you know that in addition to the website, you can also optimize the LinkedIn page for search engines? Many articles will teach you what methods to use to improve the SEO of your page so that you can get a higher ranking in search engines like Google.

  • Tip #2: Involve your employees

Your team members are your most important allies to increase page followers. Encourage them to share information and content with other friends and colleagues interested in your field of work. For newly established pages, this is an essential step to get off the ground. When employees tag your page in their updates and share with their network the value of following your page, this can lead to a huge jump.

Also, make sure your employees are properly linked to your page (properly referenced to the company in the work experience section) because every time an employee finds a new connection, they are asked for that new connection. It is possible to follow your company page.

  • Tip #3: Add a follow button to your website
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Adding a follow button can be a way to easily convert your website visitors into followers of your LinkedIn page. To make this persuasive, use messages that have content like this: “If you enjoy the content here, you’ll love what we share on LinkedIn.”

  • Tip #4: Add the page link to your email signature

Changing your email signature is something you only need to do once and you don’t have to worry about it anymore, but it can have a lot of effects. Change your business email signature to include a link that directs recipients to your organization’s LinkedIn page and encourages them to follow you. If you communicate with someone in a professional manner, there is a high probability that you will be interested in them.

  • Tip #5: Put a page link in your profile

Your personal LinkedIn profile is another opportunity to get your audience and drive them to your company page. You can add a short link to your LinkedIn page in the website address section or even in the header section of your profile. You can ask other employees to do the same.

  • Tip #6: Post content on your page regularly

A continuous stream of new content on your page makes your page more visible in the feed of other members (pages that post at least weekly attract twice as many members and as a result get more reach) and this means that the page becomes more attractive to potential followers.

  • Tip #7: Join topical conversations around hashtags

Use 3 to 5 relevant hashtags in your posts to reach new collections related to your work. Also, react and comment on related posts by following hashtags related to your field of work. By doing this, you clarify your company’s point of view on a specific topic, which makes your brand name expand among the audience of that specific field.

  • Tip #8: Helping customers and brand supporters

Do you have customers who are crazy about your brand? If there are people in your circle who can support you, explain to them that increasing the number of LinkedIn followers is a priority for you and ask them to help you by posting about your organization in their network.

  • Tip #9: Adjust your content based on your page analysis

Page admins on LinkedIn can access good page analytics, including statistical information about followers and visitors, as well as how interesting posts are. Use this insight to find out what motivates your audience and tailor your content to what your visitors like.

  • Tip #10: Mention influencers or companies you admire in your page updates
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Are there influencers in your industry, or non-competing companies, that you respect and would like to be associated with? By mentioning them in your updates, you have a better chance of getting in front of their network of followers because they can re-share your post with their followers. Just be careful not to do it too much! Because if this work is done a lot, it will be seen as a nuisance.

  • Tip #11: Post lots of videos and visual content

Make sure there are plenty of eye-catching images in your content mix. Unique images, and especially videos, stay in people’s feeds longer and help get your brand noticed. In particular, a collage of images can lead to increased traffic to your post, so don’t be afraid to upload a collection of photos from your latest event.

Advanced Tips: How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn

Once you’ve got a core of followers on the LinkedIn platform, it’s time to grow them. The advanced tips that follow are for you to get more followers to grow your business and have a stronger LinkedIn portfolio!

  • Tip #12: Encourage employees to participate in group discussions

Groups on LinkedIn include engaging conversations between people who are very interested in those topics. When your company’s professionals act as original members of these small communities, it can both increase awareness of your brand and also prove your company’s mastery of the subject in question.

  • Tip #13: Start an advertising campaign to attract followers

LinkedIn page growth is a popular topic for brand advertising on the platform. Run a dynamic ad campaign using the follower ad format, and using LinkedIn’s powerful targeting capabilities, you’ll be able to find followers relevant to your industry.

  • Tip #14: Start an employee support program from the page

This is the next step of point #2. Create a formal structure for employee engagement on the company page. Tools like Linkedin Elevate make it easy for your team members to publish their content and promote pages authentically.

  • Tip #15: Encourage CEOs and prominent leaders to mention your page

The most prominent people in your business area act as expressive voices; They usually have a large professional network. They occasionally talk about a company and link to it, which helps drive followers’ traffic to your page.

  • Tip #16: Invite participation in your posts

When members engage with your page content through reactions or comments, it helps that content reach a wider audience (sometimes outside of your circle of followers). Think about what tricks you can use to increase deep and serious comments under your posts. Remember that you have to answer them with the same quality. We’ve seen many posts with strong comments that go viral.

  • Tip #17: Analyze your competitors’ pages
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Competitor analysis is important in all aspects of digital marketing, and this is no different. You should look at what others are doing on LinkedIn, not to replicate those activities, but to understand the gaps and provide content that members can’t find anywhere else.

  • Tip #18: Create a showcase page and protect it

A showcase page is an affiliate page of your company page designed to highlight a sub-brand, business unit, or initiative of your company. Making them, when there is a reason for it, creates several new points for your page to be available. Of course, don’t fill your page with showcases for every product or every part of your work, it’s better to use this feature for a specific and main line of your business.

  • Tip #19: coordinate with influencers

Co-production of content is a principle for many influencer business relationships. When you do this on LinkedIn, you can use this technique for a two-way benefit. Influencers become better known by your brand and vice versa.

  • Tip #20: Reply to any comments on posts

Not every comment deserves a reply, but it’s a good idea to respond to any questions or thoughtful contributions to your posts. Not only will this help your posts stay in feeds longer, but members will be more inclined to follow pages that actively engage with their community.

  • Tip #21: Post job positions on the page

LinkedIn is a very popular destination for job seekers. Posting job openings increase your influence to attract talent and also opens up a space to attract new contacts.

Increase your LinkedIn page followers and get ahead of yourself

The benefits of having a great LinkedIn page with a large and active following are countless. No matter where your page stands now, there are almost always opportunities for further growth.

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