Twitter’s new CEO’s first email to employees has been released; Emphasis on following the goals of Elon Musk

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Emphasis on following the goals of Elon Musk

Linda Yacarino revealed that she simply wants to carry out Elon Musk’s plans.

Last week it was announced in the news that “Linda Yacarino” has started her work as the new CEO of Twitter. Now, in his first nationwide email to the company’s employees, he has announced that he will stick to the goals of Elon Musk and the strategy of “Twitter 2.0” and will only help the richest person in the world in managing this large social network.

Linda Yacarino has also shared her first public email to Twitter employees on her personal page. In this message, he stated that his goal is to manage this company in the same way that Musk intended. In this note, he emphasized the company’s focus on freedom of expression, which is an important issue for Elon Musk.

Yacarino says that Musk knew that the aerospace and automotive industries needed change, and he took action in that area. He also knew that the main field of conversation in the world must also change so that human civilization can progress through unfiltered communication and there is space for interaction around the things that are important to us.

Linda Yacarino remains committed to making Twitter 2.0 a reality

Linda Yacarino remains committed
Linda Yacarino remains committed

“Twitter is on a mission to become the world’s most accurate source of real-time information and the world’s premier communications platform,” Yacarino said. We are on the path of making history and this is not an empty promise; This is our reality.” The new CEO of this social network believes that the first principles for them should be questioning the defaults and building something new from the ground up.

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The New York Times says the email is one of the first public correspondences on Twitter that outlines the company’s goals and mission. On the other hand, this note is one of the first interactions of Twitter management with the media since Elon Musk entered the company. Because “Joe Benaroche”, who entered Twitter with Yacarino, had sent a copy of this email to a group of reporters before publishing this series of tweets.

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