This is the new iPhone screen for installing apps [Update: Apple issued a statement]

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The new version of the iOS 17 operating system includes a screen for installing applications that we have not seen before.

Update (11:54 p.m.): Apple says in a statement that the installation confirmation screen in the App Store is the result of a software bug that will be fixed before the public release of iOS 17.4.

Main news (21:49): In the latest beta version of iOS 17.4, which was released last night, Apple has asked users living in the European Union to check the information of each application before installation, so that the installation process can begin after the user’s approval. The new page for installing the application on the iPhone was first seen by a user on X.

This is the new iPhone screen for installing apps
This is the new iPhone screen for installing apps


The iOS 17.4 operating system, which will soon be available to all users, allows residents of the European Union to download applications from various stores in addition to the Apple App Store.

The new installation page is provided for both App Store apps and apps available in other stores. Probably, displaying this page in the App Store is an action by Apple to prevent possible criticism based on anti-competitive behavior.

Apple has already announced that the first beta of the iOS 17.4 operating system will enter stable mode in March and will be available to everyone.

The newsworthy changes of the App Store will be applied only in 27 member countries of the European Union, including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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