The Chinese giant is ready to be omnipresent in the car market

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Xiaomi announced a change of approach and focus on the electric car market to create a new source of income for itself.

Xiaomi showed that it can stand out in the car market by introducing the SU7 electric sedan. The range of products of this company is very wide and apart from Xiaomi phones, it produces products such as air purifiers, hair straighteners, and even mousepads.

The new post of Li Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, shows that the brand has decided to focus more on car production; Of course, this does not mean ignoring the smartphone market.

Xiaomi management changes
Xiaomi management changes


Li Jun said in a Weibo post that management changes are happening at Xiaomi so that the company can focus more on car production, But the core of their business will still be mobile phones.

Also, Li Jun announced that William Lu will become the CEO of Xiaomi and Wang Teng will become the CEO of the Redmi brand. From now on, William Lu is the speaker at Xiaomi’s product launch events instead of Li Jun. The unveiling ceremony of Xiaomi 14 Ultra will mark the first appearance of William Low.

Li Jun’s decision shows Xiaomi’s seriousness in the electric car market. Just as Xiaomi has become the third largest phone maker in a few years, it can similarly make great strides in the electric car sector.

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