Now even PDF files have artificial intelligence

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Adobe equipped one of its most popular and widely used products, Acrobat, with an artificial intelligence assistant.

Adobe unveiled its artificial intelligence assistant in Acrobat software by publishing a press release. The conversational engine based on artificial intelligence is available as a test today and provides tools for people to better understand the content of documents.

AI features will be available in Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscription plans on the desktop and the Adobe website, and will even come to Reader, the company’s free PDF reader software.

Some of the prominent features launched with the Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant demo tool include:

  • Suggested questions and answers from the AI assistant based on the content in the document


  • Highlighting important parts of the document


  • Create citations and summaries where you can click on a source in the document


  • Clickable links that help you easily navigate through long documents and find the important information you need.


  • Reformatting information in documents for other formats including email and PowerPoint presentations and reports.
Now even PDF files have artificial intelligence
Now even PDF files have artificial intelligence


Generative AI promises smarter document-centric experiences to turn information into actionable knowledge and professional content,” said Abhigan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe Document Cloud. “Acrobat is the de facto standard for the world’s most important documents, and the capabilities announced today are just the beginning of the new value Adobe plans to deliver through the AI assistant,” he added.

Also, Adobe notes that it has implemented data security protocols in its new Acrobat service and does not store or use customer content to train the AI assistant.

Previously, Adobe has released several AI services, including text-to-image conversion with Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express, an AI-based image editor.

Adobe announced that its programs will include an artificial intelligence assistant that works with many types of documents and resources and will provide advanced authoring, editing, and formatting capabilities. The company also adds Firefly and Adobe Express features to the AI assistant.

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