One of the most used Android widgets is changing

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We’ll probably soon get AI-powered search directly from the Android home screen search widget.

People who buy an Android smartphone are most likely looking for a Google search widget to place in the center of their home screen right out of the box to simplify the search process. The position and appearance of this widely used widget are the same on all Android phones and offer very little customization.

According to a report by Android Authority, someone removed the Google search widget from their home screen while setting up a new phone, and shortly after, Google Opinion Rewards sent them a survey asking them why.

At the end of this survey, Google has introduced different forms of its search widget along with their features. Google seems to be testing new search widgets with different capabilities.

Most used Android widgets
Most used Android widgets


As it is clear from the image above, Google plans to bring more buttons to search for songs, translations, and photos to its widget to make the search easier, or provide the possibility to search for content on the device from within the search bar, and even showcase important news at the top. Place the search bar widget.

Among all the options, the ability to use artificial intelligence in the Google search widget will be more practical than all the options; Because it is in line with Google’s recent ambitions for Gemini artificial intelligence.

The addition of artificial intelligence search through Google Widget will be a safe way for millions of Android users around the world to access the company’s artificial intelligence.

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Google has not officially endorsed any of these redesigned search widgets.

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