The number of Instagram users reached 100 million after only 5 days

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Evidence shows that the number of Instagram users has reached 100 million and Apple accounts have been activated in this social network.

The social network Instagram Threads has been the hottest topic of the last week. This application attracted millions of users in the first few hours of its launch, and now the evidence shows that the number of users of this platform has reached about 100 million. In addition, Apple user accounts are also enabled in Threads.

Tradez social network now has more than 97 million users. Due to the fact that user accounts on this platform are connected to Instagram, you can see their account number in Threads on the Instagram profile page of people. This number has apparently reached about 97 million.

Mark Zuckerberg said almost two days ago that the number of registrations on Threads exceeded 70 million. He claimed that this number far exceeded their expectations and now the platform has reached the threshold of 100 million user accounts faster than all predictions.

The number of Instagram users reached 100 million after only 5 days
The number of Instagram users reached 100 million after only 5 days

Breaking the record of Instagram Threads in terms of attracting new users

If we want to make a comparison between the huge achievement of Threads and other big platforms of the technology world, we can point to ChatGPT, which reached 100 million users after about two months. It took TikTok about 9 months to reach this point, and Instagram itself managed to attract 100 million users after two and a half years.

Of course, this comparison may not be true, because, by default, Threads has access to a huge user base of over one billion people on this social network, thanks to the connection with Instagram. But on the other hand, we must not forget that this social network has not yet been launched in the European Union.

In the meantime, Apple accounts such as Apple News, Apple Box, and Apple Music have been activated in Threads social network.

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Recently, Twitter users have been looking for an alternative to this social network, which Elon Musk’s management had made controversial changes in. As a result, the launch of Threads happened at the best time to beat Twitter. Of course, now Elon Musk has written a letter to Mark Zuckerberg demanding an end to the systematic abuse of Twitter’s secrets and copying of this company.

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