ChatGPT Plus users can become data analysts with the Code Interpreter plugin

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The new ChatGPT plugin practically gives you a personal data analyzer that can run code and analyze data.

A few months ago, OpenAI started to release an important plugin called Code Interpreter for users of the ChatGPT Plus service. This plugin is now available to all users of the premium version of this chatbot, and with its extraordinary capabilities, it can execute code and play the role of a data analyst. This means that the mentioned plugin is able to create images, videos, tables, and various analyzes from the data.

A post on the OpenAI blog says Code Interpreter allows ChatGPT to run code and examine files: “You can ask ChatGPT to analyze data, create graphs, edit files, solve math problems, and more.”


In another example, a user on Twitter managed to feed a playlist of 300 hours of songs on Spotify to ChatGPT, and with the help of this plugin, he got attractive visual analytics. With these analyses, he says, he can make better use of the Spotify API, perform PCA and t-SNE analyses, and even see what his taste in music is like.

Analysis of Spotify songs
Analysis of Spotify songs

Users can also feed any form of unformatted data from PDFs to AI and analyze them. ChatGPT can create tables and graphs from this data and even reason about the best way to use the data for you.

Ethan Malik, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said: “Code Interpreter provides the clearest positive insight yet into the impact of artificial intelligence on performance. This technology informs the disruption of existing relationships, but disruption that leads to a better result and more meaningful work.

Malik, of course, emphasizes that the use of this technology during work requires human supervision. However, it’s safe to assume that data analysts are worried about their future careers.s

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