The CEO of OpenAI is launching the Worldcoin project today

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Worldcoin cryptocurrency project will go public today.

Sam Altman, the CEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI, will finally officially launch his cryptocurrency today, sources say. The Twitter account of the Worldcoin project also announced that the time has finally come to do this. This means that today it will be explained how the Worldcoin token will be publicly distributed to the public.

The cryptocurrency project Worldcoin, co-founded by Sam Altman, is set to officially launch today, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the matter. So we probably have to wait until the terms of this token’s release are announced.

A spokesperson for Tools for Humanity, the company behind Worldcoin, declined to comment. But the Worldcoin Twitter account tweeted that “the time has come.” This post only mentions the date July 24, 2023, and has no other information. We see the same date on the project website.


Worldcoin uses iris scanning to allocate cryptocurrency

The Worldcoin project wants to give every real person a cryptocurrency token. This project uses a device to scan the iris of the eye to verify the identity of people. After doing this, tokens will be provided for free.

The new project of the creator of ChatGPT has faced criticism in terms of privacy. “Edward Snowden” in 2021, when Altman introduced Worldcoin, said that a catalog should not be compiled by human eyes.

Sam Altman and OpenAI have been noticed since last year with the release of popular artificial intelligence models such as ChatGPT. He is now closely watched by lawmakers he has already met with in Congress.

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The Worldcoin project is currently launched in countries like Spain, but today we should see its global launch. In this project, a protocol called World ID is used, which uses authentication with “proof of individuality” to prove the uniqueness of people online.

The Worldcoin project has so far managed to attract huge funds. For example, Altman managed to raise $115 million for the project in May. Now we have to see what plans will be announced for this cryptocurrency today.

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