Apple’s MacBook Pro will be equipped with a touch screen

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Apple is finally going to bring a touch screen to MacBooks, and the first product equipped with this technology will reportedly arrive in 2025.

Many laptops on the market are equipped with touch screens, but in these years, Apple has resisted bringing this technology to Macs; A resistance that seems to be breaking. According to a report published by Bloomberg, Apple will add a touch screen to MacBooks in the future and the first product with this technology will arrive in 2025.

According to Mark Gorman of Bloomberg, the first Mac equipped with a touch screen will be the MacBook Pro with an OLED display in 2025.

The touch screen on the way to MacBooks

According to Gorman, Apple engineers are actively working on the project, which shows that Apple is serious about bringing touchscreens to Macs. The first MacBook Pro equipped with a touch screen will have a traditional design like the current MacBooks and will still provide users with a keyboard and trackpad, however, it will also have a touch screen like an iPhone or iPad.

The first touchscreen Macs will most likely run MacOS; Because according to today’s report, Apple is not working on a combined version of iPadOS and macOS. Of course, iPhone and iPad apps are available on Macs equipped with Apple silicon chips, but a developer can prevent such a thing.

For years, Apple has denied bringing touch screens to Macs, so the latest report indicates a major change in strategy for the company if we do end up with touchscreen Macs.

According to Apple engineers, Macs and Mac OS are designed in such a way that they don’t need a touch screen and they can be used best with the same traditional tools, i.e. keyboard and touchpad. Of course, the Cupertino’s added a touch bar (a narrow touch screen) to the top of the keyboard a few years ago, which was not well received and they eventually removed it from the latest MacBooks.

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Finally, we expect the touch screen to be welcomed in MacBooks, but Apple will consider a very high price for these models, in which case, relatively few users will go for them.

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