Nothing Phone 2 beat iPhone 14 Plus in the speed test! [watch]

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Nothing Phone 2 beat iPhone 14 Plus in the speed test! [watch]

While the iPhone 14 Plus is $200 more expensive than the Note 2 with 12GB of RAM, it loses in the speed test.

Nothing unveiled its second generation smartphone called Nothing Phone 2 nearly two weeks ago; A device that is considered a flagship and not a mid-range device. Now, the Nothing Phone 2 has been tested against the iPhone 14 Plus and has been able to beat the Apple phone.

Noting Phone 2 has a higher price than its previous generation, but it is still cheaper than the flagships of the market, one of the reasons for which is the use of the Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation chip instead of the Snapdragon 8 generation 2. But this issue did not make the new phone inferior to the iPhone 14 Plus.

Noting Phone 2 and iPhone 14 Plus speed test

This time, the PhoneBuff YouTube channel went to the latest v and Apple phones and put them in a speed test against each other in a video. The phone used by PhoneBuff is the version equipped with 12 GB of RAM of the Nothing Phone 2, while the basic version uses 8 GB of RAM; Therefore, its price is 100 dollars higher than the basic version and is equal to 699 dollars. However, it is still cheaper than the $899 iPhone 14 Plus.

As you can see in the video above, the Nothing Phone 2 outperforms itself in applications such as Microsoft Word and photo editing programs such as Snapseed. But in cases such as video output, the iPhone 14 Plus has the upper hand.

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Further, the iPhone 14 Plus opens applications and games at a high speed, however, it still loses to the representative of Nutting. The first round of the test is finished by the Nothing Phone 2 with a time of 2:01.78 minutes and the iPhone 14 Plus with a time of 2:05.36 minutes.

In the second round of testing, the apps are reopened to determine how they are kept in the background. In the past, thanks to iOS optimizations, iPhones have beaten almost all Android flagships in this test despite having less RAM. However, in this round, Noting Phone 2 wins again.

Finally, the Nothing Phone 2 completes two tests with a time of 2:50.85 minutes and the iPhone 14 Plus with a time of 2:56.92. The difference of 6 seconds between an iPhone and an Android phone is significant, however, we expect the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to be able to defeat the representative of Nothing.

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