Telegram update by changing the user interface of calls and the new effect of deleting messages

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Telegram has released a new update that includes three major changes. We will examine these changes in the following article.

The tenth update of Telegram in a recent year was officially released, which includes three important changes. In this update, a new design for the user interface of calls has been considered, the visual effect of deleting messages has been changed, and the biggest update in the field of bots has been made. The new update of Telegram Messenger has three new changes that we will examine below.

Updated calls interface

Telegram has long provided the possibility of voice and video calls with the ability to share the page. This application has now redesigned the call interface and added new animations and background images. In this new interface, less system resources are used, as a result, battery consumption is reduced.

Updated calls interface
Updated calls interface


Telegram says that it has also improved the quality of calls to some extent, but in 2024, more optimizations will be applied in the field of improving the quality of connection and sound in calls.

The visual effect of deleting messages

The visual effect of deleting messages
The visual effect of deleting messages


Telegram recently added the evaporation animation for self-deleting messages to its iOS version. Now both iOS and Android versions use a new animation called “Thanos Break Effect” when deleting messages. This name comes from Marvel comics.

Update bots

Telegram says that in this update, it has provided the biggest update in the history of its bots. These bots can now react to messages and manage reactions, quotes and links. Additionally, they can reply to other chats.

best telegram bots

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Update bots
Update bots


With this update, bots can even learn about giveaways and boosts on channels. If you want to make bots and mini-apps, you can refer to this guide or use this step-by-step guide for beginners.

Telegram says that this update includes some other new features that it did not mention in its post. Have you been able to discover these hidden changes?

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