Signal messenger was officially equipped with story feature

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The story feature is so popular on Instagram that every social and messaging network wants to have it. Now it’s the turn of Signal’s secure messenger to provide the story feature to its users. As you can guess, this feature is not much different in signal from Instagram and other apps.

This feature, which allows users to share images, videos, and texts for 24 hours, was first introduced last month and was made available to beta users. But now this feature is finally included in the latest version of Signal for Android and iOS users. Desktop users will also get access to it in the near future.

Story feature in signal

Signal Messenger offers several customization options that you can access by going to Settings and then Stories. Here you can specify who can see your stories, and it is also possible to hide stories from specific people.

Story feature in signal
Story feature in signal


People who see your stories can react or send you comments.

Like all Signal features, the story feature is end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, no person, not even Signal himself, can see the stories; Of course, it means people from whom you hide stories.

Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours. You can also manually delete them before this time.

While you might think that adding stories to a secure messenger is a bit counterintuitive, Signal says that stories have been one of the top requests from users. You can disable the story feature or choose not to have it available to you by going to the settings section. Also, the signal of deactivation of this feature does not inform others.

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